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A Journey Through The Natural Product Expo West 2014 by Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener



Leslie and Nadine




6:15 pm; March 13, 2013

My lungs are congested. I came home from the Natural Product Expo West with fever and chills. The fever is down to 99.8. I need to find a way to relieve the congestion. It is still daylight.

I left home with a vacancy in the house and no ads out to draw in a new housemate.  I attempted to leave the events at the house at home, but this was not easy. Nadine traveled in her own car up to the Super Eight Disney Anaheim to help get me set up. I woke up the next morning, the morning of the Organic Farming Research Foundation Luncheon with an pain in my low back. The pain stayed with me for numbers of hours.  The pain was borderline dangerous, entering the phase where I had to seek medical help last summer.  Gratefully, the pain went away.  

My strategy was to raise funds at the Expo that would help with the loss of income at the house. The situation at home was very dicey.  The vacancy was really not available for rental.  Not only was there a vacancy, the Dome on the property. that Ken wanted to rent as an office, was in need of repair. Jason was putting in long hours to do these repairs.  Ken could not move out of the vacant room.

February was not a good time to rent.  Every experience was a waste of time.



Healing Family Relationships Graphic

R Solomon Goldman with Prayer Book


The Natural Product Expo West represents the beginning of my Campaign season.  This is the time when I connect with my sponsors and identify new blogs I would like to write. This was not going to be normal natural products Expo West. The final day of the Expo was the 30th day after the funeral of my father.  I had to leave Anaheim early to make the journey to Los Angeles.

My father’s presence overshadowed me during different times at the expo. My father was known for his kindness to many people. The Expo is a venue where I have that same opportunity.  My father was a man who received money from many people because of his service.  He served thousands of families at the cemetery, praying for the bereaved.  When I visited him on a Father’s Day. the cars were lined up to make sure they gave a donation to my dad before they left.

The final day of the Expo and part of Saturday I had Nadine and her 16-year-old daughter with me.  One of my lasting memories from childhood was that on most Sundays of my life my father was not with me.  I made Lauren’s  presence and being with Nadine my priority for the final day.  Lauren was new to the natural product industry.  I got both her and Nadine a press pass.  I created a new project called the Fussy Teenager for Lauren.  In retrospect one of the deepest healing experiences for me at the expo was being able to give to Lauren.  She was  an innocent child being exposed to a new world of possibility.

I was concerned about paying $40.00 for parking at the Marriott, but I felt I needed to park there.  All three of us had weakness in our left knee.  Walking to the motel was not a good idea.  There was also the time factor.

Amazingly, as I pulled into my spot on the fifth floor, a man came running up and gave me $50.00 cash. It was my friend Jack, the Bellman at the Marriott.  Lauren saw this and was bewildered.  “What just happened?” she said.  The look on her face was something I will never forget.

Throughout the day,  I experienced healing watching how the CEO’s gave so much good energy to her.  She was really connecting the dots about the Natural Product Industry.

I wanted her to have the best possible teen years, unlike my own.






I am counting my blessings. There were many.


OFRF 2012

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