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notes on a difficult week living with others



I knew this week that in order to get to the National Heirloom Expo September 8-9-10 in Santa Rosa, CA, I will have to have things stable at home. I am the manager here of a household that offers a place to live on a 1/3 acre within walking distance of SDSU, a 35,000 student population university.

From time to time, I feel deep inspiration for this land and this week was one of those moments. I began the week sensing I was closer than ever to having the team here that could help this land blossom.  I am also under the influence of #expowest. Ron Finley, a great guerrilla gardener in Los Angeles, who caused the city there to open up to having gardens on city vacant lots, planted seeds of intention for #openaccesstofood for underserved communities. As I see it, food deserts are not only in low income parts of town were their are few grocery stores, We are underserved in this part of town as well near SDSU  What most youth eat as food I see as tools for enslavement and buying into a life that will lead to loss of vitality and health burnout. In later years this lifestyle will be ruled by pharmaceutical drugs and hospital visits, and enslaved by an agricultural system ruled by others who are more concerned with profit per acre than nutrition per acre.  Processed snacks and items made from ingredients intended by nature to be food are not Real Food. Many people are starving today. This, in my part of town, is due to ignorance of what could serve us best as much as a lack of money. Many youth in my neighborhood find have enough money to keep our 7-11 selling out of doughnuts, coffee, beer and Red Bull.

I decided to dedicate time this week at home with housemates. By the end of the week, after spending time with those who live here, I felt discouraged.  I do not like the housemate search.  I will likely need a new housemate in June.  I set out with a vision for home that is strong.  I like Ron Finley’s idea, that we can live on a street where different neighbors produce and share different food, and where this land where I live becomes a model for that inspiration.

in practical reality i know that there is much to learn from living here, but most of all we are a household of individuals with individual needs that gives room for each person to do their own passion while offering a safe haven where numbers of those needs can be met.  We struggle now with maintaining different standards of cleanliness and the kind off issues that come up whenever groups live together in shared space. Maintaining this property and hundreds of plants, and the constant need for maintenance and improvements is the status quo.



Plant a Seed! Grow A Whole New World!


Here are the seeds, waiting for homes nearby. Can I continue to gain fulfillment at home right here in my backyard?  Can I find the peace of mind to enjoy time stretching out at the Taoist Sanctuary, and working with farmers at my local favorite Outlets?  Can I stabilizer my home environment, lessening the stress levels for me and others?

This Plant Your Dream Blog is a work in progress, as living here now a work in progress. I will keep you posted.






I planted ‪#‎openaccesstofood‬ with ‪#‎RonFinley‬ ‪#‎expowest‬. Beginning to plant ‪#‎enchantedGardenrareseedsputpost‬ w/ @rareseeds on my journey to @heirloomexpo Sept 8–10 2015 Santa Rosa. winning back our sacred seeds begins with saving our own sacred seeds at home. #RonFinley ‪#‎RobinEmmons‬ planted #openaccesstofood with me. ‪#‎E3SDSU‬ @goaztecs indigenous corn will grow here! Became Aztec basketball fan. I do not like my team getting sick with the flu or food poisoning before Duke. Championship caliber athletes deserve champion quality food. Food brings health. Bring it on SDSU! FYI Warren Osher. Mariah Gayler Christy Johnson Steve Hays ‪#‎Integratedhealth‬ Austin Durant Johanna Kether Ted Robb Kelly Shea Jo Dickson Matthew Love Dani Darrow Petersen. Dania Molthen



The Journey to the National heirloom Expo calls me

National Heirloom Expo Journey Leslie Goldman Jan 24 2015

PLAN A:  National Heirloom Expo Journey Leslie Goldman I would be on the road for numbers of weeks from San Diego to Santa Rosa, CA. I would spend Months prepping.  I would travel with Nadine.  We would stop at WFM’s and Seed Libraries.  I would give out Baker Creek seeds along the way. 


Yesterday, I had a reality check. I have made great strides at health improvements, but I still face the challenge of findings ways to outgrow making kidney stones. My joy comes from serving humanity and imagining a more beautiful world. Going to the National Heirloom Expo matters to be, and passing through the current growth pattern at home is very much on my plate.


This is my vision for the New Earth 





This is my Vision for the #EnchantedGardenRareSeedOutpost sponsored by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and others 




These are my funding projects that I launched at #ExpoWest



This Art Gift to the Petalima Seed Bank hangs near the cash register.  Will you donate funds toward this Gift intended to honor the model of former Banks housing Libraries od Seeds to foster and educate local heirloom Seed Gardeners?



The 24 x 36 Canvas hanging at the Petaluma Seed Bank is a Fundraising Opportunity to support the Creation of the Enchanted Garden Baker Creek Outpost at my Intentional Community in San Diego and also support the writing of my #HeirloomExpo Journey on the #PlantYourDreamBlog and attending this Very Important Event for All Pure Food Enthusiasts

Sponsor #EGBakerCreekoutpost +#Heirloomexpojourney


Join The Enchanted Garden Club.  Make a Contribution. please to sponsor my work at home,  my Blog writing, and Plan Aor Plan B to Journey to the National heirloom Expo September 8-10 2015






Current Housemate Ad

RENT $520-$640 Plant Your Dream regular medium revised


Neighborhood Building Projects


1. We now have a Wednesday College Ave Farmers Market.  It needs help to thrive. The farmers are holding on.

2. The FM is on the property of the Baptist Church. They have a Wed dinner.  How can the dinner and FM work better together?

3.  There is an Orthodox Jewish Syngogur within less than 1000 feet of the FM.  How can they support the FM?  Organic greens are buggy, one teacher of students tells me as he calls out “Make healthy choices!”  Conventional food and the Gmo’s I saw being serves were worst to health than the bugs.

4. Will the members of both communities, from different religions find a way to cooperate to build multi-ethnic understanding?  What is the status now?

5.  The Beth Jacob community has a Community Garden.  What heirloom seeds can I encourage to be planted?

6.  I intended to reach out to nearby SDSU e3’s.  What are the forthcoming plans for Earthday?  I missed out on their weekend long Greenfest while being present #expowest March 4-9.

7.  Issues at home.  How can I make further progress to stabilize here so I am free to fund my trip Plan A?

8.  I have deep health needs that continue.  How do I continue my health journey at home in light of the potential and real stresses?

9. I started to make progress yesterday with financial records,  My quicken Program needed to download.  Spent an hour waiting on the phone.  I did it!  Continue to organize and update notebooks.

9. here are the seeds, waiting for homes nearby.  Can i continue to gain fulfillment at home right here in my backyard?



Plant Parenthood at Home
















Thank you for supporting our Spring, Summer and Fall 2014 activities described below.  June and July, we will be focusing on work at home at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community as well as participating in Sacred Seed Gatherings at various locations. I also want to make progress on the book “Grow A Healthier Pizza.”  I would like to prepare a Lesson Plan or two for the Fall Organic Squad Program at my test school, the Science Classroom of Ms Eva Becker in Los Angeles.  I am known here as Uncle Leslie.  The harvest of ancient KAMUT® Khorasan wheat began June 10, 2013.  I want to honor each seed of the Harvest and where it goes on the Plant Your Dream Blog.






“I am your Mother Earth. You are my pride and joy. I am the sparkle that was in your father’s eye when your mother first looked into his eye and they made you from my substance. I had something in mind when I inspired your mother and father to touch each other. I am your Mother Earth. I made you to speak for me. I made you to speak for me now. I made you to know this earth as your home.”–From the Rebirth of Mother Earth, Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener
Being a Member of the Enchanted Garden Club is a Natural Birthright. Leslie Plants Seeds of Success for Super Ripe People and Their Dreams. He Sees and Seeds various humanitarian campaigns that his spirit calls him to address. Leslie writes daily on the Plant Your Dream Blog on Curezone.com. Plantyourdream.net is a sponsor site Plantyourdream.net.




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