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The Great Hami High Label GMOs Debate of Fall 2012


Inviting Students to Debate the Question of Labeling GMOs


On the day I was at Hami High, Marlene Zuccaro, head of the esteemed Hami Music Academy, was handling out special awards to students who had excelled. One stopped at my Plant Your Dream Table. I invited her to participate in the Debate idea. She liked the idea. I introduced the idea of learning all sides of the GMO question. A number of students said they would be interested. The idea would be have have students learn all sides of the questions of GMOs. Bringing information about GMOs to light is an issue between now and the November California Election.

Background Information for the the Great Hami High Debate of 2012

Living in the Contradiction–
The Dalai Lama Reaffirmed this Teaching

I learned a powerful lesson about accepting Contradiction as a spiritual Teaching from the Dalai Lama when he spoke in San Diego. He talked about his teacher, the Buddha; The buddha, the spiritual leader of the Dalai Lama’s tradition, would speak on the opposite sides of a question. He did this on purpose to train his students in a way of seeing the world.

Dr. Bernard Jensen, one of the great elders of the Natural Healing Arts, helped more than 350,000 people improve his health. I was one of his students. I helped him write a number of his books, including “Health Magic Through Chlorophyll through Living Plant Life” and “Survive This Day.” I also was living at the Hidden Valley Health Ranch, now the Hidden Valley Spa, when he wrote, “Empty Harvest” with Mark P. Anderson. This is a classic work that expresses Nature’s point of view about soil building and its connection to health.

Dr. Bernard Jensen demonstated this same lesson about contradiction. He spoke on many sides of a question because he did not believe there was one particular diet that served each person. He taught that each person could have a Balanced Daily Living Regimen.

He was one of the best friends vegetarianism ever had. He could speak for 45 minutes about the subject when asked a question during his Saturday night lectures at the old Hidden Valley Health Ranch. People took notes. They decided to become vegetarians. Then, another patient would ask a question about meat eating. Dr. Bernard Jensen would then give the most inspiring lesson about why in recovery, meat eating was very important–for some people. This exasperated some to hear how he could address and speak to both sides of a question.

This is the philosophy we will be using in the forthcoming Hami High School Great Debate of Fall 2012.

We will learn both sides of the issue on Labeling GMOs. We will also study and learn both sides of the issue on GMOs. One of the most important lessons of our lives now is getting educated about GMOs. What is a GMO? Most people do not have a clue. Many students at Hami High may not even have ever heard of a GMO.

That is because the position of the Food and Drug Administration, at the present time, is that there is no substantial difference between foods with GMOs and other foods. There are numbers of other reasons why the FDA holds this position. We will learn why they say they feel the way they do in the Great Hami High Debate of 2012.

We will look at the Debate, and the Dialogue question: Why GMOs should and should not be regulated in California. The issue is now on the 2012 ballot.

President Obama promised before the 2008 that he would Label GMOs, but he has not fulfilled his word on this. Why and why not?

Are GMOs Safe?

This is another question we will look at. We will study the book, “Mendel in the Classroom” by Nina Federoff. This is an outstanding stating of the GMO position from a geneticists point of view who favors GMOs.

Nina Federoff is also the president now of the AAAS–The American Association for the advancement of Science, the leading organization of US scientists. Some of these scientists believe that it has not been proven that organic food is better.

What Makes Science Fair and Ethical?

We will look at the question of science. What makes a science experiment fair and ethical.

Many years ago, Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, inspired the idea of forming the FDA. He helped pass a the Pure Food Law of 1906. Some say that this law outlawed the junk food that many said is now the cause of Obesity–overweight–and many of the illnesses we have more than a century later.

Even though the Pure Food Law was passed, Dr. Wiley could not get it applied.

Why and why not?

Some say, it was because there were commercial interests that did not want it passed and these were having an influence on Congress and its FDA enforcing the law.

This subject is discussed in the book “The Science of Eating” 1919 by Alfred W. McCann. McCann was a writing for the New York Globe. In the Preface to his book, “The Science of Eating, it says:

One of Alfred W. McCann’s Friends was Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, whose ideas inspired the Food and Drug Administration.

Dr. Harvey W. Wiley resigned. He was frustrated.

The next FDA head was Elmer Nelson.

This is from a magazine called “Let’s Live,” that I would read when I was with Dr. Bernard Jensen. Royal Lee, a man Dr. Bernard Jensen admired said this in “Let’s Live” Magazine:

Does Eating Better Give Better Health?

Dr. Elmer M. Nelson in a special Constitutional Court in Washington last October (1912) testified that: “It is wholly unscientific to state that a well fed body is more able to resist disease than a less well-fed body. My overall opinion is that there hasn’t been enough experimentation to prove dietary deficiencies make one more susceptible to disease.” (from The Washington Post, October 26, 1949.)

Royal Lee said in 1950 that Commercial interests had the US Government on their side.

These commercial interests have the United States Government on their side, ever since they ousted Dr. Harvey W. Wiley from his job as head of the Food & Drug Administration in 1912.

Articles from Let’s Live Magazine, 1950
Articles by Royal Lee from Let’s Live Magazine 1950:

How is the FDA doing today?

We will look at the issues of Food Safety in our Dialogues and studies, We will report on the meaning of Food Safety and the recent passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011, and the increased powers the FDA now has to make our food safe.

We will look at what the FDA is saying about GMO’s, hormones in milk, and other subjects over the last twenty years.


5:19 am
April 28, 2012

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Those who want to participate in the Hami High Great Fall Debate of 2012 are asked to join the Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Food on Facebook.

Numbers of the documents will be posted here to study.


5:19 am
April 28, 2012

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