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Making Friends! Hope Restored Swahili Community



Leslie Goldman Hope Restored Swahili Seed Dream



Background to this #OpenAccesstoFood for All Project with the Hope Restored Church Swahili


When I was in high school decades ago I had a dream that I wanted to be in the #PeaceCorps and travel to Africa. I knew I’d have to take vaccinations even though I was committed at a very early age to natural health. Whenever blood is withdrawn for me even to this day I call my fears by saying the word Africa.
I’m a part of the #Hillcrest FarmersMarket community. I’m inspired now to create #openaccesstofood for all because we are #ALL-ONE .

It was around this time of the end of the #HillcrestFarmersMarket  a week before Easter Sunday 2015,  that I heard the most beautiful choir music from Africa coming out of the Hope Restored Church on Normal Street, on the same street where the Hillcrest Farmers’ market is located. The first time I went into the church was Easter Sunday. I may never get to Africa in this life, but on Normal Street I found something very special.  There are members here from numbers of countries who were born in Africa. Their common ground is that they speak Swahili.

On May 3, 2015, I collected some of the freshest organic locally grown foods from farmers at the Hillcrest Farmers’ Market and I brought these foods to the church and gave them away following the service.

I had  some issues because I like to take photos to record what I do.  I was asked to not to photos initially.  I recognized it was more important to simply give the food away and make friends and let something beautiful unfold. This photo above was taken by Mark Larsen who assists the creation of the weekly market.


A Seed Dream is Born May 3:  

The Choir, or members of the Church would be invited to sing at the Hillcrest Farmers’ Market

Mark and I had a great enlightening conversation May 6,  that followed the Swahili Hope Restored Service. I heard in the church service that the community from all parts of Africa were going up to one of my favorite places,  the Disneyland area to sing their high-spirited songs Wednesday, May 6.

I had previously  brought  an incredible healing sound event to the Hillcrest Farmers’ market on Easter Sunday, Kenneth E. Goff and his gongs. He invited others to be a part of that.

Mark, who schedules music at the Hillcrest Farmers’ Market, liked the idea of  inviting the members of the Swahili speaking community to  sing at the Hillcrest Farmer’s market.

This  #seeddream  burst in my visions a few weeks ago and fell upon fertile ears May 3 .  This is all about creating friendship.  In my heart of hearts, I would like the members of this community to gain familiarity with the health foods that are available from the farmers who come to the Hillcrest Farmers Market.  In some small and yet important way,  reaching out like this is giving me Hope Restored that we will all live one day in a world that has #openaccesstofood for all because we are #ALL-ONE love.

I took  some lovely photos of children and members of this Swahili community while in the church.

I looked forward to showing this small article to Tuzolana N. Augustin, pastor of the Hope Restored Multicultural Ministry.  I want others  at the Market and in San Diego to share in the beauty of what I am experiencing here offering some healthy food to the children and the members of this community.  There is a very beautiful pure spirit expressing in this church.  I am drawn to it very much.

I have enriched attending their services.  I enjoyed hearing the guest pastor who spoke about the nature of these times on May 3.  When I returned on May 10, Mothers Day, there was another Pastor who really had a powerful Evangenical spirit.  I let them pray with me twice so far, and I was inspired to ask to speak  the week April 26.  Monique Michaud recorded me.  I may put this up before long.

The address of the Hope Restored Assemblies of God Swahili Church is 3920 Normal Street. San Diego, CA 92103.

Their URL is Http://www.hoperestoredswahili.com


MAY 11, 2015 Update


Leslie  That’s me!)   Z, who translated for us, and Pastor Augustin after our meeting May 10, 2015


Had a good meeting with Pastor Augustin,  of the Hope Restored Church Swahili on Mother’s Day.  We are moving forward with the idea of members of the community of the church receiving some foods from the farmers at the Hillcrest Farmers’ Market.  I received permission from the parent of a child to post a photo of a child who received sugar cane from the Vang family.  I want to go slower and make sure I have this permission.  I want to double check.  There are many beautiful people here.  I love the spirit of the music and I want to do what I can to help give the opportunity for them to be introduced to healthier foods.



Facebook entry, May 13, 2015; 4:27 pm
I have been reaching out since April 5 to the members of the Hope Restored Church Swahili Community who have services on the same street as the Hillcrest Farmers Market In High School and Early College days, I had desires to go to Africa and serve in the Peace Corps. The closest service of that nature I had the opportunity to do was being a VISTA ASSOCIATE during the Summer of Love 67 at Parks Job Corps near Pleasanton, CA. Curiously, I would caparone the youth to places in San Francisco. One night, we went to the Avalon Ballroom and I was introduced to the singing of Janis Joplin. I had never heard of her before.

There were a number of Corps members who went on to become well known. One boxer at the Job Corps Center later made in into the Olympics. Then later he became the World Champion of the world. His name was George Foreman.

I organized a band that summer. We would travel. The project was called Operation Good Neighbor. One of the lead singers was from Reform, Alabama and his name was Charles Atkins. He later went to Vietnam. I long to see him again.

Interacting with the members of the Hope Restored Swahili Community, and gaining their trust one baby step at a time, is my goal.

Many of the members are looking forward rather than looking back. Many were displaced from war zones in Africa and are the lucky ones who survived.

I would like to have an influence on the nutrition of the kids. The Pastor also has a similar vision.

I introduced the bumper sticker from Dr. Bronner’s and they get the idea to some extent.

Step by Step. I would like to see some of the members have jobs where they receive Fair Trade wages.









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