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Leslie Goldman, “Your Enchanted Gardener,” Plants Seeds of Success for super Ripe People and their Dreams. Leslie is a noted ceremonialist in the eyes of Mother Earth and a full time blogger. He records his ongoing activities and mystical adventures on the Plant Your Dream Curezone (13 million page views) and he writes about his Projects and Sponsors as part of the Non GMO, Organic & Fair Trade Shopping Guide on Plant Your Dream Word Press (1 million page + views).
Leslie travels in a 1968 Volkwagen van, a celebrity in her own right. A conversation starter, this classic 68 is on The Enchanted Garden Mobile’s Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds. Leslie is called California’s Johnnie Appleseed.  “Their” mission–he and his vehicle- is to alert Rare Seeds, individuals living out their soul purpose, to the power that comes from growing out original heirloom seeds. Growing these seeds honors biodiversity of the gene pool and keeps vibrant the unique cultural history carried forward in each seed. Growing these seeds reconnects us to our own #RareSeed nature and showers us with plant Blessings.

Leslie is equally inspired tending a few Seed Dreams of his own and others on the 1/3 acre land he shares with others within walking distance of San Diego State University. He names the property an Enchanted Garden intentional Community and its latest projects is the Enchanted Garden Rare Seed Outpost and its centerpiece, the #SacredSuccessCircle where he tend dreams.

A long time Food Activist working with local organic farmers in San Diego. In 2015, he intends to again travel as he did in 2012-2013-2014 to be a teacher at the National Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa, a gathering place for #RareSeed Seed Freedom advocates.

His introduction to health principles came with training  from Dr. Bernard Jensen (1908-2001), an elder in the natural healing arts who inspired him to “Keep The Dream Alive!” That dream is that natural healing and natural health is possible befriending Nature’s Original Technology. Leslie is equally inspired by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely (1905-19790, co-founder of Rancho La Puerta, that began as the Essene School of Life around WW2. Both men introduced him to a foundation in health that bridges centuries of understanding the ways of nature.


Food Reform in America


Leslie’s current work is dedicated to Food Reform in America through seeing ancient wheat, Job’s Tears, and other heirloom plant friends as teachers. He is cultivating a grassroots movement that is Outgrowing GMO through Winning Back Our Sacred Seeds. As a ceremonial, Leslie’s personal testimonial is that we are in an emphatic relationship to nature and her plants. The influence of plants as well as our behavior impacts climate. This can include bringing rain even in the midst of drought when we acknowledge seeds as sacred and when we plant them with intention.
Leslie was given a United Nations Peace Medal for the work he would do in his lifetime by then Under-Secretary general Robert Muller around 1983. That work continues as he openly blogs about his personal journey, breakdowns transformed into breakthroughs, and campaigns to inspire the awareness that we are ALL ONE love, growing in the same pot, HIs inspiration has touched many.

The book “The Ultimate Gardener,”  The Best Experts’ Advice for Cultivating a Magnificent Garden with Photos and Stories (HCI, 2009) credits him with six photos. The dedication says, ““To Leslie Goldman, The Enchanted Gardener, for planting dreams and seeds of inspiration. To all those who garden and for those who dream to have a garden one day.”

His deep passion to influence the growing out of biodiverse culture is focused through his work with the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Collection and its Northern California home, the Petaluma Seed Bank. The Baker Creek collection contains more than 1600 @RareSeeds varieties that belong in the hands of Rare Seed gardeners.

As Rare Seeds grow these varieties, we reawaken our awareness that the Earth and the Soul are Soil mates so Plant Your Dream, says Your Enchanted Gardener. Leslie Goldman. 


Plant Your Dream Campaigns

The umbrella for Winning Back Our Seeds is his Grow A Healthier Pizza Campaign. and his out reach in his 68 VW Van. The Enchanted Garden Mobiles Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds.
2015 Campaign Projects that guide his journey include Seed Dreams to advance Open Access to Food for All, and Open Access to Food for All Pollinators. At home, he roots the dream for The Enchanted Garden Intentional Community through Projects that include the Enchanted Garden Rare Seeds Outpost, and The Enchanted Garden Pantry, The Pantry introduces and cheerleads for sponsor’s products he uses and recommends; Their popularity advances Outgrowing GMOs through creating communities of interest in these beneficial contributions from Rare Seeds. His neighbor community includes nearby San Diego State University where his dream is to increasingly work with the e3 “cream of the crop” environmental advocate students, as well as selected on-campus and off-campus athletes who use the facilities.
His outreach in San Diego includes weekly work at the Farmers’ Market, primarily the Hillcrest Farmers Market, Sundays 9-2 pm, and he supports the College Avenue Farmers’ Market, Wednesdays 3-7 pm, within a block of my home.

The National heirloom Expo September 8-10, 2015


Baker Creek @Rare Seeds produces the Annual National heirloom Expo, this year September 8-10, 2015. Leslie is a speaker there. as well as opening and closing ceremonialist. and eworks with the youth who attend the Education and Fun Day Activities, this year Sept 10, At the show he gifts the children with Baker Creek Rare Seeds, and is advancing awareness of his own forthcoming Baker Creek Seed packets. Leslie teaches that we can regain our beat with nature through growing heirloom seeds including Kamut® Khorasan Ancient wheat and Job’s Tears, two important rare seeds for these times. For beginner gardeners Leslie also teaches about Keep The Beet Media Star, The World’s First Talking Beet Plant. He recommends getting a beet from a local organic farmer, planting it in a pot of fertile soil, keeping the beet and eating the beet grains that will continue to grow.


Leslie Shares Blue Ribbons from the World’s Fair of Pure Food


As a member of the Baker Creek family, Leslie on his travels acknowledges notable projects, products and produce that he feels are worthy of a blue ribbons from the National heirloom Expo that is called The World’s Fair of Pure Food that are included in the Plant Your Dream Blog Non GMO, Organic, and Fair Trade Shopping Guide. Here is one recent story from the Shopping Guide, Julie Cattrell USA Aspirant inspires “Sal Suds Goes to the Olympics.”

Enter the Enchanted Garden Mobile and his Managerie of Favorite Plant Friends





Leslie Goldman with Keep The Beet

Leslie Goldman with Keep The Beet 2010 at City Farmers Nursery.  One Beet, Many Pulses.  ALL-ONE Love   A focalizing element of his travels both locally and on the road is his classic ’68 VW van, The EG Mobile. That Campaign is called The Enchanted Garden mobiles Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds


Leslie’s Facebook Pages…


Leslie maintains numbers od Facebook pages for himself and contributes to numbers of others. He posts daily on Facebook here. and frequently post Albums of often very special photos that he considers Images of a World at Peace. The Plant Your Dream Blog is his take, Recording a History of Peace on Earth. The 68 Mobile transports a traveling Plant your Dream Seed Dream Pot where those he meets are invited to garden their intentions, planting @RareSeeds to foster their own #RareSeed nature.

Among his most esteemed plant cohorts his Keep The Beet Media Star, The World’s First Talking Beet Plant. One of his fastest growing Facebook pages is the Dr. Bernard Jensen Facebook page. Leslie was an editor for this acclaimed elder of the natural healing arts, and american father of the non invasive art and science of Iridology, a tool to see internal states through iris markings.

The Grow A healthier Pizza Starter Kit


Much of my Food Reform Teachings are expressed on recycled Pizza boxes. These documents include the Enchanted Garden Club Membership and the Sacred Seed Prayer. Both these are part of his ongoing inspiration to create a Grass Roots movement of inspired gardeners to Outgrow GMOs through Winning Back Our Sacred Seeds. This is the essence of what is called the Grow A Healthier Pizza

Starter Kit.
This wordy packet needs a facelift before going on for production by the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company
This package needs a new facelift before it goes to Baker Creek for Production as one of their Seed Packets.
Say these words when you Plant Your Dream







Thank you for supporting our Spring, Summer and Fall 2015 activities.  and Art Gifts.  Together we are planting #OpenAccessToFod for All! & Winning Back our Sacred Seeds! June and July, we will be focusing on work at home at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community as well as participating in Sacred Seed Gatherings at various locations.  How Fast Can A Dream Grow?  ~As Fast as a Blade of Grass! The harvest of ancient KAMUT® Khorasan wheat began June 10, 2013.  I  honor each seed of the Harvest and where it goes on the Plant Your Dream Blog.






“I am your Mother Earth. You are my pride and joy. I am the sparkle that was in your father’s eye when your mother first looked into his eye and they made you from my substance. I had something in mind when I inspired your mother and father to touch each other. I am your Mother Earth. I made you to speak for me. I made you to speak for me now. I made you to know this earth as your home.”–From the Rebirth of Mother Earth, Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener
Being a Member of the Enchanted Garden Club is a Natural Birthright. Leslie Plants Seeds of Success for Super Ripe People and Their Dreams. He Sees and Seeds various humanitarian campaigns that his spirit calls him to address. Leslie writes daily on the Plant Your Dream Blog on Curezone.com. Plantyourdream.net is a sponsor site. Finished Chapters of the book, “Grow A Healthier Pizza” are linked  here


The Art Gift Program is another Fundraiser


In the last year, I set in motion Art Gifts as Projections toward fundraising.  I have given 24 x 36 Art Gift canvases to inspired and inspiring individuals and institutions, such as the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine San Diego, as well as the Petaluma Seed Bank, and Frey Organic Winery. This is the basis of part of his funding for Campaigns, including projects at home and on the road.


The Kelly Shea Art Gift


“How Fast Can a Dream Grow? As Fast as a Blade of Grass!” is one 24 x36 Art Gift. This was presented at #ExpoWest to Kelly Shea, a government outreach liaison from Horizon Organics. Kelly has advocated for GMO Labeling, and inspiring future generations of organic farmers. he is a major support to GMO education advocates.


 Art Gift to the Petaluma Seed Bank




“How Fast Can a Dream Grow?” also was gifted to the Petaluma Seed Bank and hangs behind the cash register. Individuals who would like to support The Enchanted Garden Projects can make contributions and be noted on the Plant Your Dream Blogs as contributors to these Art Gifts to the designated individuals and Institutions.


Art Gift to the Frey Organic Winery


Katrina Frey & Leslie Goldman Biodynamic Art Peter Dukich


Another current Art Gift canvas says “Plant A Seed! Grow A Whole New World!” This Art Gift is intended to inspired Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Awarness. It was given to Katrina Frey in 2014 to as a #SeedDream to inspire the growth of Biodynamic Farming and Gardening, as well as Support the growth of Biodynamic Products coming into the marketplace. This Art Gift was inspired by Peter Dukich, a dedicated Biodynamic Elder who made biodynamic compost for more than 50 years.

Funding Projects at home and for the National Heirloom Expo


Leslie Describes his Funding Projects for Stabilizing his 1/3 acre home site and his projected August and September travels and tour, and lists his National Heirloom Expo #SeedDreams on his #PlantYourDreanBlog WordPress site, Winning Back Our Sacred Seeds with Leslie Goldman National Heirloom Expo 2015.

Leslie Goldman @ Luther Burbank Home & Garden
Leslie Goldman  at the Luther Burbank Home and Gardens, 2012.  That’s me!  I aspire as Your Enchanted Gardener to plant Success for Super Ripe People and their Dreams.  I admire Luther Burbank very much.  This is my work in the world.



Leslie Goldman at home 65


Leslie Goldman  at home at the Enchanted Garden, age 65,  the rocking chair i am sitting in is currently broken.  I look forward to its repair, sitting in it, in my old age, once I get there, telling stories to kids about how through the people I knew, loved, and with who I planted dreams, we brought in 1000 years of peace that they are now enjoying.  I am now 67 as of May 2015


in process…May 20, 2015
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