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Whole Foods Market Long Beach Visited by Enchanted Garden Mobile Winning Back our Sacred Seeds






Conscious Goods Alliance Bus and EG Mobile Tour Bus to Heirloom Expo

There she is!  The Little Engine that Could on the right, next to The Conscious Goods Alliance Bus, her Elder Brother, that traveled to Whole Foods Markets for a number of years and special events.  The Conscious Goods Alliance Bus and her tour, sponsored by some of my same sponsors, is a model for my vision for the @RareSeeds @HeirloomExpo #EnchantedGardenMobilesJourneytoWinBackOurSacredSeeds  I will travel for part of August & September  2015 between San Diego and Santa Rosa, CA and beyond.    Please join these Facebook pages, Leslie Goldman and The Enchanted Garden Mobile’s Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds to stay in touch about this.  Please send me a message at LeslieGoldman1 AT Mac.com or through Facebook to sponsor my tour.  I also encourage you to Join #TheEnchantedGardenClub to help Win Back Our Sacred Seeds.


 The Enchanted Garden Mobile, well over 40 years on the road, is excited about her new Mission to help Win Back Our Sacred Seeds.  See you in our garden at our new #EnchantedGardenRareSeedsOutpost.  See you helping our neighbors grow some food with recaptured water.  See you on the road at your Church and Synagogue or backyard place of worshipping Plant Parenthood!  See you at the National Heirloom Expo, September 8-10 for my Opening Ceremony September 8 around 11 am.  Bring your kids to Education and Fun Day, September 10 and help grind some ancient wheat to Grow A Healthier Pizza.




Leslie Goldman WFM Pizza Boxes @Heirloom Expo


Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener, (that’s me!)  sharing How to Grow A Healthier Pizza at @HeirloomExpo on Education and Fun Day!  This year @HeirloomExpo is September 8-10, 2015.  I invite you to be there in person in Santa Rosa, CA.  I will be there as well to Plant Your Dream, so take time now to Join #TheEnchantedGardenClub.  Thank you for making a contribution to support my many noteworthy projects for 2015 that include #OpenAccesstoFood for All!  


Matthew Spohn and Leslie Goldman WFM Long Beach 4-13-15

Matthew Spohn, Store Team Leader, and Leslie Goldman (That’s me!) Whole Foods Market Long Beach April 13, 2015



ENCHANTED GARDEN USA–I’m  planting now #seeddreams that through your support my #EnchantedGardenIntentionalCommunity will be financially stable and our plants and neighborhood so well cared for through the summer and fall, that I will be carefree as I travel to @heirloomexpo, The National Heirloom Expo, September 8 10, 2015 in Santa Rosa, CA. Through the support of sponsors, (see the Ads on #plantyourdresmblog wordpress, http://plantyourdream.net/?p=20196 Http://www.plantyourdream.net you, my friend, joining the #EnchantedGardenclub, http://plantyourdream.net/?page_id=16019 and making an $18.00 contribution, more or less, I will inspire shoppers to insist on #FoodREform through #FoodIngredientsTransparency and inspire many to become new Gardeners of the Original Multi-Cultural Diverse Vision of Amerioa that insists on #OpenAccessToFood for All! through growing food themselves and sharing it with others. I will tell everyone about the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company​ collection, organizers of The National Heirloom Exposition​ that intentionally asks us to become backyard gardeners who become models in their own communities at the forefront of a new food growing economy that begins in one Pot of growing @RareSeeds or larger Garden spaces.

I will travel to various #WholeFoodsMarkets pointing out each stores unique service to their local communities. At each WFM I will point out the good works they do through their non profit foundations and Green Mission Practices. These inspire all Supermarkets to do better.

Along the way, I will visit Farmers Markets. I will hand out Blue Ribbons for organic and non-gmo, and unique items that I will feature among the more than 13 million page views of my #PlantYourDreamBlogs and on my FB pages.

I will further plant #OpenAccesstoFood for All! I will testify where people pray, and point out that we have reached a time when all who pray are ALL-ONE in God’s eyes and loved by our Spaceship Earth. These Moral ABC’s and the testament that “This Earth is Ours” I will passionate embrace and share as I feed birdlife along the way,and pick up cigarette butts out of my joy to trees and plants who ask this of me.

From the back of the #EnchantedGardenMobilenchanted on The Enchanted Garden Mobile’s Journey To Win Back Our… I will grind ancient wheat of healthy Gluten containing KAMUT​ original grains,

I will hand out free seeds to Kids, and samples of the #PlanetaryGoodHousekeeping Companies I so admire.

I will hand out materials about the National Heirloom Expo at each stop along the way, encouraging individuals in each community to send representatives to this, the World’s Fair of Pure Food, or anoint me as their representative!

Our world deeply needs the National Heirloom Expo. It needs to make sure that authentic Agricultural Fair exist where animals, people, and plants keep the beat with nature together, and hallow the Original American Dreams of each person and children who have the nutrition inside and power to #PlantYourDream.

I am so excited about the yearly historic event. I am willing to take the metal of a more than 40-year-old vehicle Summer of Love Vehicle on the road, driving more than 1600 miles round trip. I do this because I am I want to let everyone know that Real Wealth is no longer in dead dollar bills but in the Power of People coming together to share and grow their own food in their local communities, as well as support companies who Scale up for us so good food reaches into the hearts and minds of every family seeking Real Food.

I will point out that every College Campus is a Food Desert as long as Junk Food is considered food, and drinking Energy Boosters and soft drinks O.K. practices to force our starved bodies to keep going till they drop.

On the road, I will further create a powerful Grassroots movement through planting ancient wheat grains that ask the question, How Fast Can a Dream Grow? The answer is, ~As Fast as a Blade of Grass!

On the road, I will continue to Bust Myths. I know in my own life and experience that individuals in every aspect of the organic, non-GMO, biodynamic, fair trade, and Untold Movements I have not yet met are Loving Together now to turn our world into an Enchanted Garden. In my world Uncle Sam is destined to Marry (Auntie) Anti-GMO, and Wheat is here to Haunt as well as inspire us to recognize the Whole, Pure, and Natural is intended to bring health and wealth.

I will point out to shoppers the products we use at home in our #EnchantedGardenPantry and in my Campaign to Grow a Healthier Pizza. Win Back Our Sacred Seeds​ that deserve your Conscious Commerce.

I got a peek into the success I will have everywhere on my @Rareseeds journey, Tuesday April 14, 2015, when I visited the #WhoieFoodsMarket Long Beach. My experience at the store was magical.

It included seeing for the first time the new ALL-ONE Dr. Bronner’s Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps​ display that was right at the checkout counter. Bravo! May the message of Essene minister Emanuel Bronner always be alive in full color!

I was pleased to spend time with Matthew Dpohn, Store Team Leader, who showed me the lovely Vegan Section that his community supported.

I was pleased to meet Hailey Garnett, the wine Specialist, who has been at more National Heirloom Expo shows that I have, right from the beginning of its five year history.

I liked seeing the Frey Organic Wines​ right there at eye level, because this a family run business that has been given international awards for service to agriculture. read why Frey’s Wine belongs on the Top Shelf and if you are a wine drinker deserves your toast! http://plantyourdream.net/?p=17608

Please see This #PlantYourDreamBlog for more story. Be sure to look at Facebook Albums I have assembled.

Sending you my ALL-ONE love, I remain Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener​


















 1000 years of peace will blossom upon Earth as thousands and thousands of more echo the sentiment expressed in the Enchanted Garden Membership.




Thank you for supporting our Spring, Summer and Fall 2015 activities.  and Art Gifts.  Together we are planting #OpenAccessToFod for All! & Winning Back our Sacred Seeds! June and July, we will be focusing on work at home at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community as well as participating in Sacred Seed Gatherings at various locations.  How Fast Can A Dream Grow?  ~As Fast as a Blade of Grass! The harvest of ancient KAMUT® Khorasan wheat began June 10, 2013.  I  honor each seed of the Harvest and where it goes on the Plant Your Dream Blog.






“I am your Mother Earth. You are my pride and joy. I am the sparkle that was in your father’s eye when your mother first looked into his eye and they made you from my substance. I had something in mind when I inspired your mother and father to touch each other. I am your Mother Earth. I made you to speak for me. I made you to speak for me now. I made you to know this earth as your home.”–From the Rebirth of Mother Earth, Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener
Being a Member of the Enchanted Garden Club is a Natural Birthright. Leslie Plants Seeds of Success for Super Ripe People and Their Dreams. He Sees and Seeds various humanitarian campaigns that his spirit calls him to address. Leslie writes daily on the Plant Your Dream Blog on Curezone.com. Plantyourdream.net is a sponsor site. Finished Chapters of the book, “Grow A Healthier Pizza” will be published here on Plantyourdream.net.



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