Sacred Moment @Hillcrest Farmers’ Market #OpenAccessToFood Planted as Gongs, Pan Drum Harmonium Play



Kenneth E Goff, Gong Master, and friends, returns to the Hillcrest Farmers’ Market 1-2 pm Sunday April 3, Easter Sunday and the Second Day of Passover, a a very special Sacred Sound Healing Event.  The address of the Hillcrest Farmers’ Market is 3960 Normal St, San Diego, CA 92103
Phone Number: (619) 299-3330


Plant #OpenAccesstoFood for All! & Your Dreams!  1-2 pm, April 5, Easter Sunday/Second Day of Passover #HillcrestFarmersMarket. San Diego. @SanDiegoplaces  Sacred Sound Healing w/ Kenneth E. Goff,  gongs & Friends.  –#PlantYourDreamBlog @YourEG. 3960 Normal Street at Lincoln (Adjacent to the DMV)  

The fullness of what happened today–March 29, 2015– at the Hillcrest Farmers’ Market, one of San Diego’s most successful open air Sunday ritual for many, went beyond shopping into the realm of Dream Planting as  the Sacred Healing Sounds of gong, pan drum, and harmonium filled the musical atmosphere.


The happening repeat at the Hillcrest Farmers Market,  April 5, Easter Sunday and the Second Day of Passover, 1-2 pm,  at the Hillcrest DVM site, and will again involve Gong Master Kenneth E. Goff, and friends.  March 29, 2015 marked the first playing of the gongs, 1-2 pm.   The transformation– visible in the atmosphere  and in the faces of those passing by or stopping, was palpable.  

I,  Leslie Goldman,  was inspired to bring out a Pot of Dreams that I had in the back of my 68 VW Van that I added to the ambiance of the  already beautiful set up.  I also added plants from Antonio, a Milkweed and others that gave color; and a basket filled wutg  Organic greens from nearby JR Organics CSA stall.  Other gifts of food from Suzie’s Farm, R & L Farms, and Mike’s Garlic spread were added.  As the Sacred sounds emanated through the nearby area,  I invited those present to take non GMo Organic seeds of ancient Kamut wheat grains and plant dreams for #OpenAccesstofood for all, as well as personal intentions.  Of those who stopped, numbers contributed to a receiving basket and in turn I gave them flowers from Rodriguez Ranch, the  JR Organics, flower outlet at the Hillcrest Farmers’Market.

Janet Lee, whose Farmers Daughter booth was nearby gave Kenneth a jar of her honey.  She said that she felt the market quieted once the instrumentation began.     Sales continued, but calm settled.  Goff, who was deeply involved in created a sacred healing sounds,  was so absorbed in his sound creation that he may have been oblivious to the powerful  transformation that was taking place.  Facebook Album photos, and the photos below, tell the story.

At different points, those enjoying the sounds entered meditative poses.  One child,  who I offered the seeds, instantly understood what I was asking, and began to plant them.  It was a wonderful way to bring in the holiday season that began March 29 on  Palm Sunday.


 Photos from the March 29 Sacred Sound Event at the Hillcrest Farmers’ Market


Leslie Goldman planting Open Access to Food Hillcrest FM 3-29-2015







 Let All who are Hungry Special Event, Easter Sunday-Passover


Heirloom and regular organic carrots JR Organics



Please show up at the JR Organics CSA Stall Across from the Music at 1:55 pm.  Major discount on Greens & Roots for all in Need.


Beautiful Holiday Flowers from Rodriguez Ranch (JR Organics Stall)  Hillcrest Farmers Market


Beautiful Holiday Flowers for Easter & Passover from JR Organics


The Various JR Organic CSA Sites, that offer Rodriguez Ranch Flowers are listed here.  Please stop by for special needs and bouquets through the year.



Raymond Ford and Kenneth E. Goff,  Sound Healing Creates a new Silence at Hillcrest Farmers’ Market  March 29, 2015






Sound Healing Experience Brings a Soft Quietude to Hillcrest FM Shopping Experience

Janet Lee, Farmers Daughter, shares about the Sound Healing experience at the #HillcrestFarmersMarket March 29, 2015 The Hillcrest Farmers’ Market is sponsored by #HillcrestBusinessAssociation. The Sound Healing Event continues 1-2 pm, April 3, Easter Sunday & The Second Day of Passover.Farmers Daughter and other Vendors

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More About Planting #OpenAccessToFood for All


A Seed is Born…Telling Kenneth E Goff about the National Heirloom Expo, and making plans to play at Public Venues…

Some times I wonder, and others close to me wonder, why do I risk so much in life, and why go through such effort to travel to the National Heirloom Expo in a 68 VW Van, traveling more than 1600 miles?

This is a photo of Kenneth E Goff, the Gong Master, and me, Leslie when we had the idea to come together to bring the Sacred, and the Sacred Sounds into public arenas.  This was at the Pacific Symposium in Nov 2014.  I was holding and telling him about the existence of the the National Heirloom Expo.

I went into CVS the other night.  I was shocked by the rows of candy and big pharma.  I saw little I could eat.  My prayer is that, in case of an Earthquake,  I never be stuck in such a place.  Being stuck at the National Heirloom Expo, at the Sonoma Fairgrounds, I would care.  There would be enough food for a lifetime, and seeds to grow out more.  There would be enough community to live in paradise.  Oh God,  Thank you for reminding me, why I go through such effort.  What I do now, I do for future generations, to preserve something that cannot be lost our @RareSeeds.







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