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Questioning where I am to proceed


Garden Management Journal
July 12, 2013
3:53 pm

I am running a high level of fear.
More to say about that.

First things first:

I just made a transfer from Personal Reserves to Personal. It does not go in till tomorrow. The amount was around $280.00.
There was $627.00. That means $347.00 in personal. I want to pay off Hani. I will call him now.

My Curezone Plant Your Dream is on Lockout. I attempted to post a harmless subject about Netflix, and got that IP banned message. They I attempted to email Dusan and got Access Denied. I am not sure if I backspaced before I did that I could have avoided this stress. I emailed him. It is a number of hours since I reported this. Something similar happened a few weeks ago. He Corrected it fast. It is a mistake, I believe.

Maybe Rudi Can handle it.

I should call Rudi.

I had a good morning of early writing, but then went into this discomfort mode.

I sense part of what I am feeling has to do with the Narcotics I was taking for 16 days during the Kidney Stone episode.

My confidence is low.

I am not sure I have what it takes to complete on the many in completes I have acculumated. I have been having difficulty getting out of bed and breaking the pattern of being in bed and in pain so much.

I am running a lot of fear.

I need some support now.

I like the work I did this morning for the National Heirloom Expo.

I can attempting too many things at once still.

4:02 pm
July 12, 2013


Finding other things I will need

Paul Wallace and Leslie




July 12, 2013
4:12 pm

Plant Your Dream! by YourEnchantedGardener 7,758,775 page views
5:03 pm

july 13,20139:01 am
powerful morning of insights and truth telling.
the opportunity is there to go and paericipate in the nhe, but can i pay the price?

pain has been the greatest of teachers for 20 days.

pain has me looking at reasons why i am run my fear and stress.

i am grateful for all i have done in my life.

truly a master soul lives inside of me with wondrous gifts and abilities, and i am clearly not all of one piece.

i have reached the pinnacles of success in my life for i am in the presence of literal Sacred Seeds that will grow.

i have touched the lives of numbers of other Sacred Souls who have planted dreams and understand the laws of nature.

Paul Wallace is one of these souls.

Eileen, his wife, and Paul spoke yesterday.

As it stands now i am committed to teach at the third national heirloom expo, but i cannot do this living Big Lies.

I have to tell the truth as i know it.

i have to look deadon at the caused of how i could create so much pain that i was on narcotics for 16 days to relieve that pain.

i need to talk to mr friends at RLP about the Kamut that is growing.

i need to go beyond the places in my life where i am stuck and making stones.

there are many times in my life that the highest creativity has prevailed.

it would-be wonderful for that creativity to prevail now.

9:23 am
Saturday july 13,2013

important material for Grow a healthier pizza


what happens now is important.

the decision are important and the communications,


who will help me get to the the nhe?


Is the wheat secure at RLP?


find out



Clean my desk












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