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Room Available at Enchanted Garden September 15-October 1 2015.

Current Housemate Ad
This will be updated.

RENT $520-$640 Plant Your Dream regular medium revised

RENT $520-$640 Plant Your Dream regular medium revised



 We have a 12 x 15 foot room available September 15-October 1, 2015 or close to the first of the month.~Leslie



Room Available September 15. 2015 Enchanted Garden Intentional Community.  Latest project is growing #EnchantedGardenRareSeedOutpost and supporting stabilizing our shared living household. 


Room likely available.  Helpers needed for various projects now on our property and in our neighborhood. Call Leslie 619.384.2631



It is time to renew this garden space in light of drought.  We have numbers of projects on-going now to develop sustainable systems and reuse water.  We need a housemate who would like to live with others in an environment that asks a lot of attention to clean up after yourself and live in a natural environment in the city.


  Please peruse this Plant Your Dream Blog and get a sense of a fit between us.  We are a household that offers you your own private room as well as the opportunity to live with good hearted people in a shared household. We have some garden and maintenance projects available that can reduce a part of the rent up to $120.00 per month valued at $10.00 per hour.  There is an Enchanted Garden Intentional Community Facebook page that you can join.   Here is a Facebook Album of photos.  We are a group of individuals living together under the same roof and on the same property.  I hope your stay here brings you comfort and safety. Financial stability is very important in my choice of housemates. My aspiration is to make good choices that fit with the other housemates who live here and the opinion of others is highly valued in choice of housemates and other ongoing considerations around the house. I ask first and last months rent, or in some circumstances,paying out the Last Month Rent soon after moving in. The last month’s rent is your deposit. I ask a deposit to hold a room when you decide to move in. I prefer the LMR be paid as a deposit when you commit to live here. 





1. This is a 1/3 acre property that has an two-story house with a basement. The house has a lot of character, and the land surrounding the property has many plants and trees. This is a good place for a person who wants to live in nature in the city. 2. The Hillcrest Farmers’ Market, Sundays 9 am-2 pm, not far away is a great place to buy organic food, and we are not far from other places to buy healthy food. Numbers of us shop at the OB People’s Food Store. Not all residents have cars and it is possible to live here because of the nearby SDSU Trolly Station (three blocks away) or public transportation. Residents here have varying food regimens, but we share for the most part an interest in whole, pure, natural foods. We make an effort to keep the shared kitchen primarily vegetarian. On Thanksgiving 2014, we shared a Turkey at a lovely gathering with parents. You will have an opportunity to be around numbers of people who like to cook here and prepare food. Many of our residents are concerned about health and healthy living through seeking traditional natural health approaches.

Our Enchanted Garden Pantry features products from outstanding companies that sponsor some of my work. I am the resident manager and co-owner. 3. This is a good place to live in a shared environment with others, while having your own independent room. 4. We appreciate having our shared spaces orderly. Much of the weekly upkeep is done by one or more of our residents. We ask that each person cleans up after themselves as well and helps maintain the bath room and kitchen in good order. Helping with the cleanup and various projects around the house is possible under a trade arrangement of 12-hours her month valued at $10.00 an hour. Some housemates choose to work in trade for doing 12 hours a month for $120.00. 5. We like to compost and recycle. 6. We prefer no smoking of tobacco here. We have had a non alcohol open drinking policy for many years 5. It takes a willingness to live with others to live here, accepting others for where they are, and working on your own self development. It is best to share your values through demonstrating them, rather than being on a crusade to change others. 6. We have many good books available for independent study. We have a large Natural Healing Arts Library. Numbers of the housemates currently enjoy sharing time watching films in the evening, and at times various housemates will eat meals together that are prepared by each person. The age of residents varies. In months of 2014, we had a number of SDSU grad students living here from nearby SDSU. We are as well not far from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM). Others living here are working adults doing meaningful work or seeking meaningful work in pursuit of their aspirations to be self sufficient. Other are in near retirement enjoying making art.  From time to time there are temporary vacancies for short periods of time.

Current Growth Pattern of the House and Property

We in a fortunate period and would like to welcome a new housemate to continue this. My highest aspiration as the house manager is that your dreams be nurtured while you live here and that you benefit from living in this very special environment with other who desire the best for you, our environment, and the earth.
My current aspiration is to share open pollinated heirloom Seeds with the community at large through what I am calling the Enchanted Garden Baker Creek Outpost. I enjoy welcoming others to Join the Enchanted Garden Club, a statement of desiring to live in harmony with the earth. My work is called Plant Your Dream.  I find that many who live here prosper in their own lives. That is my aspiration. I am open to meeting you and seeing how living here might serve you and the household. Many people over the years have found comfort and safety here and a place to transition to living in San Diego. –Leslie Goldman Your Enchanted Gardener


Welcoming in the Spirit of Abundance 2015!


Enchanted Garden Welcomes you 2015


This image, inspired by Thanksgiving 2014, represents a spirit of sharing abundance with you.  In the settling of Los Angeles,  during the stagecoach days,  Los Angeles likely received its name as the City of Angels.  On the corners of the Rancho Encino,  the host family would put out Gold at their borders, perchance that a passerby might be in need.  On Thanksgiving, I put out this basket filled with Heirloom Seeds perchance that a passerby might want seeds to grow prosperity.   The Enchanted Garden is a name for our Renewed Earth that grows one seed and dream at a time.  May this be the time that our paths cross if that is intended to be.  Blessings come when we take care of the land and recognize that real wealth comes as we exercise our birthright to grow some of our own food.  One seed growing in a pot, an Enchanted Gardener doth make.  The search begins for a new housemate. –Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener



Our Home is within Walking Distance of San Diego State University (SDSU) and about 30 minutes by Trolly from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM)

This is a 76 year-old home surrounded by 1/3 acre and canyons with very strong nature ambiance. This is an opportunity to live in the city in a natural environment. There is a rent option of paying $640.00 or doing a work trade of 12 hours per month.  A requirement for living here also includes 3 hours of every day cleaning per month. You can work the rent to $520.00 with doing the 12 hours of work trade per month. On this property, there is an opportunity now to be part of a community that includes other housemates who share our large house and property, many trees and plants. We have a shared kitchen. We have different diets here, mainly whole, pure, natural foods. For many years, we leaned toward maintaining vegetarian preparation in the kitchen. However, fish and occasional other foods are now prepared in the kitchen. Non-vegetarian food is prepared outside the kitchen for the most part. You are welcome to eat what you wish in the dining room.  .

This is a great place to land in a natural environment. We have good people living here.  Living with a group requires personal growth and a willingness to maintain a shared high standard of caring for yourself, cleaning up after your self, and a willingness to do the “dance” of living with others.

The room is available for rent June 1, 2015.  $640.00 or $520.00 with a work trade of 12 hr per month valued at $10.00.  Three hours of daily cleanup per mionth  are required as well in addition.  




Fellowship for Intentional Community Website–Community Listing…

Some info still applies…this needs an update. http://directory.ic.org/2069/Enchanted_Garden_Intentional_Community


Enchanted Garden Intentional Community On Facebook



Please explore these links and then be in touch. Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener, 619.384.2631.






The best way to reach me, Leslie Goldman, is via email, at Plantyourdream At iCloud.com and leave a message on my cell, 619.384.2631. I am a frequent Facebook user, and you are welcome to peruse my main page or pages I manage.  My current projects on Facebook include The Campaign to Grow A Healthier Pizza and The Enchanted Garden Mobile’s Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds.


The house is co-owned, and I am the resident owner. I am a full time blogger. My current passion includes blogging projects includes Food Reform in America through Winning Back out Sacred Seeds. This is called The Campaign to Grow A Healthier Pizza. I am very involved annually in The National Heirloom Expo as a teacher. This is a picture of me working with the children.  The National Heirloom Expo is a gathering of Seed Freedom Pure Food Activists.

My interest in Food Reform expresses now through educating about the dangers of GMOs in our foods with work toward GMO Labeling and banning of GMOs. I am helping to create a tipping point through my blogs to provide support for companies that deserve our dollars.  I see GMOs and problems in the world (such as Fukushima) as an outgrown of a deep loss with our connection with nature.  It is my hope that in presenting an environment where you can regain your relationship with the earth and learning to live together here this will encourage the further growth of  a grassroots movement of people who want to grow their own food as well as support local organic farmers. Our home is a place where people enjoy eating heathy foods and making personal transition to healthier foods and lifestyle. THe Enchanted Garden is a name for the aspiration I have for this land, a group of people living in a way to bring in an era of peace to the earth. I do not ask that you as a resident share my same individual passions. I invite you to be passionate about your own dreams that may include finding a place to study and ready yourself in your aspirations.  I appreciate that many who live here enjoy building friendship that is available among housemates.

PLEASE SEE MY BIO NOTE HERE http://plantyourdream.net/?page_id=812


Spring 2015, Projected Activities:




Garden activity is a centerpiece of living here, although not a requirement for living here.  My work is called Plant Your Dream and you are welcome to enjoy the benefits of living here surrounded by plants.  Lot of opportunity here to taste test products from our Enchanted Garden Pantry and pharmacy and enjoy the use of our kitchen and shared living room, and grounds.  This 1/3 acre within walking distance of SDSU– San Diego State University intends to leave a legacy that once upon a time a small group of caring men and women came together to turn our world into an Enchanted Garden Intentional Community. My aspiration is that how we live here helps make this earth a more beautiful place.–Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener.




Current Plant Projects

One of our housemates is currently enjoying growing food in a Tower Garden.  My current joy is organizing an Enchanted Garden Seed Library of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and evolving my relationship with this company that aims to preserve original seeds of bio-diverse cultures. I am looking forward to producing a number of seed packets in collaboration with this seed company.  I have a number of pots where I grow Ancient Grains of Kamut® Khorasan wheat and other heirloom seeds.  We currently have numbers of improvement projects beginning , some aiming to capture the water we use more efficiently.  We share a canyon vista with other neighbors.  There is an urban farm in the canyon that includes the sound of chickens on occasion.  We are enjoying a time of good neighborliness with our immediate neighbors.  There will be a need to develop further relationships with neighbors over the shared resource of the canyon. One of the plants that borders the property is Arundo Donax, the Giant Reed. I have proved that this plant can be useful as a mulch and can be shredded. I hope to play a role in educating the city about its usefulness. The current city policy is to call label it an invasive plant and recommend its removal with Roundup herbicides.




Plant Parenthood GMJ_2013_Your_EG_medium


As I witness to Spring today,  I  feel a resolve that I want this land to blossom.  I want to leave a legacy here.  I am closer than ever to having the team I need now to make this land blossom.

More soon…going out to the garden to witness to Spring.



Go to Http://www.LeslieGoldman.com and find old materials for Community:




Went into the backyard April 12, 2014. . Resting on the comfort of the massage table, I looked up and my spirit was uplifted by the view of trees, and a large bird enjoying the view. Imagining a person who will love living in this Enchanted Garden Nature Oasis within walking distance of San Diego State University. Call Leslie at 619.384.2631. This 12×12 light and airy room is available January 1, 2015..

 In you, I see the flowers I love so much in the garden.  Nature has smiled on you to make this world beautiful. –Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener, Plant Your Dream Blog


This is is the flower of a magical cactus that I have had for more than twenty years.  It represents community to me. It blooms each May for one day.  May we all bloom as brightly.  The Enchanted Garden is a name for our Renewed Earth that grows one seed and dream at a time.  May this be the time that our paths cross if that is intended to be.  Blessings come when we take care of the land.   In you I see the flowers I love so much in the garden.  Nature has smiled on you to make this world beautiful.–Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener


 LOOKING FORWARD Spring and Summer 2015:


A Walnut Tree Speaks Here is Being Replanted With a New Sacred Success Garden.

In Spring,  I will have a ceremony gathering to replant the walnut tree that was originally planted in this video made in 2012.

A  short Video that Described this Land as a future Park. There was a baby Walnut Tree Growing here. I see our world in a deep shift back to land based values. That is one reason a walnut tree wanted to be planted here. We are coming out of a period of a number of years of drought.  A walnut will be replanted in a more suitable location on the land here.


Walnut Tree Essence for People in Transition http://www.floweressencemagazine.com/feb08/walnut.html Plants that Will and Will not Grow Close to a Walnut Tree http://ohioline.osu.edu/hyg-fact/1000/1148.html











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