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The Emperor of Trash; If it Grows, Compost it!

Just went out to take the black cans to the street.
This is the stuff that ends in the landfill,
Arundo Donax is one thing called trash
by the city now a days.


The Miramar Greenery does not shread the Arundo Donax
we have growing on our property, but the Fire Prevention Bureau
wants us to cut it down.

I have spent hours this week attempting to clarify if it could
be put but out as Yard “waste” materials, but it cannot.

The closest I can get from our very advanced
Environmental services in The Nation’s Finest City
as we call ourselves, is that if it can be broken it can
be considered green and therefore put in green waste,
but if it is fiberous, it has to go in the Black Trash Cans.
Others from the same general department tell me
that under no circumstance put Arundo Donax in the
yard waste. It clogs their shredder.

Why would nature have made such a plant
that is considered a plant from hell?

Across the border I have seen this Arundo Donax
used for fences, and it can make a lovely roof.

It is one of the fastest growing plants around.
It grows as fast as green grass, but up to 12 more feet tall.

It can be a biofuel.

We have been composting it here at the Enchanted Garden
intentional Community for more than five years, Angelene tells me,
but then she, as I, hurt with the thought of considering this
a trash.

More on this later.

Here is a poem for the weekend
from my book Rekindling of Faith.

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