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The Greening of the Anaheim Convention Center has been influenced by Organic Non Profits & My Work



The Influence of OFRF, OTA, and EXPOWEST On The GREENING of the Anaheim Convention Center

Back in 2006 or so, I first brought fresh organic herbs to Jim Tripp, head of the Aramark kitchen. I met Jim Tripp because OTA and OFRF chefs would interact each year in the Aramark Kitchen at the Anaheim Convention Center. I shared my dream to establish an herb garden at the Anaheim Convention Center. That Seed Dream was fulfilled in Spring 2012. They planted an herb garden! The Anaheim Convention Center is now known as one of the top Green Convention Centers in the world.  This would not have been the current state if organic leadership and our chefs had not interacted with the Aramark Staff.



Patrick Smart, Aramark head, Your Enchanted Gardener (That’s me, Leslie Goldman), and Jim Tripp, head of the Aramark Kitchen, in 2012 at the OFRF Luncheon.

Read about the Influence of #expowest on the Anaheim Convention Center here


Here is a story about the Rooftop Garden, Anaheim Convention Center:

I planted this Seed Dream in 2008 with Jim Tripp. This year I will bring Jim some Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and of course, my seed of the year, KAMUT® Khorasan Ancient Wheat.




My theme for 2015 is Winning Back Our Sacred Seeds.  The theme begins at home now, Winning Back My Own Sacred Seed.  I am working with personal health concerns, and look forward to once again being a part of the 2015 Natural Product Expo West during the dates of March 4- March10, 2015.  The show dates are between these times.


NEW BIZ CARD 2014 11 million  OR





Take Your Deepest Dreams Out of the Pizza Box and Plant Them 2015 Projects!





The National Heirloom Expo is September 8,9,10, 2015


Paul Wallace Leslie Goldman #expowest

Leslie Goldman, That’s me, with Paul Wallace, director of the National Heirloom Expo, September 8-9-10, 2015 at #expowest 2014.  My original plan was to use this time to drum up activity for the fall show.  Much of January 2015,  I am finding myself resetting and making decisions about my personal health foundation.  Winning Back Our Sacred Seeds is my theme for 2015.  I am beginning with Winning Back my own Sacred Seed.



Proposed Seed Packets 2015




Job’s Tears Packet also forthcoming…


Job'sTears-Kid-Grow A Necklace Packet-15-OR

This is the prototype for the Kid Packet of Job’s Tears.






Plant Your Dream Blog Logo squashes



Be sure to Plant Your Dream in the ExpoWest Show Office where I have the Show Plant every year.  I will also be traveling around with a portable Plant Your Dream Grow A Healthier Pizza Container.  I have Seed Packets with KAMUT® Khorasan Ancient Wheat and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds for you to plant.  I am seeking sponsors for the Campaign to Grow A Healthier Pizza.  This year, we have  two large Art Prints in the classroom at Hami High School, Los Angeles,  and the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego Campus.   2014, saw two art gifts given to the Frey Vineyard and the Petaluma Seed Bank.   I am budgeting journey  to the National Heirloom Expo in September.  I need sponsors for this trip.  I have driven my 68 VW on to Santa Rosa three years in a row.  My work in 2012 was promoting Prop 37, and the Labeling Genetically Modified Food work.  Much of this story is told in my book Chapters of  “The Campaign to Grow A Healthier Pizza” on Facebook and in chapters online.


Canvases of the Art Poster “How Fast Can A Dream Grow?” have been placed in various locations as gifts from other Plant Your Dream Blog Sponsors.  These are two posters Art Gifts that I would like to work with in 2015.

Katrina Frey & Leslie Goldman Biodynamic Art Peter Dukich

“Plant a Seed. Grow A Whole New World” is one of our Art Gifts  2015.  It was a gift to the Frey Family, delivered during my 2014 Journey to the National Heirloom Expo September 2014.



Art Gift Canvas hanging at the Petaluma Seed Bank.  Sponsors will be…


My current theme for Winter 2015-Spring is Winning Back My Own Sacred Seed.  I am working with personal health concerns and building the foundation of my home community.  Seeking grace and the continued support of my sponsors and Enchanted Garden Club Members.


Win back our sacred seeds 2015 Pac Sym

Below is a first draft of the poster than will hang next to the Art Gift at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, one location where I have the Art Gift.


Art Gift at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine SD Leslie Goldman

I am seeking others who would like to sponsor my work this year and make a contribution.

Those who Join the Campaign to Grow A Healthier Pizza and Enchanted Garden Club are welcomed to have their name on the poster that will hang alongside other locations where the the 24×30 art will be offered.  In 2014, I started a campaign to honor Natural Product Outstanding members of our community.  This project is still in formative stages.

Art Gift Proposed Nominees

Some of my favorite people from the Natural Product Expo West.  I set a project in motion in 2014 to give the Art Gift poster to Kelly Shea, second from the right.  Megan Westgate, founder of the Non GMO Project is another Gift recipient I have in mind.  Also pictured here are Jeremy Siefert, co-creator of the film “GMO-OMG” and  Cortney Pineau Bos of the Non GMO project.


Join the Campaign to Grow A Healthier Pizza and Receive a Grow A Healthier Pizza Starter Kit–Ancient KAMUT® Khorasan wheat seeds to plant and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  Food Reform in America is our intent. My goal in 2015 is to follow through with moving along two seed packets to be produced by Baker Creek Rare Seeds. One will be of Kamut® Khorasan Ancient Wheat, and the other, Job’s Tears.  My projected project for 2015 is “The Enchanted Garden Mobile’s Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds.”  Find us on Facebook here.














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