Nadine’s Favorite Ingredients #Expowest All Star Product List 2015





These are Nadine’s Favorite Ingredients #Expowest Natural Product Expo West All Star Product List 2015 









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Follow Leslie and Nadine’s Journey to the National Heirloom Expo @Heirloomexpo in 2015.  How far will they go in the EG Mobile?  Will it just stay in San Diego and Los Angeles County in 2015?  How will they travel to Santa Rosa September 8-9.10, 2015?  What New and Old Products will Leslie and Nadine find at #Expowest 2015 to support their personal health journey?


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1.  PLANT MILKWEED WITH @Rareseed from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  I  like Butterflies.

2.  Use Braggs Live Food Virgin Olive Oil for your Eden Foods Popcorn!



3.  Amy’s Pizza is my favorite when I is not Growing & Making a Healthier Pizza from unhybrid and Organic Grains provided us by Kamut International.


4.  Travel yearly to the National Heirloom Expo @Heirloomexpo to brighten our world with visions of Pure Ag and Winning Back Our Sacred Seeds.  I, Nadine am a teacher with the kids there. This year’s event is September 8-9-10 at the Sonoma Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, CA, one of our Fav cities.  I would like us to live in Petaluma, but Leslie is committed to stay at our 1/3 acre within walking distance of SDSU.


5.  When you drink wine, drink safely.  Our Favorite is, of course, Frey Organic and Biodynamic Wine.  We retreat there every year following the National Heirloom Expo.




IFOAM Award winners 2014


When last I saw Katrina and Jonathan Frey they were on their way to the airport to leave for Germany to receive a Silver Medal for service to humanity.  The award was from IFOAM, the International Federation of Agricultural Movements.  As a proponent of Conscious Commerce, the idea that with each dollar we spend in the marketplace we can uplift humanity,  I encourage spending your wine budget for Frey Wines. Included in the varieties they produce are Biodynamic as well as organic wines.   Their good adds up to helping numbers of projects and people sustain their creative efforts.  I want to thank Katrina, Jonathan and the Frey Family for helping to make my work in the world possible.–Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener.



6.  Always wash with a Clean Conscience.  Use Sal Suds in the laundry,  the shampoo for your hair,  and Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap for the sink.

Leslie is currently doing hands-on experiments with Sal Suds and other products to see how plants grow when watered from recycled house water using them.


7.  Are you Un Gluten Free with Kamut®  and find your health improving?  Post your Testimonial @YourEG & on Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener on Facebook.


Make a Healthier Pizza using Kamut Khorasan ancient grains with healthy gluten from non gmo and organic seeds that have never been hybrid.  Send your testimonials to the #plantyourdreamblog to let us know that you too are among the living who eat Gluten and have positive health benefits.  The secret to eating gluten is of course moderation in all things, and using seeds that have not been Round Up Readied or hybrid to make a profit rather than create Prophets.



Nadines Favorite Ingredients-Bob Quinn Kamut Int- Leslie GOldman YourEG National Heirloom Expo 14

Bob Quinn, Seed Freedom Hero is seen here with Nadine of Nadine’s Favorite Ingredients and Leslie Goldman (Left)  Your Enchanted Gardener @Heirloomexpo 2014.  The next National Heirloom Expo is September 8-9-10, 2015.



8.  Use organic tortillas.  Grow some of your own corn with Baker Creek Heirloom @rareseed .


9.  Always enjoy breakfast no matter what.  Enjoy healthy eggs regularly that you purchase from a farmer you know at your local farmers’ market.  We get ours from Robert Farm Fresh Eggs and Curtis Womach at the Hillcrest Farmers’ Market.



10.  More to come…from #Expowest March 4-March 9 (Our Show Dates!) from The Anaheim Convention Center.  

We love the @anaheimmariott where Leslie Parks the Enchanted Garden Mobile on the top floor in one of the handicap spots.

We stay at the Disneyland Super Eight every year on Katella where they serve a GMO Continental free breakfast to all the guests.

One year, Leslie collected samples from @Expowest and gave them to the kitchen.  The breakfast this year at the Disneyland Super Eight will be at 8 am, Monday, March 9



(@YourEG stands for Your Enchanted Gardener….)


Funds from this #PlantYourDreamBlog are going toward a Scholarship Fund to help Nadine complete a Teaching as an English Foreign Language Program at San Diego State University. She has rent to pay and expenses while going to school. Please write your Birthday Greetings on the Nadine’s Favorite Ingredients Page on Facebook.


THESE #PLANTYOURDREAMBLOG  (s)  ARE  A WORK IN PROGRESS being written March 4-9 from Anaheim, California and Downtown Disney.








Thank you for supporting our Spring, Summer and Fall 2014 activities described below.  June and July, we will be focusing on work at home at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community as well as participating in Sacred Seed Gatherings at various locations. I also want to make progress on the book “Grow A Healthier Pizza.”  I would like to prepare a Lesson Plan or two for the Fall Organic Squad Program at my test school, the Science Classroom of Ms Eva Becker in Los Angeles.  I am known here as Uncle Leslie.  The harvest of ancient KAMUT® Khorasan wheat began June 10, 2013.  I want to honor each seed of the Harvest and where it goes on the Plant Your Dream Blog.






“I am your Mother Earth. You are my pride and joy. I am the sparkle that was in your father’s eye when your mother first looked into his eye and they made you from my substance. I had something in mind when I inspired your mother and father to touch each other. I am your Mother Earth. I made you to speak for me. I made you to speak for me now. I made you to know this earth as your home.”–From the Rebirth of Mother Earth, Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener
Being a Member of the Enchanted Garden Club is a Natural Birthright. Leslie Plants Seeds of Success for Super Ripe People and Their Dreams. He Sees and Seeds various humanitarian campaigns that his spirit calls him to address. Leslie writes daily on the Plant Your Dream Blog on is a sponsor site. Finished Chapters of the book, “Grow A Healthier Pizza” will be published here on


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Katrina Frey & Leslie Goldman Biodynamic Art Peter Dukich

Katrina Frey with Leslie (that’s me!) at the Frey Family Land a few days before Katrina left for Germany to receive a Silver Medal for Humanitarian Service.  This Art Gift is intended to be a fund raiser for my Enchanted Garden Mobile Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds and for other projects I See and Seed Prospering.  This was taken September 15 while I was visiting.


ART GIFT Sponsors 2014-2015-USE large



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