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Prepping for the New Year 2014 Jewishly

DECEMBER 28. 2013
4:45 pm

This chapter from “Grow A Healthier Pizza” is dedicated to all my Jewish friends.

Not long ago, I read a sign from Chinese Food Restaurant Owners thanking the Jewish People for the growing custom to eat Chinese Food on Christmas, but aside from this Tradition, as the Secular New Year approaches, I find myself wanting to give thanks to my Jewish Roots for informing the way I celebrate December 31-January 1.

I have to say that some of the Jewish Rituals that I have adapted from the Ten Day Holy Cycle called the Days of Awe–between the Rosh Hashanah and the Yom Kippur–are rituals that can be adopted to people of all faiths.

One of my favorite rituals around this last week of the year is that I find myself, writing in my head, if not on paper, acts of forgiveness. In the Jewish tradition, we are asked to go to those we have hurt and harmed and ask forgiveness. We do these three three times, and if they do not respond, we are freed of the obligation and enter the New Year with a clean slate.

In my head, I was not only asking forgiveness in the last few days, but accepting that every time I attempt to work with one dear old friend in particular, I am always disappointed and come away feeling that I have put myself in an arena where my talents and gifts will never really be uplifted, although I know they mean me no harm. Every time I show up to their events, even when word as been given that I would present something, I end up having to forgive myself for putting myself out. I know nothing personal is intended, but this hurts. This year end I am doing the right thing, making no effort to show up at their event, or at best if I would go, know that whatever gifts I might imagine I would like to give, and what I might add, would never be truly invited.

In contrast, there are events were I have shown up, and amazingly found myself on presenting, even when I was not on the official program. I cannot tell you how many times this has happened in my life.
It is as if there is something in the Universe that knows I belong up on stage, and I will have my time. I know it is best to prepare, and best to let go in the thought that perhaps I will not be called upon to present.

This year, there was one experience that I had in a Jewish venue that went beyond my imaginings.

I want to tell that story. It is part of my Rekindling of Faith Journey.

Cantor Edward Robin….

Photo of my dad…

photo with relatives…

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