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2014 Planning Strategy–Two Pies


2014 Planning Strategy




I was talking to one of my best counselors, Lurrae Lupone who has written a book called Designing A Happier Life – Feng Shui with Lurrae. A Guidebook. She listened to me and said that she saw I had two pies in my life now. One was my work in the world and one was my home life. There is really two much on my plate so to speak, and so I am going to divide the two pies into Bite Size Pieces. I was very much wanting to invest some energy in working with my home pie today, but Nadine’s Favorite Ingredients, my sweetie, need attention so I let go of my plan and spent the rest of the day in a more light hearted mood.

Nadine had made a pie. My Olympus SP600UZ has a way to duplicate an image in the camera, so here are my Two Pies for my metaphor of the Two Pies.


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