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This is the Springtime of our Lives! Rise up!
In You, I see the flowers I love so much in the garden.
Nature has smiled on you to make this world beautiful!

Today is March 22, 2012. I had a good conversation with Art Jensen yesterday evening. This was inspired by my concern that We have not been Keeping The Dream Alive! “Keeping The Dream Alive!” refers to a promise I made to Dr. Bernard Jensen back in 1972, when he was driving me to the cabins in the grove at the old Hidden Valley Health Ranch. That is the land now owned by the Self Realization Fellowship. The upper land, his home, on top of the Hidden Valley, is now in the hands of good people. It is known as the Hidden Valley Spa.

Hidden Valley Spa…

The City of San Diego Proclamation Presented by the Office of the Mayor

WHEREAS, Bernard Jensen, D.C. Ph.D, is noted worldwide as the modern Father of the Science of Iridology who has seen 350,000 patients, traveled to fifty-seven countries, and wrote dozens of books in a career spanning sixty years; and

WHEREAS< Dr. Jensen is a nutrition pioneer from his early championing of a whole, chemically free foods to his recent work with chlorella and tissue cleansing, who has consistently taught the healing effects of whole, pure, and natural foods on the human body; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Jensen, a long-standing resident of San Diego, sets a fine example of living in harmony with nature and loving one’s fellow man; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Jensen is celebrating his 80th birthday with an international Health and Iridology Symposium in San Diego from August 27-31, 1988, with representatives from twenty foreign countries and forty-five states of the Unites States;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, MAUREEN O’CONNOR, the Thirty-first Mayor of the City of San Diego, do hereby proclaim September 1, 1988, to be “DR. BERNARD JENSEN DAY” in San Diego.

Dr. Bernard Jensen Gave Blessing to Me for My Life

“I send my best and my highest wishes for Leslie Goldman and his endeavors.
He is seeking the best. He gives his bests, and lives in the highest most of the time.
He work is to be commended. He is working for humanity’s good.
He is one of Humanity’s servants. He definitely acclaims that man
can be happy and healthy, wise and fruit bearing when he follows
the spiritual laws of forgiveness. He returns loe for whatever comes his way.
He is to be Blessed for all of the advancement he has made during his lifetime.
It is a pleasure to know him and to send a Blessing along for the work
that he is accomplishing.”
–Dr. Bernard Jensen
May 18, 1999

He spoke to me about a journalist, a muckraker named Alfred McCann who wrote a book called “The Science of Eating.” He gave me a prophesy that night that my contribution to humanity would be similar to Alfred McCann. I had just graduated from college. Working with Dr. Bernard Jensen was my first real job. The blueprint of my life had likely been seen before I was born, and meeting Dr. Bernard Jensen was a milestone.

On that drive between the Barn where he spoke and the cabin in the grove where I was staying, I promised I would be Keeping the Dream Alive! After he left his body, I would keep the body of materials that molded him alive. It is time now to reaccess and move forward this vision. It is time now to own many of the teachings that he absorbed from others, as my own Enchanted Garden Teachings.

Jensen had an unusual relationship with his teachers. Often he would name them. Sometimes, as in the case of V.G. Rocine who he considered one of his closest teachers, he simply adopted that body of work as his own. The Chemistry of Man, as an example was drawn from a series of five books by V.G. Rocine. Dr. Bernard Jensen never wrote much of the material in The Chemistry of Man, but he had so integrated this material, that he claimed it as his own.

Dr. Bernard Jensen’s Remarkable Gift With Food

Dr Bernard Jensen had a remarkable gift with food that came out of his work with V.G. Rocine. He knew his foods. He could name what foods built each particular organ of the body. He could see in the Iris of the eye the health of each organ. Then he would give the patient the foods that he needed to build that organ. He could see what he called changes in the iris. I had the opportunity many times to learn the Science and Art of Iridology, but I never wanted to learn this. That part of the work went to his eventual daughter in law, Ellen B. Jensen, who married his second oldest son, Art Jensen.

There is another part of the work of Dr. Bernard Jensen that called to me. It was his nature studies. We also had an affinity for spiritual teachers and teachings. Dr. Bernard Jensen was a bridge between the past and the present. He Kept the Dream Alive of many teachers in the natural healing arts who he knew personally. I always felt we were in a marathon together. We were long distance runners, and the result we were heading toward was 1000 years of Peace. Food was basic to this journey.

I did not feel at the time he died in 2001 that I was ready to receive the baton. He was handing that baton off to me to carry on. There is a profound sadness within me that I did not feel in a position to take that baton at a time when it was being offered.

Krisnamurti and his destiny

There is a story about Krisnamurti that comes to mind. Krisnamurti was groomed before birth to play a dominant role in the 20th Century, but at a certain time in his life when it was destined for him to take that baton from the ages, he was scarred by the death of his brother. He shifted his destiny. He made another choice. Krisnamurti became a great philosopher, but he turned away from being one of the standard bearers, so to speak, for a position that was intended.

In 1929, there was a world depression. There was no real reason for things to get that bad. There rose up a force in the world personafied by Hitler. Krisnamurti had been intended to be the balancing agent. He never fulfilled this role. Something in nature was thrown off. In the philosophy of the Essenes, we see that souls play vital functions, as much as seeds are intended to play vital functions.

Take Your Seed Off the Shelf

Fast forward to 2012. What do we see? There is a dramatic need for Seeds to come off the shelf. A shift happened in universal order. Now is the time for 1000 years of peace to enter our world. This can only happen if no less that 144,000 seeds become inspirations to others. I am here as a agent of this encouragement. I am Your Enchanted Gardener. I hear the call and crying out of children. I hear the sound of the Rose blooming and asking for our food to be restored.

Yes, my friend, Food, essentially is here to help you Plant Your Dream! Dr. Bernard Jensen knew this. I know this. Now is the time for you to step up to the plate, and discover what food is all about.

picture of plate here….

Welcome to the Rock Your Soul Opera that is Life

Read more about the Rock Your Soul Opera Here

There are forces in the world now, in the grand Rock Your Soul Opera called life, that are poised to witness to this miracle of you. This is your Moment of Awakening. All the poetry has been written. All the Wisdom teachings are here on the planet accessible through the internet at the touch of a keyboard. The future is calling to you. It asks that food be restored. It asks that you reading these words,regain confidence that you can grow some of your own food, and help to restore the future.


I send blessings to Monsanto Corp today. in the Rock Your Soul Opera that is life. They have played out their role well. Never in the history of Humanity has there been a greater opportunity to take back our food. As Romain Rolland, the Nobel Peace Prize Winner for Literature once said, There is no shortage in the Universe of Souls who will be The New Ground.

It is time. It is time for each of us to be the Rose blossoming.

It is time to reclaim our plants and our planet destiny.

It is time to take back our seeds. It is time to be the seeds we are to become.

I want to inspire this awakening in you through the Plant Your Dream Blog here and on Curezone.

G.T. Wrench M.D, The Wheel of Health

Now is the time for The Wheel of Health to Return. Now is the time for the those who have been Keeping The Dream Alive to have their day. This is from one of Dr. Bernard Jensen’s favorite books written by G.T. Wrench, M.D. in 1938. This is one of my favorite quotes of many from the book. The book has an edition that is available from Art Jensen at Bernard Jensen International.

This is the time of Job’s Return

There was once a prophet named Job. You can read that story yourself. Job lost everything, but he never lost faith. It was because of this faith that he never gave up on his friends and God never gave up on him, although Job was tested to his depths. We are each Job now, and this is the moment of Job’s Return.

The world is yours. Study the teachings. Help to keep the world alive for the children now born.

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

March 22, 2012
The Springtime of our lives as a Human Race.

Draft, 8:41 am
San Diego, California

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Mt Capra Goat Whey was a favorite remedy of Dr. Bernard Jensen

To the people of Mt. Capra,

My name is Dr. Daniel J. Madock. I am a chiropractor with a strong background in nutrition. I attended the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa from 1976 to 1979. During that time I was fortunate enough to attend a seminar given by Bernard Jensen, N.D., PhD, D.C. a nature path, chiropractor and Iridologist. Following my graduation I was privileged to spend a week at Dr. Johnson’s ranch in Escondido, California to study with Dr. Jensen on the subject of iridology and healing with whole food nutrition. During my time of study with Dr. Jensen he spoke repeatedly of whole food nutrition, the use of the “mucus less diet”, herbs, natural vitamins and minerals. During his lectures Dr. Jensen repeatedly referred to the natural organic minerals from goat milk whey. His provider of choice for this wonderful supplementation was the Mt. Capra mineral whey. Throughout my years of practice I have recommended the Mt. Capra whey to hundreds of patients as part of a natural dietary supplement program and the daily nutritional regimen. I also recommended as a coffee substitute as well as a substitute for soft drinks and caffeinated beverages which have a tendency to demineralize the body. I have used this product now for 30 years and overtime was delighted to find that it was one of the few supplement regimens I recommended to patients that they followed and continued to buy more of. Without having to prompt them were continuously remind them, patients would return asking for the Capra Mineral Whey™. I used this product regularly myself as a coffee substitute in hot water, in soups and as a seasoning for other foods including meats. I can honestly say I’ve never had a complaint of an adverse reaction by a patient taking this product even if they were lactose intolerant. I have always recommended whole food supplements and natural organic products to my patients and the Mt. Capra whey has been a mainstay of my nutritional armamentarium for decades.
Dr. Daniel J. Madock.
Madock Chiropractic Clinic



The Science of Eating by Alfred McCann (1918)


Book Dr. Bernard Jensen and V.G. Rocine:The Chemistry of Man

by Dr. Bernard Jensen and V.G. Rocine

Available from: Now a Rare Find.
It was republished by Whitman Publishing in 2007. I believe the publisher soon died.




Lecture on the Topic Now Available in DVD

The origins of some of the material in the book The Chemistry of Man is the book Chemical Diagnosis
(Bio Chemistry- by Victor G. Rocine (1925)
Published in Chicago, Illinois

Books by V.G. Rocine

The Wheel of Health by Guy Theodore Wrench M.D. (1938)


The Training of the Human Plant, by Luther Burbank (1907)l


Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


The Books of Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, The 20th Century Essene Renaissance Prophet


Bernard Jensen International on Facebook

Deanna and Rick Burgess

Deanna Burgess is one of the health advocates carrying on the work of Dr. Bernard Jensen. She is a sponsor of Keeping The Dream Alive!

The Open Library
Valuable Resource of every book published is the goal….

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Keeping the Dream Alive!

written, March 21, 2012

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