What I learned from Tom Brady  @YourEG @PlantYourDreamBlog Dec02


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What I learned from Tom Brady @YourEG @PlantYourDreamBlog


Tom Brady Alex GUERRERO

photo here Via AP

Tom Brady and his friend and Body Coach Alex Guerrero. 


Garden Management Journal, December 2, 2015

Spent the morning listening to a radio show where Tom Brady, touted as the #1 Quaterback in Football,  talked about the heavy hit he took the day before on the battlefield of professional sports.  This led to some questions and answers that led me to come to admire this star athlete who aspires to play years beyond his age and who attributes his success to what he has learned and applied to his own health.

One of the keys I learned and had underscored was that if I paid more attention to inflammation in my body, that he controls through diligently monitoring his Acid-Alfaline balance,  I could likely relieve some of my own arthritis aches and pains.

The formula he uses…holding to an 80 Alkaline-20 percent Acid ratio is not new to me.  This was the percentage that Dr. Bernard Jensen taught.  Dr. Bernard Jensen (1907-2001) was also, as Brady an advocate of green juices.  Dr. Jensen, shore by them, and he once went to court for butting heads with the FDA who suggested that in fact, through his experience, that people could improve conditions of the Big “C” through green juice therapy.

Jensen, in his now story, went to court over the matter.  The case ended with the prosecutor and the judge buying Champion Juicers themselves, one of the popular juices of the day that Jensen recommended.

in my own journey with Dr Jensen, we wrote about the Four Survival Foods for Humanity.  Book One was called “The Healing effects of Chlorophyll through Living Plant Life.”

Sounds like Tom Brady and his business partner Alex  Guerrero, who has “spoon fed” Brady for more than a decade, producing remarkable results–when it comes to injuries—think inflammation–have both had their run ins with breaking the rules of the Game, however, when it comes to the Gridiron, Brady has, and aspired to be living proof that the Rules of Nature Trump the Rules of the Gridiron.

In my own experience,  numbers of giants in the history of medicine have been called quacks.  I personally have known a number of this giants whose intent and purpose–in spite of exaggeration–was to uplift humanity.

Who is to call the kettle black these days?  The FDA is the very agency that has sold up down the river with Unlabeled food that make us sitting ducks not only for inflammation, but in all likelihood intense inflammation in the gut–the Number One issue in America today.

There’s more to be shaken out here in regard what Truth is truth; however, I want to thank Tom Brady for some powerful nationally advise that I take as the Honest to God Truth I heard today.


–Leslie Goldman

Your Enchanted Gardener

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“I prepare off season to prepare for hits like that.”–Tom Brady, Oct 12, 2015

The full Transcript is here…



Tom Brady Slams Coca Cola & Frosted Flakes. And That’s Awesome.

“You’ll probably go out and drink Coca-Cola and think, oh yeah, that’s no problem, why? Because they pay a lot of money for advertisements. … I totally disagree with that. And when people do that, I think that’s quackery. I think that the fact that they can sell that to kids — that’s poison for kids! But they keep doing it.”



TB12 Therapy Center  http://www.patriot-place.com/TB12

he TB12 Sports Therapy Center was created to bring Tom Brady’s method of training to athletes who aspire to be the best they can be, at every age. The TB12 Method is a proven approach to help people reach and maintain their peak levels of performance. Developed by Brady and his body coach, Alex Guerrero, their revolutionary approaches to wellness in the areas of nutrition and supplementation, as well as physical and mental fitness training, have helped athletes maximize their potential and maintain peak performance levels for more than a decade.


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