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Why I am Going to Mexico–Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener

2nd Festival of Traditional Medicine of the Americas May 18-20, 2012

Mt. Kuchamaa Says Plant Your Dream!
Noon, Sunday, May 20, 2012, Professors’ Park, Tecate, Mexico.
Free Talk.



Mt Kuchama Says Plant Your Dream
Noon, Sunday, May 20, 2012

Today I am plant my Dream. Today I am planting a Beautiful Tomorrow!


This is the beginning of the Caravan I will do to the National Heirloom Show September 11,12 & 13, 2012, in Santa Rosa, CA.
I am projecting to leave around September 1, 2012. I will make stops along the way teaching “Make a Healthier Pizza,” I will educate with others where I stop about the Label GMOs Ballot initiative. I will be skilled in all sides of the question. I will have studied a leading book on GMOs called
“Mendel in the Classroom.” I will study and teach from “Empty Harvest” by Dr. Bernard Jensen and Mark P. Anderson. I will teach from “The Science of Eating,” by Alfred W. McCann; Dr. Bernard Jensen asked that I study this book and follow in the footsteps of Alfred W. McCann.

I am going to Mexico to Gather Energy with the Traditional Medicine Healers for Receiving Our Seeds Back. Seeds belong to The Indigenous People of the world as a birthright and to insure Food Sovereignty.

I am going to Mexico to strength resolve that we will win at the ballot box in November 6 in California for the Label GMOs initiative.

I am going because yesterday, across the Rim of the Arosa Canyon, I came to understand why the steep slope is barren of all plants while my side is flourishing with growth. Their side is being sprayed with Roundup herbicide, I presume. I watched from a distance this well meaning man spraying what I presume was Roundup without wearing any protective gear. Roundup herbicide was used on my side by another neighbor last December. We felt the spray in our eyes and lungs.

I am going because I need to do healing here. I need to watch the film “Dirt” with neighbors, and with allies who work for the Bureau of San Diego Fire Prevention Department. Their needs to be a master plan for the Arosa Canyon, even though this is private land, the run off here goes into the watershed. Even though this is potentially a zone of fire hazard, their needs to be a consideration of the needs of the land itself, the animal life, and the future life. We need to discuss the best use of this canyon, even though it is private land. I am going because I need healing help closing the abyss between me and neighbors who are not speaking to me.

I am going to pray for my friends. I am going to pray for the health and prosperity of sponsors who are funding my trip. May all their good will and intentions flourish.

I am going for self healing. I am installing a new “Operating System.” I need help from others to allow me to do the things I do best, while receiving help from others for what I do not do well.

I am going to clean up my mess. I want to be here fully, as an organized person who can carry out my mission with Grace.

I am going because I want to speak. I want to speak in an honoring way and have my voice heard.

I am going to make friends with the people of Tecate. I want to thank them. I want to thank the General of the Army for his help in bringing in Peace.

I am going to Mexico because I said I would go to Mexico. I want to keep my word. I trust in the safety of this journey that is guided.

I want to do what the Mt. Kuchamaa, wants me to do.

Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener

May 16, 2012
8:47 am
(Happy Birthday Richard)


Caravan ideas

Workshop ideas

Hamilton High ideas

Hami High to Debate All Sides of GMOs; Should GMOs Be Labeled to let us know they are in our food?

The Great Hami High Pizza Pig out (To be added)

Students to gather “Science” information for the FDA

Does Eating Better Give Better Health? Can You feel the Difference between eating five regular pizzas
and five healthier pizzas?

Dr. Elmer M. Nelson, the FDA head in 1912, in a special Constitutional Court in Washington October (1912) testified that: “It is wholly unscientific to state that a well fed body is more able to resist disease than a less well-fed body. My overall opinion is that there hasn’t been enough experimentation to prove dietary deficiencies make one more susceptible to disease.” (from The Washington Post, October 26, 1949.), says Royal Lee in “Let’s Live” Magazine, 1950.

During Fall, 2012, at Hamilton High School, in Ms. Eva Becker’s Science class, students will participate in the Great Hami High Pizza Pig Out. Selected students, who have done research on regular and a healthier pizza, will each eat regular and healthier pizzas…. The students will then come up with a report. Do they feel any different from stuffing with regular pizza or healthier pizza? Does eating healthier really effect how our stomach’s feel? Does eating GMOs in our foods and knowing they are in our food make any difference to how we feel? Do students feel that they should know that there are GMOs in their foods? (Ms. Becker will work up the details of how this will work…)


More Later….

My Garden Management Journal


Last time I went across the Border, it costs me $500.00 for a new clutch. The stress was outrageous. It ruined the joy I had. I want to take The EG Mobile into Tecate for the 2nd Festival of Traditional Medicine of the Americas. I do not want to drive the EG Mobile over the road. I just talked to Johnnie at 24 Hour Towing. He quoted me $350,000 to carry me from the Mexican Side to the US Side. He called the border crossing Death Valley. I would use this for my Movie.

If I need Johnnie I will call him at 619.281.1496 on Monday.





I see that a good time to cross would be Sunday night around 10 pm.
I would like to go to the Bronner Event on Monday, May 21.
I will leave this open for now.

“Travelers routinely run into traffic jams getting into the United States, especially from the most popular crossing points with Mexico,” said Ganz Chockalingam, a principal development engineer at Calit2 and lead developer on the project. “You may not be able to reduce the congestion, but with a little help from our app, you can make an informed decision about when and where you want to cross the border if time is a factor.”
According to a study by the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) and Caltrans, nearly 340,000 people travel every day through the San Ysidro, Otay Mesa, and Tecate border crossings linking California and Mexico’s Baja California. The study estimates that more than eight million trips across the border are lost because travelers are unwilling to deal with the congestion and an average wait time of forty-five minutes. “This equates to a loss of nearly $1.3 billion in potential revenues, mostly in the retail sector,” SANDAG concluded. “Excessive border waits also are affecting overall regional productivity,” pushing the San Diego region’s total economic loss as high as $2.5 billion each year. In addition, the typical two-hour delays facing trucks at commercial crossings into San Diego County cost the county $455 million in annual revenue from reduced freight activity.



Email us at usborderwait@gmail.com and we promise to respond.

For all media inquires, please contact:

Doug Ramsey
Department: Calit2 Media Relations
Email: dramsey@ucsd.edu

Hi, I blogged about your App and website, Thank You!

The border crossing at Tecate has been a nightmare for me.
I lost my clutch the last time I crossed.

I am anticipating going across on Monday May 21, or Sunday night around 10 pm.
Your app has given me some peace of mind.

I was going so far as to think of renting a tow across the border for $350.00,
just to avoid the $500.00 loss of clutch nightmare I had last time.



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