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A Most Delightful Mother Love–Orthodox Shabbat Experience

My father, Rev. Solomon Goldman, of Los Angeles. He is beloved of many. His 94th Birthday was May 30, 2012. He is at the Eden Cemetary many Sundays, giving prayers to the deceased. His prayers bring many to tears.

Mother Love- Reflection from Alfred W. McCann, “The Science of Eating.”

Whispering through the Twentieth Century Laboratory the voice of God can be heard. It requires no strained ear to catch its echoes as they come up centuries of old from Genesis, Leviticus, and Deauteromony in waves that roll from enamelled wall to enamelled wall, protesting in the name of the cradle, the nursery, the kindergarden, the school, the home and workshop against the special priveleges and follies that today as never before mus render their long overdue account to a grim jury of awakened Mother Love. Faith in the all-wise but unheeded provisions of the Creator is the instant need.–Alfred W. McCann, “The Science of Eating,”: 1919.


June 24, 2012

I experienced the most endearing Shabbat moment yesterday. I went over to Beth Jacob as the morning service was coming to an end. My morning was filled with making a draft of a film about the Caravan to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds. I had in mind to go to the service at the Orthodox Synagogue at the corner. It is with this community that I have been having a most remarkable healing experience.

My own original pain work occurred in a Jewish context. My father was the center of our Orthodox Jewish Community at a time when the Jewish People were beginning to migrate from East Los Angeles to West Los Angeles. We were one of the last family Jewish Family to leave the East Side it seemed.

My mother, Ann Esther Goldman, was the most precious person in my life. She was also beloved by many. I will never forget the experience of a lost hispanic child, naked bottomed, who felt she had lost her own mother perhaps. My mother picked her up and was holding her. I was little. I was looking up.

My mother was one of the best bakers in our neighborhood of Boyle Heights, or at least that is how I saw it. Beverly, from the Raskin’s Bakery on Third Street, came over to our house to sit with my mother. I remember that she would bring a Creme Pie that I loved very much, but it was my Mother’s Baked Goods that were the rave for Beverly. We lived in what we call a Multi-Cultural Neighborhood.

I have felt I lost my own father to God. It did not feel he was there for me. He was consumed with serving his Jewish community. Each Sunday, after spending the entire Friday to Saturday night in the Shule next door, the Shere Shule, he would leave early for the Cemetery.

My mom died of cancer when I was 12 years old. My dad is still alive. He just had his 94th Birthday. I made amends with him on and off over the years. I had one more insight yesterday into his behavior: He yelled. He yelled constantly. His nerved were shot. His fingers would constantly bleed. I believe his mental and physical well being was influenced by intense chemicals in the atmosphere of the garment shop where he worked. I did not put this together until yesterday, when I was a guest for lunch at the most delightful family experience.

I asked if I could go do Kiddush with Yisroel, the Youth Director of Beth Jacob. I caught him right at the end as he was leaving. He had his wife with him. I looked at her, but did not see her. Orthodox Jewish women at this synogogue for me have been a blur, that is until the Lag B’Omer Picnic of June 10, a few weeks after Shavuot Holiday. It was then, June 10, 2012, that I did Grow a Healthier Challah experience with the Kids of Beth Jacob. The Young Mothers were with the children to make sure everything was safe for them. This was a most delightful time for both the kids, some of the young moms, and me.

Then, yesterday, I went to lunch. The shabbas table was most elegant with beautiful majestic silver shiny cups to serve the wine, and I learned the Bread Cover, had a special design that was made just to honor this young family coming together between man and wife.

The wife–her name was Malka, and as I said, the man, his name was Yisroel–sort of like Malka, The Queen, was being married to Israel–that sounds like Yisroel.

There were two children, a most precious little boy who was dressed in shabbas suit and tie, and his little sister who was just learning how to express. She leaned toward crying a lot. The little boy at one point spilled some grape juice on his shirt. He was a bit upset about this. He went over to his mother. She helped him. He very much felt bad about this. He wanted to change his clothes into a T-shirt. Mommy took him into the other room so assist.

We had some very lovely talk. I learned that Malka had come from some very fine schools and had been involved, as well as Yisroel, in Jewish education most of her life. She reminded me of Eva Becker, my own niece from my sister Vivian, who also had gone to some of the finest Jewish Orthodox Schools in Los Angeles.

Malka made the Challah. It was a most lovely sacred bread. She told me that she makes bread each Wednesday or so. It is a highlight of the week for her to do this.

There was a concerted effort through the whole meal and my time in this most lovely Jewish home to serve the needs of the two little ones. There was no yelling at them. There was some correction. There was a delightful teaching going on in every moment for the kids, and a delightful sense of inclusion…such as saying outloud the prayer over washing of the hands and then stopping for the little girl, who could hardly speak, to say the last word of the prayer. She was in her high chair.

I felt very touched by the whole family experience. It is for this reason I want to help the Jewish people Grow a Healthier Challah. The Orthodox Jewish people are most learned when it comes to thousands upon thousands of Talmudic points of law, but somewhere along the route out of Egypt, the Laws of Nature, that dictate better health, have excaped us.

I am deeply involved in the work to Grow a Healthier Pizza, a project to get 7.5 Million + 2 of us to commit to Win Prop 37, The ‘Right to Know-Label GMOs on the California Ballot Nov. 6. GO here for MORE INFO

This is not at epic proportions, where even a simple soft drink, or the candy that the elders imagine they are gifting to the kids in shule as an act love, has untested ingredients called Genetically Modified Organisms–that in my mind are implicated more and more in health concerns and allergic reactions that are not clear.

Even the American Medical Association (AMA) last week voted that GMO ingredients ought to be tested before being released on the public, but this is not what has happened over the 20 -30 year period that our very own Food and Drug Administration has O.K.ed and allowed GMOs proliferation within our food supply.

The upcoming election will have an opportunity–an issue of Consumer Rights–for the Jewish People–to join with the will of near 50 other nations–in saying, We deserve the RIght to Know about ingredients in our foods, including the quality of our grains and substances that a Jewish Mother, without her knowing, could easily be putting in the bread and foods her family eats today.

This I will not allow without speaking out. For Yisroel, for Malka, for these little ones, I am on a journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds.

I am not speaking of the Sacred Seeds here in just mere improved Organic Sacred Ancient grains of wheat called KAMUT ®, or Non GMO Tomatoes that a mother like Malka might grow to show the little ones how seeds do grow. I am speaking of more than this.
My old friend Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach (he left that body sometime in the early 90’s I think) was very much into the coming of the Messiah. I am very much into that too.
We need these Sacred Seeds because they are implicated in bringing the best out of our children. Sacred Seeds are implicated in creating a Whole New World.

To that I can only hear the Universe Herself say, “Amen!”

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

June 24, 2012
San Diego California

$5.00 a Mile.

Help Me Win Back Our Sacred Seeds


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Praying with my Friends in the Desert


Among the Recent Contributors

Nic Paget-Clarke, author of Democracy as Creation…and the echo follows, with Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener, May 2012, at the Cultivating Food Justice Event.

Burt Bialik, psychologist; and Ellen Bialik, teacher; Maura Richman, David Nodal, teacher, Nic Paget Clarke, author of Democracy as Creation…and the echo follows; Hurov, The Seed Collector;



A Seed is Planted:

7.5 Million + 2 Californians- Will Vote Yes to Label GMOs

It will take ‘7.5 Million + 2’ of us to Create the Greatest Grass Roots Movement in California History to Win Prop 37, the Right to Know-Label GMOs. Our Rally Cry is Grow a Healthier Pizza! Californians are poised to make history and Our Cheerleaders from every state in the Union and Nation are invited to sign too!

Join the International Grow a Healthier Pizza Movement through signing the ‘7.5 Million + 2 Petition and Liking us on Facebook, user name http://www.facebook.com/GrowAHealthierPizza Thank you for committing now to be one of the ‘7.5 Million + 2 Voters who will win Prop 37, The ‘Right to Know-Label GMOs’ California Ballot Initiative. Pledge to take one action every day! You will be invited in to join the campaign. Read the California Right to Know site for more information. Read Plant Your Dream Blogs about ‘Sacred Seeds’ like you signing the Sustainable Food 7.5 Million + 2 Petition. Our Main Portal is here. Please read this story here ‘7.5 Million + 2 Petition’ Plants Grassroots Movement for the gist of our campaign, and get your friends to sign in Now! Be one of the VOICES from Past, Present, and Future who all conclude, the time for Food Reform begins now as we Grow a Heathier Pizza! Join in support of the Caravan, September 1-10, to the National Heirloom Expo on FACEBOOK. The National Heirloom Expo September 11-13, 2012 in Santa Rosa, CA is a Convergence point for winning Prop 37; Attend the National Heirloom Expo! Schedule a talk and host Leslie Goldman, AKA Your Enchanted Gardener, on Route form San Diego to Santa Rosa. Message me on Facebook with your invites. Have Beet will Travel.

Grow A Healthier Pizza! Get Your Beat Back with Nature! Regain Confidence that You Can Grow Some of Your Own Food

Regain confidence you can get your beat back with nature as you regain confidence you can grow food in one Pot with KAMUT ® Ancient Khorasan Wheat and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Watch and be part of the Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds as you “like” our Caravan September 1-10 to the National Heirlooom Expo, September 11-13, 2012. Sponsor a Mile or More of the Caravan and our Projects. Plant Your Dream Today–Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener



“If commercial interests have convinced Congress–to do business as usual–and that profits are more important than our children having improved lunches in schools, if Congress has now are said that a few tbs of tomato sauce defines Pizza as a Vegetable, then we, as Conscious Consumers will Grow a Healthier Pizza through the action of this petition. To top off this Pizza, we want to know the quality of our Ingredients. If pizza is made from cans and containers that have ingredients that are made wtth GMOs–Genetically Modified Organisms–We have a Right To Know, just like people in near 50 other nations.” –Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener
June 22, 2012

50 of 7.5 Million +2 Have Already Signed as of June 24, 2012

Name, City, State, Zip Code, Country, Signed On

Leslie Goldman,,,,,2012-06-03
Alicia Pike,San Diego,California,92109,United States,2012-06-03
Ariellashira Lewis,Covina,California,91723,United States,2012-06-04
Elysa Everson,San Diego,California,92110,United States,2012-06-04
Christopher Vozzo,Lakewood,Colorado,80228,United States,2012-06-04
Elizabeth O’Halloran,Kettering,,NN16 0DA,United Kingdom,2012-06-04
Renee Smith,Alpharetta,Georgia,30004,United States,2012-06-04
Lukas Martinelli,Pleasant Hill,California,94523,United States,2012-06-04
Julian Serrano,Wethersfield,Connecticut,06109,United States,2012-06-04
Todd Snyder,San Francisco,California,94115,United States,2012-06-04
Concerned Citizen,New City,New York,10956-2406,United States,2012-06-04
shedy berrios,jacksonville nc,North Carolina,28540,United States,2012-06-04
brian crevier,richland,Washington,99352,United States,2012-06-04
Marcie Dingerson,Rochester,Washington,98579,United States,2012-06-05
Sabrina Frang,Riverdale,Georgia,30274,United States,2012-06-05
Ryan Bradley,Greenbelt,Maryland,20770,United States,2012-06-05
Lena Rehberger,Grebenhain,,44056,Germany,2012-06-05
Sky Sunday,Lancaster,Pennsylvania,17603,United States,2012-06-05
Michelle Delaney,Toronto,,M4H1L3,Canada,2012-06-05
harold smith,seattle,Washington,98144,United States,2012-06-06
Alan Haggard,San Diego,California,92105-5104,United States,2012-06-07
Stephanie Gabert,Newport beach,California,92660,United States,2012-06-07
Pamela Larry,”chico, ca”,California,95926,United States,2012-06-07
Jeffery Kilburn,Bremerton,Washington,98310,United States,2012-06-08
Anita Hopkins, El Monte,California,91731,United States,2012-06-10
Ariellashira Lewis, Covina, California,91723,United States,2012-06-13
rebecca anis,Everett,Massachusetts,02149,United States,2012-06-13
east haradin, encintas,California,92024,United States,2012-06-13
Warren Sheir,San Diego,California,92130AndreevaAndreev,United States,2012-06-14
Jackie Tryggeseth,Sauk City,Wisconsin,53583-9560,United States,2012-06-15
Nikki Fiske,Venice,California,90291,United States,2012-06-15
wendy smith,nelson,,bb98tt,United Kingdom,2012-06-15
Michaela Pollak,Straubing,,94315,Germany,2012-06-15
Eva Schmelzer,Duesseldorf,,40210,Germany,2012-06-15
Renée Waringo,Roodt-Syre,,6919,Luxembourg,2012-06-15
Navari Elysium,Bergen,,5253,Norway,2012-06-15
Debbie Colangelo,bronx,New York,10469,United States,2012-06-15
Natalie Van Leekwijck,Beaverton,Oregon,97005,United States,2012-06-15
Jacqueline Brum,East Greenwich,Rhode Island,02818,United States,2012-06-15
marie perthuisot,La Garde,Utah,83130,United States,2012-06-16
Elke Gelzleichter,Homburg,Delaware,66424,United States,2012-06-16
Megan DePerro,Buffalo,New York,14222,United States,2012-06-16
Jeanne Oh,Sacramento,California,95864,United States,2012-06-17
Rick Tonsing,Citrus Heights,California,95621,United States,2012-06-22
Rosemary Jo Ceravolo,BURBANK,California,91505,United States,2012-06-22
Kevin Murray,North Hollywood,California,91602,United States,2012-06-22
Antonia Boulton,Rutherford,New Jersey,07070,United States,2012-06-22
hanna chusid, woodland hills, California, 91364, United States, 2012-06-23
diana shore,bell canyon,California,91307,United States,2012-06-23
Juan Loera, Rocklin, California,95677,United States, 2012-06-24

Official Endorsements of the California Right to Know Label GMOs are Here


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