#OrganicDayDowntownDisney Celebrates The Future of Organics and what I envision

Allie receives Qi'a Superfoods BarOrganicDayDowntownDisney  

Allie was visiting @JambaJuice March 9, 2015, when I came in to order an organic wheatgrass juice with Nadine of Nadine’s Favorite Ingredients.  I asked Grandma Rita if Allie might like one of the Qia Superfood Bars that I received from the Nature’s Path Booth at #expowest.  Allie and Rita were both pleased.  I also gave Allie was heirloom seeds from @Rareseeds Baker Creek Collection.


The #PlantYourDreamBlog enjoys #OrganicDayDowntownDisney a yearly event I do the day after #Expowest. With the proximity of Downtown Disney. a free shopping mall,  and the Disney Theme Parks to #expowest it seemed a natural to connect the two places. I created this event numbers of years ago.  I enjoy taking a few Natural and Organic Products with me into Downtown Disney that I gather at The Natural Product Expo West and giving them away. The @Jambajuice in Downtown Disney serves organic wheatgrass juice. My main purpose is to do ritual and imagine a different kind of future where more organic foods are widely sold and bought at the Disney Theme Parks.      


Organic: The Next Generation at #expowest was a Special Session that set the tone for #OrganicDayDowntown Disney

One of the highlights of #ExpoWest, The Natural Product Expo West was Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Nature’s Path Organic Foods.  I am inspiredly the business model of the Stephens family that sells high quality organic cereals and other foods, and then channels funds into various caused.  Arran Stephens announced in the Super Session that he is purchasing Organic farm land.  How very exciting!


The Stephens Family History Regarding Nature’s Path is Told in “The Earth is Ours.”

The Earth is Ours Gurdeep Stephens Hillcrest Farmers Market

The Stephens 30 year family history is told in a Commemorative Limited Edition Book called “This Earth is Ours”  by Gurdeep Stephens.  I have two of these treasured books here in our library at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community in San Diego.


 Please Watch this Clip from Organic: The Next Generation filmed #expowest



A Moment of Reverence for the Future of Organics and Winning Back Our Sacred Seeds Celebrated at #OrganicDayDowntownDisney


Leslie Goldman PlantYourDreamBlog Organic Day Downtown Disney 2015

This photo was taken at this fountain outside @JambaJuice @DowntownDisney Anaheim.  I visit this free attracting that draws thousands each day once a year, the day after I visit #ExpoWest, The Natural Product Expo.   I was wearing a T-shirt for The National Heirloom Exposition that will next happen​ September 8-10, 2015 in Santa Rosa, CA.   The National Heirloom Expo is  organized by Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company.  I was​ holding @Rareseeds from the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company. My theme this year is Winning Back Our Sacred Seeds.  I recognize that this journey  begins with each of us WinningBack Our Own Sacred Seed.   My time at the fountain was a moment of resolve for me and gratitude for all I received at #expowest this year.







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