“Food Reform is Needed.” –Alfred Watterson McCann (1879-1931)





 Dr Bernard Jensen Open Access to Food Planted on his Birthday 2015

A photo of Dr. Bernard Jensen in his 40’s.  (1908-2001).  He  lived “Keeping The Dream Alive!” of Alfred W. McCann and others who have lived across the centuries standing up for Nature’s Original Technology.  I stand in that Essential Living Tradition know as the Essene Renaissance. I will be working on a biography of Dr. Bernard Jensen with his grandson, Jon Jensen.


Right out of college at Cal State University Northridge,  I came to live and do projects for Dr. Bernard Jensen.  I was becoming crippled with arthritis.  Western Medicine could not define what was wrong with me for more then ten years.  I often wonder what would have happened if I met Dr. Bernard Jensen earlier in my life.  He was a master at reading the Iris Map that indicated the state and function of organs in the body.  This is a science and an art that has been practiced since ancient times by many cultures.  It is a non invasive approach to seeing what is going on in the body and is called Iridology.   Dr. Bernard Jensen would teach at the barn on the property of the old Hidden Valley Health Ranch.  He gave me a ride to the cottage I was staying in from the barn after one lecture.  He told me about Alfred W. McCann, one of his heroes.  He told me he was a muckraker, a man who told the truth with his word.  He was a journalist and broadcaster.  Dr. Bernard Jensen was basically recommending I follow in the footsteps of Alfred W. McCann.  To some extent I have.   Both men are inspirations for my Campaign to Grow A Healthier Pizza.  You can join The Campaign to Grow A Healthier Pizza  on Facebook.  This is an umbrella for my various other Plant Your Dream Blog Campaigns. The current projects Summer 2015 include  grounding the #EnchantedGardenRareSeedOutpost at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community near San Diego State University, as well as planning for The Enchanted Garden Mobile’s Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds.

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There are two vital media I want to send your way now.  One is the July article for The Life Connection Magazine, Called “Winning Back Our Sacred Seeds” and this video on Youtube,  given at the March Against Monsanto May 23, 2015.  The material is the basic for my encouragement to support companies that are listed in the Ads on the Plant Your Dream Blog Word Press.  This blog site is my Non GMO, Organic & Fair Trade Shopping Guide.  The material in the article and Video are the  basis of the talks I will give at the National Heirloom Expo September 8-10, 2015 in Santa Rosa, as well as on the road in parts of August and September 2015.



Keeping the Dream Alive!  Leslie Goldman with David Krieger, the Gaby Hayes of the National Heirloom Expo


Alfred W. McCann on Science

“To attack science, the calm, the immutable, the exact, is one thing — the work of a fanatic or an irrational being. To attack an abuse of men claiming to represent science is not only a privilege but a duty, and he who shirks it through fear of criticism or through dread of precipitating a controversy in which he himself may lose prestige is no lover of truth. Rather does he love comfort more.”
–Alfred Watterson McCann, The Author
of “The Science of Eating’ (1918, 1919)

This is from “Gorilla or God,” p 263.
A creations viewpoint, I concur with McCann here.



–Your Enchanted Gardener,

January 1, 2013





The true conditions, now concealed from the public, must be exposed, in order that the public may make its own choice, guarded by a complete knowledge of facts.–Alfred W. McCann–From “Starving America,” Chapter One, The Birthday Party.

“The advertising manager cannot state the whole truth in a food advertising campaign, for the reason that those who pay the advertising bills rightly insist thai their advertisements shall center about the talking points that will sell their product, always keeping clear of trespass upon ethical ground.
The food manufacturer fears to step outside the limits of a careful conservative campaign, because he feels that a radical departure from trade customs would jeopardize his business. As a commercial institution, he declares that his chief function is not to educate the masses, and points to the fact that no profit is to be derived from such policy.

Because of these obstacles in the way of reform, the writer no longer looks to commercial publicity, or to legislation as means through which to enlighten the people. Most of the conditions described here are unknown to our legislative bodies, and it will be a long time before Congress can be educated to that point, where the distressful facts here out lined will be noted and acted upon.

“The reform work must be done in the schools.”Alfred W. McCann

The Reform work must be done in the schools. Our children must be taught the meaning of depraved foods. They must learn how those foods are processed, bleached, colored, de-natured, de-germinated, de-mineralized, chemically treated. They must be taught the relationship of such food to sickness and death. They must be taught the relationship of natural food to health and life. The true conditions, now concealed from the public, must be exposed, in order that the public may make its own choice, guarded by a complete knowledge of facts. These facts are presented here in a manner understandable to the layman for the first time, and with the addition of the Catechism of Vital Questions and Answers, this work places before the people a full and complete exposure of the evil conditions, which unmolested, now menace the health and life of America.”
–From the Preface by Alfred Watterman McCann of “Starving America.” (1916)


“Starving America” by Alfred W. McCann





“The World Faces a Rebirth”–Alfred W. McCann


“Grow a Healthier Pizza!”–

Whispering through the Twentieth Century Laboratory the voice of God can be heard. It requires no strained ear to catch its echoes as they come up centuries of old from Genesis, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy in waves that roll from enamelled wall to enamelled wall, protesting in the name of the cradle, the nursery, the kindergarden, the school, the home and workshop against the special priveleges and follies that today as never before must render their long overdue account to a grim jury of awakened Mother Love. Faith in the all-wise but unheeded provisions of the Creator is the instant need.–Alfred W. McCann,
“The Science of Eating,” P.20, (1919)

When man’s house is built its wonderfully organised inmate is constantly wearing and wasting away. Repair is necessary;incessant, never-ending repair.

“Grow a Healthier Pizza!”–


The repair materials are at hand.
They are found nowhere but in food, in food alone.

“They are found no where but in food, in food alone.

No officer tolerates an unfit soldier. No business man tolerates an inefficient employee. No musician tolerates a jarring note. No physician tolerates incompatibles in his prescriptions, but in twenty-million homes in the United States to-day there is complacent toleration for food abuses that sap the stamina of the
race.” P.15

“Grow a Healthier Pizza!”–

“We know today, apart from the mere frauds that tax the pocketbook but do not affect human health, that a hundred food evils of grave significance constitute many of the building materials upon which young America, as well as stricken Europe, depends for growth and sustenance, under the eyes of man-made law that does not interfere. ”

“Grow a Healthier Pizza!”–

Every pound of these food frauds is a pound of excess baggage
borne by the growing child, the expectant mother and the invalid.

Every pound of food juggled, changed, denatured or chemically treated is balanced by a pound of human flesh. P.16

The average farmer, as far as his soil is concerned, instinctively recognizes the meaning of pure food.

He knows if he does not supply his vegetables and grains with the right kind of soil food he will reap a stunted and a feeble crop, or suffer a crop failure.
The United States Government has developed around this truth one of its costliest departments, the chief of which, in the person of the Secretary of Agriculture, is a member of the President’s cabinet.

“Grow a Healthier Pizza!”–


Ignorance in the home is not the only highway
to physical infirmity and death.

The widest road, never marked with a sign post, is the road that leads through commercial greed to the little white casket,  P19.

“Grow a Healthier Pizza!”–


We can no longer ignore our children
as they have been ignored …

…otherwise our inspiring accomplishments in organising all the resources of America will degenerate into a mere expediency, leaving behind a long trail of calamity and misery.–p. By looking squarely at the facts and acting upon them, our war energies, if they are also applied to the child, will in the physical sense literally regenerate America, while contributing at the same time to the rebuilding of stricken Europe.
As a nation we were long content to ignore the Child in the presence of the Moneybag, giving to the dollar an artificial value which war has taught us, to our amazement, it did not possess, even though we had been pouring all our foolish energies into it, permitting the Child, our second line of defense, to take care of itself.

–From The Famishing World. P.28

“The Science of Eating”–by Alfred Watterson McCann (1918, 1919)


“Grow a Healthier Pizza!”–

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FROM The Song

America the Beautiful
Words by Katharine Lee Bates,
Melody by Samuel Ward

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!
America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!

America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
Till selfish gain no longer stain
The banner of the free!

America! America!
God mend thine every flaw,
Confirm thy soul in self-control,
Thy liberty in law!

America! America!
May God thy gold refine
Till all success be nobleness
And every gain divine!

O beautiful for patriot dream
That sees beyond the years
Thine alabaster cities gleam
Undimmed by human tears!
America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
Till nobler men keep once again
Thy whiter jubilee!



Who was Alfred McCann?

Following his graduation from the food industry, Mr. McCann received the support of a New York newspaper, The Globe, which equipped him with a laboratory and set him free to report the results of his discoveries without regard to their influence upon the Advertising Department,

Subsequently forty-one other newspapers in as many cities of the United States took up his work, but so heavy was the pressure applied by advertising agencies that the publishers of all these papers, with one exception, the Chicago Daily News, found themselves compelled to discontinue his exposures. In this respect the photographs of original documents showing how truth is suppressed in daily journals, weekly periodicals and monthly magazines are in Mr. McCann’s possession, a fitting justification in these days of “regeneration” and “reconstruction for a Congressional inquiry into the nature of the silent influences
at work to muzzle the press.

During Mr.McCann’s service on the New York Globe he has been made a deputy health commissioner by five municipalities, has been employed by as many mayors and police commis-sioners to make surveys of the food conditions obtaining in the communities represented by them. He has led squads of plain clothes men and trained field agents, including attorneys and physicians, upon raids that have resulted in scores of indictments, trials and convictions in municipal, state and federal district courts.

He has been used as a witness by the U. S. Department of Justice in interstate conspiracy prosecutions; by the Attorney General of New York State; by the District Attorney of New
York County; by the Corporation Counsel of New York City; and by other public prosecutors.

He has been arrested on charges of criminal assault and upon trial in a hostile court has been acquitted. On numerous occasions he has been tried on charges of criminal libel from which he has always emerged the victor. He has been held for grand juries on charges of criminal conspiracy but the cases against him, when submitted to the grand jurors, have always been dismissed. He has initiated two hundred and six successful prose-
cutions of food adulterators and has never lost a case.
–From the Preface to “The Science of Eating.’ (1918,1919)

Amazing Find About the Granddaughter of Alfred W. McCann, Patricia McCann


But O.K., let’s get back to her story, which Ms. McCann was obviously thrilled to tell. She fumbled a bit nervously through a manila folder of yellowing newspaper clips and skimmed through index cards on which she had scribbled talking points.

The story begins with her grandfather, Alfred W. McCann, who went on WOR in 1927 to expose the unsavory practices of the American food industry, which was doing bad things like putting black shoe polish in chocolate and deodorizing rotten eggs. He also ran a laboratory in Manhattan where foods were tested before they received his approval or disdain. Ms. McCann’s father, Alfred W. McCann Jr., continued the tradition when her grandfather died. In “The McCanns at Home,” he and his wife, Dora, bantered and joked, and their main theme remained food, especially the romance of food.

Ms. McCann, who was frequently on the air as a child, says she never intended to go into radio. She studied English literature at Manhattanville College in Purchase, N.Y. The radio bug bit her in the mid-1960’s, when she filled in for her father at WOR for three months after he had a heart attack. She was soon hired as one of New York’s first female D.J.’s. In 1974, she took over the family tradition with “The Patricia McCann Magazine,” a daytime talk show that strayed from food into social issues.



found this:
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” By Alfred W. McCann

Why Modern Refining Processes are More Deadly than War

http://journeytoforever.org/farm_library/Famish/famworld3a.html”>This Famishing World,






January, 19, 1931 at the age of 52.

Alfred Watterson McCann, 52, food expert and author who was director of the Alfred W. McCann Laboratories in New York City and was associated for many years with Dr. Harvey Wiley in his crusade for pure food, in New York City, 19 January 1931.






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