Earth Fair Enchanted Garden Mobile’s Visit a Fabulous Success!


ENCHANTED GARDEN MOBILES JOURNEY TO WIN BACK OUR SACRED SEEDS–EARTH FAIR SAN DIEGO APRIL 19,2015-– The Enchanted Garden Mobile had a fabulous success at the #EarthFair San Diego,  the largest free Earth Day event in the US.  One of the EG Mobile’s greatest joys was being in proximity of the Dr. Bronner ALL-ONE area.   Dr. Bronner Magic Soaps,  the folks from Sambazon, the Super Acia drink, and the team from  Guayaki Brand Yerba Mate, were all in a Cafe-like area in the Alternative Car Concourse, Pan American Area #7.  The EG Mobile was in that circle of displays.  All three of these great products had fabulous displays, and our EG Mobile team of Warren Oser and I, Leslie Goldman, learned a lot.  I saw clear steps how to move forward on my @RareSeeds #EnchantedGardenMobilesJourneytoWinBackOurSacredSeeds.



Dr Bronner -Krystin at San Diego Earth Fair 4-19-15


@RareSeeds @heirloomexpo The National Heirloom Exposition’s sept 8-10, 2015, #EncnchantedGardenMobilesJourneytoWinBackOurSacreSeeds had a great time at the EarthFair San Diego. Krystin gave me the idea to have an outdoor shower right in our garden! I I am going to build an outdoor shower with the garden around it!


Life Shifting Meetings Occurred at the Enchanted Garden Mobile!


Inspired  meetings happened all day!  Among the highlights:  We were assisted by some incredible volunteers later in the show who added to our fun and helped meticulously organize my 68 VW moving forward.  Some tremendous contacts were made including meeting two friends inspired t by #CallingAll Unicorns.   Unicorns and Your Enchanted Gardener, my handle,  seemed a natural fit.


Meeting Monique Michaud, an actor; and Jamie McGuffee, who played yukalalee,  felt like rewards for the tremendous effort it took to participate in the event.  The two also had two other great friends with them, that I will I.D. asap.  There were no less than nine other significant meetings, that including spending time with Jon D. Jensen, the grandson of my mentor Dr. Bernard Jensen. We discussed Jon’s project to write the biography of his grandfather.  I have one of the most important collections of Dr. Bernard Jensen on the planet, and I was his ghost writer for numbers of his books including “Health Magic Through Chlorophyll Through Living Plant Life,” and “Survive This Day,”  two books I wrote from his words with additions of my own ideas.  I was invited to collaborate with Jon on the book in some way.

Doing the #EarthFair was an Accomplishment!


Doing #EarthFair, organized by Carolyn Chase @EarthDayMom,  an ally over decades, was in itself an accomplishment!  I have been traveling very fast the last few weeks, just coming down from a #PassoverVillageRetreat off Angeles Crest Highway as well as having my attention on stabilizing conditions at home where I manage a household of eight others.

I prepared to travel to Los Angeles for the weekend where I planned to attend the Fairfax High School Class of 1965 ReUnion, and then spend time writing.  It wasn’t until 10:30 am Friday morning that Warren Oser, a housemate, pointed out to me, that the San Diego EarthFair was was Sunday April 19, the day after my ReUnion.  I had double booked!  I was under the impression that the EarthFair was next Sunday.

Doing both events meant I had to leave the Saturday eve Reunion by 10 pm,  drive home from Marina Del Rey outside Los Angeles to San Diego, a distance of 119 miles or so,  and then get up around 5 am to make sure I was in Balboa Park for our set up by 8 am!   I accepted this challenge.


The Opportunity to Have the EG Mobile in a Music Video and Have a Documentary Made about My Life Show Up Friday night!


My the time I readjusted to the double booking, and handled affairs at home,  it was around 2 pm, Friday.  I was already tired.  My spirit said,  “What’s the rush?” so I pulled off at the Rest Stop on 1-5 after hitting gobs of traffic.  What was the battle?  My job was just to get to L.A.  It did not matter the time.  I had a place waiting for me to stay, but no designated time of arrival.

By the time I pulled into Whole Foods Market West Los Angeles, not far from where I would sleep, I was questioning why I had made the tremendous effort to come up.  I felt lonely and my spirit was down.  I realized I had taken on a lot, considering I am not in the best of health these days, with underlying health concerns on my plate.

Within five minutes, a man walked by.  He said, “I have to talk to you!  He said he wanted to pay me to use the EG Mobile in a music-video. This was an amazement.  If I had pushed against the traffic and arrived earlier, I might have missed this divine timing!   I had a tremendous moment with the director.  He had a French accent.  He also was from Persia.  I had stories about Persia to share.  My work is inspired by Zarathrustra, the Persian master gardener.  Within fifteen minutes, he was so taken up by the enchantment of my message and my Plant Your Dream work, that he said he wanted to come down to San Diego, at his expense, and make an hour documentary for Persian TV about my life.  This whole incident was mystifying and uplifting.  The Persian Director was very private with his image and did not want to be recorded, however, another Persia artist, “Happened” to walk by, who became a Facebook Friend on the spot and was the subject for a couple video clips we made.

Let the lesson be told, Go with the Flow.  Magic awaits!  My whole weekend was inspired by this event.  It gave me energy.


Visiting my Niece and attending the Party for the Pollinators were also on my Agenda 

Arriving at SaRina Daly Goode’s  and John Goode’s guest room, I found the house impeccable groomed and the Feng Shui delightful.  I have been friends with SaRina for more than 20 years.  I had never seen the place in such beautiful simple order.  It inspired me to want to do the same at home.

The next morning, I went to visit my niece.  I wanted to do some family healing.  She was sick in bed.  We both knew I had to keep my distance.  Catching a cold right now was not what I needed.  We had a short visit.  Then, I went back to Whole Foods Market West Los Angeles to participate in the Party for the Pollinators, an event that was Earth Week related.


My Goal on My Two Month Tour will be to Visit Various Whole Food Markets


My goal for the Enchanted Garden Mobile’s Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds will be to visit various Whole Food Markets in route from San Diego to Santa Rosa, CA during August and September.  I have already been visiting Whole Food Markets for numbers of weeks and accumulating valuable organizational information for what I want to do later.

I wasn’t going to pass up on the opportunity to attend the local Party for the Pollinators event that took place Saturday from 11 am-1 pm.

More to say about this.


Time to Go Back to Bed and Prep for this Earth Day!


I will be back to write more tomorrow!  Thanks for listening to my story.  I appreciate it.


6:31 am; Earth Day April 22, 2015


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Dr. Bronner’s ALL-ONE




Guayaki Brand Yerba Mate


EarthFair San Diego, April 19, 2015



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