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The Return of Essential Living Begins with me now


The Return of Essential Living Begins with me now. This will be my #Bestyearyet

It is in each of our hands to Plant a New Script for The Future of Humanity. Essential living, a more simple and natural Walk is calling out to us to plant a positive renewed Seed Dream for The Future of Humanity.  –Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener, Plant Your Dream BlogHoliday Prayer 2014



Facing  more challenge and I can remember on my plate all at once, I will take on an extraordinary opportunity, the opportunity to have my #Bestyearyet.

Two  Sacred Seeds will grow in my world this year… Job,Tears, The Seeds of Life Fulfilment, and Kamut® Ancient  Wheat, and a pure original wheat seed that reminds me,  How Fast Can a Dream Grow?  ~As Fast as a Blade of Grass!   This Ancient wheat has been my best friend for numbers of years.  It reminds me of critical life lessons as I take time to remember of the core essential living principles that are the basis of the Essene Renaissance, an idea I am planting now to help guide a positive Future for Humanity.  I will plant as well other Baker Creek rare seeds.  These represent the Seed Dream that our nation will again become a Nation of Gardeners.

The Enchanted Garden Baker Creek Outpost is Growing Here

These seeds at home, beginning in three wine barrels, are becoming enchanted Garden Baker Creek outpost, my very own Seed Library organized in an antique secretary that belonged to my father, Rabbi Solomon Goldman, who died on February 7, 2014.  The unveiling of his stone will be soon, a one year anniversary, yet his internal sacred relationship to me, in spite of all we work out through out growth pattern, is represented in his legacy of showing kindness to all people.


Enchanted Garden Welcomes you 2015

This bird bath with heirloom seeds on it, represents the vision for the Baker Creek Rare Seed Outpost.



Rekindling of Faith


rekimdling of faith card 2014

The following is my signature poem called Rekindling  of Faith  from my book of the same name.  With help I will produce this as an e-book in 2015. This poem, written in 1984, reminds me of my life purpose.  It also reminds me that their have been other times in my life when I have been called to renew my faith in the moment at hand.

I left Kumran yesterday and crossed the Dead Sea with my scrolls in my heart.
The years of training, the ancient kinship, the love of community, the great books, years of pure visions send me out filled a free spirit, wearing white one knife in the weave of my herringbone belt to slice freely–given fruit from trees along the guarded and path.

2000 years later, I still have my job – –
To be a cosmic loudmouth routing life,
A cheerleader for camomile’s right to grow
And animals and people the space to live wild
And untamed by the rules to Creed inside themselves.
A PR stunt for the universe,
I chose a Humpty Dumty he body to inspire others,
A body that showed we didn’t need a $49.95 paint job
To cover up our cosmetic dents.

We could renew ourselves through the simple remedies that nature wrought.

A storyteller, an endless supply of classic manuscripts and palms were plastered behind my eyelids,
And messages for Broadway’s billboards as
“The Messiah’s at the gate. Open it!”

As a scribe for a turn of these Central intelligence agency,
I was born recording the history of peace on earth
Most of all, I was sent as a forerunner
For other little holy persons yet to come,
Who would not be born to sell their sacredness in trade for9-5 souls.

God gave me an endless supply credit card prepaid
For all the good works I intended to do,
And here I find myself at Roberto’s after dark
In a drizzle eating refried beans,
Watching December’s cut trees going by,
And feeding an emptiness no dinnerplate can satisfy.

Where did I forget?
Where has the SAST past that made me walk as I have walked?
What happened to the sun that field me through winter despite clouds and cold,
And the power that put the twinkle in my eye,
The same that lights the earthly sky.

Oh Lord – –
Remove the contempt that has become a part of me
For a gift is precious is life.
Heal the wound I have felt traveling these foreign land
That have not discovered my name.
Man that hurt that has cultivated me
As a stone builder of walls,
And boundaries, and judgments.
Let me know innocence again,
I brothers and sisters as me.

Restore my faith that the grass grows endlessly
In each and every new moment
And seeds will come to pass into full-blown dreams
In their own time and flowering.

Show me the forgiveness to go easier on myself,
To live the rhythm of my seasons.

Relight the candles.
Reaffirm the miracle of the holy lamp that is me,
That can burn brightly with oil for eight days
Though only fueled for one.

Return to me the courage to plant again
That I might rebuild and enchanted Garden
For all to visit.

Grant me the insight to rejoice future harvest in the present
As I work silently,
Show me the stars that never waver in their purpose.
Remind me I am not forgotten or alone,
But richly felt.

Let me find the love of friends long past out of sight in new faces.
Breathe into me the force that moves the pen returning all to you.


Leslie Goldman @ Luther Burbank Home & Garden

Leslie Goldman, that’s me, at the Luther Burbank. home and Garden’s 2014.  Luther Burbank is an inspiration for my work with plants.



Essene School of Thought Wholistic Healing Practices

Tai Chi -ChiGong.  Miraculous healing.

The Essene Renaissance– What was the Professor saying?

Reviewing the ancient books



November 26, 1984
Leslie Goldman, your enchanted Gardner, plant your dream blog
December 16, 2014
5:35 AM

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