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Essene Renaissance: Images of a world at Peace






Friendship is a River that has no borders-Leslie Goldman YourEG Plant Your Dream Blog



1Friendship is a River that has no boundaries



“So … you can see that our world in those days was a time of neighbors and friends … and the border was really only a line on a map.”–Deborah Szekely, Co-Founder of Rancho La Puerta”

I just finished reading another segment of Peter Jensen’s History of Rancho La Puerta, Part XII. The story is about Deborah Szekely reflecting on her experiences in the early days at the Ranch and the good relationships between the US and Mexico on the almost non-existent border.  The story brings tears to my eyes and reminds me of something I once wrote:  Friendship is a River that has no Borders.


Sacred Mt Kuchamaa from Rancho La Puerta Farm by Leslie Goldman


The Journey toward my #Bestyearyet @YourEG takes me through the gate  @RanchoLaPuerta   I am putting up #Essenerenaissance images of a World at Peace on Facebook. My latest find  on my journey toward leaving are Peter Jensen’s remarkable blog posts on the Rancho La Puerta website. I began with the latest segment, then went back to Part I.  I like Peter’s use of the roman numerals here.  Professor Edmond Bordeaux Szekely used the roman numerals on many of his early writings, little leaflets that he would put out on a printing press that is still at the Ranch, as it is fondly called.  Always Better, Siempre Major was his motto, and so as one of his last Essene Ministers, I am to do the same, always better.  Better?   At this time, many sensitive and gentle souls are experiencing enormous “personal growth opportunities.”  I am among them.  That is why I am bringing to the Ranch for my own good, packets of Job’s Tears Seeds that I call the Seeds of Life Fulfillment.  It is time for #JobsReturn, it is time for each of us to resurrect our beloved earth as an Enchanted Garden.  I raise my fist in the universe declaring this will be my #Bestyearyet, even while facing enormous challenge and an uphill climb.

Deborah Szekely, co-founder of Rancho La Puerta, the #1 destination spa in the world,  celebrated her birthday for many years taking the uphill climb organically step by step upon Mt Kuchamaa, one of the most sacred mountains in the world that is at the base of this more than 2000 acre retreat where I experience dreams coming true.  When I walk close to the mountain, it speaks loud and clear.  The spirit of the mountain says, “Take off your shoes for you are on holy ground.”

Garden Management Journal December 6, 2014; 9:13 am


The Enchanted Garden is a name for our Renewed Earth that Grows One Seed and One Seed Dream at a time


This document, The Enchanted Garden Membership, is a key to the Essene Renaissance as I envision it. It is in the declaration and healing of our relationship to nature and being a sacred seed that we have the promise of 1000 years of peace. I sense it is our responsibility to make this our #Bestyearyet in spite of the uphill climb that will ensure Soul Growth

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Rancho La Puerta translated means “Ranch of the Door.” A Ranch vacation invites you to “open your door” to a healthier, more balanced life. Especially if you’re new to the Ranch, begin by exploring “Why come to the Ranch?”—your introduction to our program, our place, and our values.




Take a Look at Rancho Tres Estrellas, The Food Growing Farm of Rancho La Puerta




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