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Heirloom Day at Circus Vargas

On my Rekindling of Faith Journey toward better and better health for me and our world, I always pick up New Hope at #expowest, this year March 4-9, 2019 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

The Natural Product Expo this year comes two days before the second annual Organic Day at Circus Vargas March 11, 2019, at Westfield North County Escondido.  Snack samples will be served from 6 pm-6:30 pm during intermission.  After the meet and greet where the cast gathers to take photos,  we will continue our introducing members of the traveling Circus Vargas team family to healthy food options.  

The co-owners of this California Big Top show and core staff are already on board with eating organically when possible.

Vittorio Arata, an eighth generation circus family member delights in the local @ Prager Brothers Artisan Bread I bring him and sometimes during breaks on Saturdays and Sundays, we have served samples from our favorite Hillcrest Farmers Market vendors.

These include products from Alan Conrad & Jessica Davis Edible Alchemy, Michael’s Majestic Garlic & hummus, and of course,  J R Organics CSA Farm seasonal produce and our friends from Terra Madre Gardens.  

My ultimate goal is to see a cart that features healthy and our  favorite products from #EnchantedGardenClub

Members travel with the show.

I envision numbers of products I see at #expowest and later in the year The National Heirloom Exposition (sept 10-11-12. Santa Rosa) on that cart.

Last year, my Rekindling of Faith Journey kept my focus post #expowest on recovery from a broken back surgery and an underlying cancer diagnosis.  I am treating my “Abnormal Growth” naturally and getting to know Circus Vargas is one of my remedies.

I was trained by Dr. Bernard Jensen (1907-2001) in nature’s ways, and behind my #YourEnchantedGardener shingle is an Essene ministers license.

Not long ago,  I introduced David L. Katz MD to the #EnchantedGardenCluband heard his passion for improving our food supply.  

I thrive through a regular diet of fun and dreams coming true.

What will it belike as we modify extremes in weather through a conscious Climate Collaborative?

What will it taste like as more and more of us see we were born in purpose and for a purpose, making our world a beautiful Enchanted Garden?

How wondrous to #PlantYourDream with you and participate in Breathing Renewed life into our conventional medical model?

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Get Tickets:  http://www.circusvargas.com/             Circus Vargas returns to San Diego County’s Westfield Mission Valley February 7-18, Westfield Plaza Bonita National City, Feb 21- March 4 and Escondido, March 7 – 18.   

Join us for Organics Day on 6 pm, Monday  March 11.   Special ticket prices!  Text me!

My @CircusVargasOfficial story:   https://www.curezone.org/blogs/fm.asp?i=2402790             

Feb 22 2018

2:06 pm

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