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It is Time to Bust A Myth– There are many kind and generous Souls serving within Corporate Structures within the Organic and Natural Products Industry.  I name some of them I know personally on my Corporate Good Guy & Gal List.  This #PlantYourDreamBlog names them and will expand on their good works in other blogs.  some of them and touches on a bit of their good works I have personally witnessed.

 There are as well numbers of family run independent companies I admire. I tout their products on the #Plant Your Dream Blog Shopping Guide.

 The Individuals I picture here are doing good to uplift Humanity.  Many here support the ideals of Fair Trade, Organics, Non-GMO Education, and BioDynamics farming.  ALL-ONE Love working together, we will create the strongest Grass Roots movement the world has seen that returns Open Access to Food for All (#OpenAccesstoFood for All!)  


The intent of this Plant Your Dream Blog is to Bust some of the Myths many of us hold,  For years I have witnessed kindness, generosity, and good works at the Natural Product Expo.  In my roll as press, as as a photographer to some of the lead Organic Organizations,  I have had personal interactions with some of the key leaders in the Organic Field, well places within positions of privilege who have used their talents, abilities, and positions within their Corporate roles to advance important causes that I, as a Blogger, and Advocate See and Seed.

I have long time held that one of the primary forces holding back the Success of our own Grass Roots movement–a movement that needs both street advocates as well as Organic Corporate Cooperation, has been our own myths.  Many believe that Capitalism equates to taking advantage.  I have witness something quite different.

A number of the Sponsors I have are clearly in a Robin Hood Model.  Among these I consider Dr. Bronners’ Magic Soaps and Dr. Bronner’s All One.

These are companies who are very much into making a Profit, yet they have triple bottom-lines that include sustainability as well as supporting non profit causes that would not success without their good motives.


Frey Organic Wine is another Family Run Business I Hold in Gratitude




At the #Expowest 2015, I experienced two powerful life shifting events.  Both of these Events were organized by Companies who make large profits and Support important work in the World


Walt Robb Access to Food ExpoWest

One was a Super Session on Food Access organized by Walt Robb  CEO of Whole Foods Market.

Here is My Research Blog on this Super Session on Food Access.  I am writing more on this.

It was at this session where the content, Food Access and the Natural Food Industries Response Inspired by own vision for #OpenAccessToFood For All.  This will be one of my big themes for 2015.


Ron Finley and Leslie Goldman Plant Open Access To Food Expo West

Ron Finley calls himself a Gangster for Mother Earth.  His powerful message has transformed Food Growing Laws in Los Angeles. I met in at the Walt Robb inspired Super Session on Super Session: Food Access & the Role of the Natural Foods Industry

This was a game shifter for me.  The Outcome for me was planting #OpenAccessToFood for All.


I also experienced a session on the Next Generation of Organics, organized by Nature’s Path.



Planting Seed Dreams with Arran Stephens and Nadine of Nadine’s Favorite Ingredients  Family.


I was deeply moved by “This Earth is Ours,” a book by Stephen’s family member Gurdeep Stephens that tells the story of this noble family aspiring to live on Nature’s Path.

The Earth is Ours Gurdeep Stephens veggies

This session celebrated the 30th year Anniversary of this Company that offers Organic & Non GMO cereals and products.  The Stephen’s family has delivered on its promise.  Truly Nature’s Path is has spent “30 Years on Nature’s Path.”   I share with them the belief that “The Earth is Ours,” and therefore we must take care of her.





Kelly Shea  is a Favorite Person I See Each Year #Expowest

Thats her (Third from the Right) with three of the top GMO Labeling (and more) Advocates in the world.


Art Gift Proposed Nominees

The Proof is in the Organic Horizons Products!  This are some of my favorite people at #expowest.  L to R,  Jeremy Seifert,  director of GMO-OMG, the movie;  Pineau Bos, (I will get this correct I.D…) co-author of GMO Cookbook;  Kelly Shea, Government Liaison and Organic Trade Association giant, Kelly She, Horizon Organics; and Megan Westgate, founder of the non Gmo Project.  Had it not been for Kelly Shea of Horizon Organics, I would never have spoken at Organic Listening Day at the USDA on the Fall Equinox 2010.  Had it not been for Kelly Shea, I would never have received an ovation for volunteering to be Your Enchanted Gardener for the USDA.  Note:  There are Corporate Guy Guys and Gals in every corporation I like who are working from the inside to transform business.  They are are agents of transformation, so check in here on the #plantyourdreamblog to read my inside tips of Who’s Who and the Good Works they each do!!!!




This is one of my Fundraisers for #TheEnchantedGardenMobilesJourneytoWinBackOurSacredSeeds This Art Gift was given to Kelly Shea for her service.  Would you like to make a contribution toward the Art Gift? Funds go to help me Win Back Our Sacred Seeds.  See that #PlantYourDreamBlog here.


Gary Hirshberg and Family are also Big Givers of Important work in the world


Gary Hirshberg and Family ExpoWest 2015

Gary, far right, inspired Just Label it.  He is another mover and shaker in moving organics into the mainstream.  He calls out for Unity between all aspects of the Organic Industry and more whenever I hear him speak. He is a great Soul.  More I.D. to come….This is a great family.





These are @YourEG’s  and #NadinesFavoriteIngredients Corporate Good Guy & Gal List, as well as others serving in large scale Non GMO, Organic, and Fair Trade Capacities whose bottom-line is the Public Good as well as offering Important Products I highly recommend.  I love their support and thank them for helping there be one more Your Enchanted Gardener in the world.



Props to Anthony Zolezzi for being one of the world’s Top Entreprenurial Good Guys.  Thanks for Sponsoring my #Expowest Photo Galleries over the years.




Knock Out Puncher, Anthony Zolezzi, (right) is one of the World’s Top Entrepreneurs for inspiring transformational Economic Shifts.  Read his Blog and my blogs on him.   Here he is with Tom from Wildoats  at the Organic Farming and Research Foundation Luncheon at #expowest 2014.   Tom has gotten Organic Food into Walmart once again.  If you want to know what is Hot! Hot! Hot!  follow Anthony  He sponsors my Galleries that I post each year on Facebook  for #expowest.  He is one of the founders of the Organic Center.  I met him at the Organic Trade Association Fundraisers at #expowest during the years I was there photographer.  I still gift my nature photos to OTA, and love the good works of this Org.


Read his comments on #expowest here



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