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Caravan to the National Heirloom Exposition Pure Food Expo Sept 11,12 &13, 2012


The 2nd Annual World’s Pure Food Fair!
Sept. 11, 12 & 13, 2012


I trust that the president knows the importance of keeping his word, and how important this will be to his re-election. My vote for him on election Day, November 6, will be determined by his making it clear publicly why he has not taken action thus far, as he promised, to Label GMOs–Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener

“Here’s what I’ll do as president…we’ll let folks know whether their food has been genetically modified because Americans should know what they’re buying.”–Barack Obama,
11/10/07 Des Moines, Iowa

This Plant Your Dream! has a ways to go!!!

Background for Caravan and Work I will do with Plants between Now and November 6

This is background for the work I will do for the next six months, between now and the election Nov 6, 2012. For ten weeks between Feb 22 and May 2, I worked to get the California Label GMOs Initiative on the ballot. We did it! We are setting sights on a victory Nov 6 for this ballot initiative. As my contribution to this victory: I will teach a workshop, “Grow a Healthier Pizza,” work at home this Summer in our own backyard holding the line against Roundup herbicide through writing, gardening, and working with neighbors. I will caravan to the National Heirloom Expo, September 11,12 & 13, 2012; and in Fall, work with students at Hamilton High in Los Angeles to educate about Pros and Cons of GMOs, harvest and make pizza.

I am seeking you eyes on this writing. Your feedback will help me mold the words and make sure my ideas are clear.

Sponsors will these projects possible. The carvan will journey from San Diego to Santa Rosa, more than 500 miles in the Enchanted Garden Mobile, my classic 68 VW Van.

I appreciate your feedback and help with editing suggestions on these words. I will teach “The Sacred Mountain Kuchimaa is calling you to Plant Your Dream!” at the 2nd Festival Traditional Medicine of the Americas May 18-20 Professor’s Park in Tecate, Mexico.

I want to “Grow a Healthier Pizza” at The National Heirloom Expo in September, and along the route of the caravan that will begin in early September.

Here are the words to look over:


Cultivating Food Justice is Now a Major Issue of our Times

Cultivating Food Justice is now a major issue of our times. Martin Luther King and César Chávez are alive today through our moving forward on food sovereignty. The spirit of these two American heros are on the front lines with us. The 60’s were a time of segregration. People of all faiths and beliefs walked together and they were called the Freedom RIders. Rabbi Joshua Abraham Heschel was a one such man who heard the call. He carried a small Torah, the sacred scroll of freedom of the Jewish people, with King on the Freedom Rides to end injustice. Then, in the 70’s when farmworkers were being harmed by pesticides and needed to unionize, it was Chevez who Unifed Farm Workers to created a Pardigm Shift.

Rabbi Heschel once said, The Grain of the Prophet is in the Recesses of Every Human Existence.” By this he meant, in each person, there was something hidden, a prophet motive, something special we are intended to do with our loves. This ability to dream is often lost in youth where it can be inspired to surface when the human child were given what he/she needed.

Today, I am literally giving youth grains and seeds and I say, “Plant Your Dream!” We are raising a generation of youth that know more about managing Apple Computers then they know about growing apple trees. We have lost our beat with nature, and it is the very act of growing a bit of our own food–even in a single container–that can help us regain confidence. Inspiring youth to garden and eat well will shift the political climate.

“Grow a Healthier Pizza!”
Look to ourselves more than Congress or the White House
to free us from our current personal Food Emergency.

Keep the Beet Media Star, The World’s First Talking Beet Plant, the “Poster” Beet of our 2012 Campaign says, It’s Time to Grow a Healthier Pizza!

“Grow a Healthier Pizza!” Look to ourselves more than Congress or the White House to free us from our current personal Food Emergency. An entire grassroots movement from Urban Agriculturists, to Community Gardeners, to thousands of new local organic farmers is now afoot. The key to shifting the political climate becomes each of us becoming a nation of gardeners again. We need to take our personal dreams off the shelf again; and we needed the building material to make these dreams possible. This is why I added to Heschel’s words, “So Plant Your Dream!.

Begin with Our Youth in Schools.

The work–Grow a Healthier Pizza–begins in the Schools. The end result will be to support Chef LaRue Palmer in adopting Hami High Los Angeles as part of the Chef’s Moving into the Schools Program.

Alfred W. McCann said:

Alfred W. McCann published “The Science of Eating” in 1919. He said it would be a long time until Congress would grapple what he outlined in his book. He said that the work begins in the schools.

He said, “Our American children must be taught the meaning of depraved foods, that they must learn how foods are processed, bleached, colored, sifted, bolted, denatured, degerminated, demineralized, chemically treated and refined; that they must be taught the relationship of foodless food to sickness and death; that they must be taught the relationship of natural food to health and life.”

As much as many people were segregated in the 60’s, Today many of us are cut off from the inherent power in seeds to grow a new world that is whole, pure, and natural. People everywhere are asking for Food Sovereignty–the right to determine our future, the future of our seeds, and the right for each child to have the and education they need to adapt to what is being asked of us. It is through regaining our beat with nature that we make wiser decisions. This begins with being again the gardener. One pot + One Plant= You’re a Gardener. Let us become again a world of gardeners.

Plant Teachers 2012

In 2012, I feel I have been singled out by a few plants who want to be my teachers.
I pass along the invitation that they become your teachers too!

KAMUT® Khorasan Wheat

The First Plant teacher is called KAMUT, the Ancient grain of Khorasan wheat. Kamut came to me as a gift from Robert Qunnn, a Prophet for our times, who found this Ancient grain growing and has been responsible for creating a whole industry around this Ancient Grain for Modern Times. Robert’s life inspires what each of us can do when we have a little idea and plant it.

San Marzano Non GMO Tomatoes

The second plant that wants to become your teacher now are San Marzano Non GMO Tomato Seeds. A very popular, Pizza Sauce tomato, 160,000 packages of San Marzano tomatoes were gifted by the Baker Creek Rare Seed Company to the California Label GMOs Campaign. These tomato seeds are not intended to be kept on shelves. When grown out in a pot, with Kamut, they become the basis of the 2012 Enchanted Garden outreach here in our very own kitchen at home, in our neighborhood, and where I travel.

Grow a Healthier Pizza! A Rally Cry for 2012

When you grow San Marzano Non GMO Tomato Seeds and Ancient Khorasan wheat, you have the makings for not only learning to make a Healthier Pizza, but the beginnings of your own personal shift back to the garden.

Arundo Donax, Friend or Foe?
Monsanto Comes to my Own Backyard

Make Love, Not War with Arundo is my Message

The third plant teacher that has been calling loudly is called Arundo Donax, The Giant Reed. Called Bamboo by many, capable of growing a foot in a day, this grass can be a fire hazard and cause havoc to waterways when ignored; and yet when befriended, Arundo Donax has more than 102 positive uses. Deemed sacred my some cultures for thousands of years, and valued by indigenous people as a building material for art, crafts, and structures, Arundo is being explored as a coal substitute and alternative to growing GMO corn for ethanol. One of Monsanto Corporations moneymakers, most Park Departments still turn to Roundup Herbicide, and other glysophate products in an attempt to kill a plant that simply is meant to be with us. Roundup is now showing up in air, water, and soil, and human urine. Roundup, and Roundup Ready Technology, is associated with GMO proliferation.


My message is, “Make Love, Not War” with Arundo. Arundo is the subject of a proposed Museum Exhibit, as well as a student’s University Thesis this Fall.


The journey to Caravan September 11, 12 & 13 to the National Heirloom Exposition in Santa Rosa begins for me Sunday May 20, when I will travel to Professor’s Park in Tecate, Mexico to share a free talk called, The Sacred Mountiain Kuchimaa is Calling You to Plant Your Dream!
Talk will be on Sunday. Arrive early and enjoy a full day. Time of my talk up soon. My intentions for the next six months will be planted at this time. These include the Victory November 6, 2012 to Label GM0s at the California Polls. The steps will be the Caravan to Santa Rosa, CA, that I see as an extension of the Freedom Ride started by Martin Luther King in the 1960’s. I will be setting out to ground this summer at my home in San Diego at our Enchanted Garden Intentional Community; and then make the journey. My summer will also include organizing Lesson Plans for Hamilton High School where I want to inspire students to learn all sides of the GMOs questions, and the movement to Label GMO’s. The focus will be Rounded out through Grow a Healthy Pizza, and the actually making of a Heathier Pizza with the youth.

The Pressing Issue of Our Times is to Reclaim Our Seeds.

We are Seeds Take Our Seeds Off the Shelf


“There are enough Seeds to Form the New Ground”–
Romain Rolland

Label GMOs Victory Projected for November 6 in California.

On November 6, California will send a resounding blast to the rest of the nation, and to the other nations that have already given their people the Right to Know if GMOs are in their foods. Educating toward Label GMOs and the Pros and Cons of GMOs is one of my major projects being supported by sponsors this year.


Join in. Spread the word.
Call to sponsor 619.384.2631 or email me.
Join the beet keepers here.


The Journey to Victory November 6 begins for me May 20, 2012

The Sacred Mountain Kuchimaa is calling you to Plant Your Dream! 2nd Festival Traditional Medicine of the Americas May 18-20

The Sacred Mountain Kuchimaa says, “Plant Your Dream!”

Noon, May 20, 2012, Professor’s Park.

Please come and take your Sacred Dreams Out of the Box!
Plant Your Dream in Fertile Soil because the Earth and the Soul are Soilmates.

Leslie was one of the last Essene Ministers ordained by Professor Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, whose family gave Professor’s Park to the people of Tecate in his honor. Leslie will honor our journey to the mountain in this free Talk at Noon May 20, 2012. He will invite us to follow the mountains inspiration: Plant Your Dream! You will plant ancient wheat and receive non GMO Tomatoes to plant in a container to regain confidence you can grow your own food and get your beat back with nature. Legend says Prophet Noah may have put ancient KAMUT® khorasan grains on the Ark for these challenging times. Ancient wheat become our teacher as we grow it. You will be introduced to the power in heirloom seeds as sacred seeds to plant your intentions. Many more people want to grow food now; this is a trend. Please use heirloom seeds, Non GMO, to ensure our future.

Photo of me, Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener at Professor’s Park, May 6, 2012


Xi-Chel Lopez, Director of the School of Mother Earth, and Brian Hornbeck, Co-DIrector, are organizing this important gathering.



Journey to the Mountain…
Intentions I am Planting at Mt. Kuchamaa with the Traditonal Medicine Healers


How Fast Can a Dream Grow?
As Fast as a Blade of Grass!

When I Touch Grass, I touch Infinity…”
–George Washington Carver

This is a Favorite Quote for the 2012 Season from George Washington Carver. I found this quote in the books of Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, who I see an the foremost Essene Renaissance Prophet of the 20th Century. “Essene” means many things, including, Expectant of the return to wholeness. It means, holding to the Essential. It means each of us being an Organic Uprising, Standing Up for Nature’s Original Technology.

This is My Favorite Quote from Luther Burbank

Youth Will Regain Their Relationship to the Beat of Nature.

I want to see youth know as much as uploading information into computers
as they know about growing trees.

This I see–envision–and seed–today. My contribution will be continuing to share compelling images and blogs, and strategizing for our victory in November.

Massive education about GMOs is needed among students, their parents, and everyone else who wants to help us evolve beyond our current Food Emergency.

The compelling arguments that will win will need to address oppositional arguments. These arguments in California will include: The cost of food will rise. A mass of lawyers will be unleashed with claims that have to go to court, and that extreme costs will be incurred by the public including taxes if Label GMOs passes.

We are going to need compelling arguments about why GMOs are dangerous. Asking for a Right to Know needs to be backed up with telling information we have now about GMOs.

Near 1,000,000 people signed the Label GMOs initiative to get it on the ballot. My experience, asking individuals I meet daily, is that many, many people have not heard of GMOs, and many who have heard of GMOs, have no idea that GMOs are dangerous.

We need to be stronger as a grassroots movement supported even or strongly by organic and natural food leaders.

Millions from commercial interest will be invested to defeat the Label GMOs Initiative.

These are Places I want to Contribute my Valuable Time and Energy toward winning the California Label GMOs Initiative.

Growing a Healthier Pizza. How Enlightening!

Alfred W. McCann, in his book, “The Science of Eating” (1918/1919), was a muckraker writing for the New York Globe. The preface to his book said that commercial interests prevented the enforcement of Dr. Harvey W. Wiley’s Pure Food Law of 1906, passed by Congress, that would have prevented the obesity and food emergency we face today.

His book addressed the regeneration of America, an America that would not so much look to congress to grapple with the issues. I am compelled to take up the message of McCann and others. We must give congress and the White House the support they need to make the right choices that still need to be made.

McCann saw us turning to the youth in the schools. He said we can no longer ignore that real needs.

Toward this end, for three years now, I have taken an interest in the classes of my niece, Ms Eva Becker of Hamilton High School, Los Angeles. In my role as “Uncle Leslie” both to my niece, and students, I have given inspiration through bringing organic foods into the classroom from organic companies I trust, and shared the inspiration to Plant Your Dream!

On April 25, 2012, I participated in a Medical Fair. I was between a nurse practitioner from the UCLA school of Human Nutrition, and on the right, scientists from the Cedar-Sinai Hospital who were teaching about Stem Cells.

I tested the waters on a number of projects that will include:

The Great Debate of Hami High–

Students need to know all sides of GMO questions.

Project Taste Organic!

I have set out to inspire the students, faculty and staff to have contact with whole, pure, organic foods, and fresh foods from the local Farmers who support my work, and whose success is close to my heart.

I began a number of years ago to bring in food of companies I admire in the Organic food industry, many who are members of the Organic Trade Association (OTA), whose members and leadership have encouraged my work. I see this culminating in the creating of an Enchanted Garden Pantry in the laboratory of the science classroom of my niece Eva. I want to flood her students who an introduction to organic foods, and Flower Essence remedies, and organic herbal teas.

This project is flourishing as was indicated by the enthusiastic responses I received from Administration, Faculty and Students at the Medical Fair of April 25, 2012.

Support for the Work and Vision of Robert Quinn, founder of Kamut International


McCann was convinced we could regain stamina, endurance, and the strength to rebuild America if we learned about the nature of grains and what the Food Industry has done to them. To this end, I am putting in massive energy to support the success of Bob Quinn, founder of Kamut International, the growers of Kamut Khorasan ancient wheat.

As the timeline of Kamut’s success indicates, their is power in this ancient grain, that is now coming into many organic products, and has entered the Pizza making scene. In my recent journey to Los Angeles, I befriend, Chris Hanley, of SliceTruck Pizza, the first user of Organic Kamut flour in the US to make his very tasty pizza.

I know that through telling others and coming into closer personal connection to Kamut Khorasan grain, I can shed light on the teachings that McCann addresses in his books that include “The Science of Eating” (1918/1919).

I have been meeting with amazing positive responses from children and adults asking them to help me grind Kamut Khorasan wheat. I have in mid to learn how to make whole grain pizza from Kamut, bread, and other recipes.

At the Cultivating Food Justice Event, May 6, we Heather Weightman, a local chef, is using Kamut in her fixing for the Saturday May 5 Potluck at a San Diego school that our Food Justice Committee has singled out to help.

Growing Kamut Wheat Grass

Plant Your Dream is the primary inspiration I share with others.

These are the graphics for the program I am launching, as part of Grow a Healthy Pizza!

How Fast Can a Dream Grow? As Fast as a Blade of Grass!

Getting Your Beat Back with Nature. The Wisdom of George Washington Carver

Summer Activities at Home: Securing Our Organic Future!

I would like to come out of June, July, and August 2012 will a clearer grounding of life her at home, the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community in San Diego.

Last summer, the threat of Roundup Herbicide spraying came into our own “backyard” literally. We live on the Rim of the Arosa Canyon, one of many open space canyon’s in San Diego. I have spent hundred of hours befriending a maligned plant called Arundo Donax, The Giant Reed, that is currently understood to be an invasive species (promoted so by Monsanto PR). I believe there are 102 uses, at least for this plant that can be managed as a valuable crop, and possible alternative to coal.

Helping Returning Veterans Find Income and Working to Develop Poly Culture at Home

We have many returning veterans who need to find work. I have two of them helping me now at home. I have been funding a project to help manage the Arundo Donax on our canyon rim through non chemical approaches.

The current policies regarding practices for managing canyons on public and private land (as ours) needs to be advanced in light of current trends toward Polyculture and Urban Agriculture.

Keith Pelozzi, a UCSD professor, has heard me about the question of Arundo Donax. I want to work toward giving him the background he needs to assign some thesis students to “Advancing Education and San Diego Policy about Arundo Donax and its possible uses when seen as a Crop Rather than an Invasive Species.”

It is to this purpose I am launching a number of personal initiatives in 2012 that will include, Three Projects: 1. Securing the Organic Future on the land I know as the Enchanted Garden, my home; 2. Growing a Healthier Pizza, a projects to educate and gain momentum to help Uncle Sam Marry “Anti GMO” through encouraging Youth; and 3. to inspire, motivate, and support the passage of the CA Initiative to Label GMOs.

I want to teach, “Growing a Healthier Pizza” at the National Heirloom through participating in a Caravan to the National Heirloom Seed Exposition September 11, 12, 13.that I am taking up the challenge that begins with the call to Label GMOs, and will end with the restoring the health of our youth, through restoring the quality of our food supply.

To read the inspired and profound message of McCann, read the Chapter

in the preface to Alfred W. McCann’s book, “The Science of Eating” (1919) we read:

The Momentum will Shift toward Label GMO’s as We Educate Students, Parents, and Many Others who do not now know about GMOs

Monument in Balboa Park…This of four elements is about School. I placed a copy of The National Heirloom Exposition September 11,12,13, 2012, the Non GMOs Label San Marzana Tomato Seeds, and the book that features my photos called, “The Ultimate Gardener” together. I was envisoning an alliance, and a dream to do a caravan up the coast in conjunction with winning the CA Label GMOs Ballot Measure.

Balboa Park Earthfair, around Earth Day each year, is one of the main events each year where my projects for the rest of the year
take Shape.

This year was typical of what happens at the San Diego Earthfair, the largest Earth Day event in the Country, if not the world. These are the projects that were taking shape. This is the time when I really have to zero in and get concrete. I want to confirm which projects will fly in the coming month.

Here are Projects that I can See and Seed:

Leslie proposes having a “Grow a Healthier Pizza” event at the Heirloom Exposition, September 11, 12, 13, 2012

Yesterday, I put out, and received feedback for a number of my projects, including “Growing a Healthier Pizza” This event kicks off Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at Hamilton High School’s Medical Fair, produced by my niece Eva Becker.

Here are some of them:

One of the most exciting events of 2012 will be the Pure Food Expo, September 11,12,13 Santa Rosa

I go to the Natural Product Expo East around that time of year. The Expo this year is September 19-22, 2012

The Jewish New Year–a very big event for me, is also September 16-18, 2012

I celebrate this in Los Angeles with my Children of Freedom Community.

I see the Second Annual Pure Food Event in Santa Rosa, CA as a Rally point for winning the California Ballot Measure to Label GMOs.

I see a caravan across the state of California from San Diego to Santa Rosa.

I see us watering “Growing a Better Pizza” along the way.

By then, there will be a harvest of San Marzano Non GMOs packets.

There will also be lots of Khorasan wheat to harvest.

by then, I will know how to make a Healthier Pizza!!!


Vandana Shiva, Featured in this Video, is one of the Speakers at The National Heirloom Explosition, the 2nd Annual
World’s Pure Food Fair!, Sept. 11, 12 & 13, 2-12, Santa Rosa, CA


Vandana Shiva is featured in the film “Dirt”

Please watch this vital film now.

Jeffrey Smith, Seeds of Deception, Featured in this Video, is one of the Speakers at The National Heirloom Explosition, the 2nd Annual World’s Pure Food Fair!, Sept. 11, 12 & 13, 2-12, Santa Rosa, CA

Where’s the Science Behind GMOs?

Some Jeffrey Smith Links included here


How California Won the 2012 Ballot Initiative to Label GMOs

A Work In Progress, by Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener

Look Again, My Friend! The Fields are Ripe and Ready to be Harvested.


This Plant Your Dream Blog, a work in progress, tells the historic journey of how grassroots growing together, making a healthier Pizza, out of ingredients that included Kamut Khorasan ancient organic wheat and San Marzano Non GMO Pizza tomatoes from Baker Creek Rare Seed Company laid the groundwork for the winning of the Label GMOs California Ballot Initiative…by Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener, Plant Your Dream Blog


How Fast Can a Dream Grow? As Fast as a Blade of Grass!
This Plant Your Dream Blog has ten steps to winning the CA Label Genetically Engineeing Ballot Measure.

Plant Your Dream in the same Pot!!!

Organic Industry Leaders, Grassroots Advocates, Urban Agriculturists, Big Ag devotees–Its’s time we all talk and grow together for the sake of your children.

This is Where we Need to Go, as the Beat of Nature Sees it!

Please face the facts. Uncle Sam is currently in the Farm Bed with GMOs, Chemical farming, and anything that they believe will get out of our economic dilemma. Uncle Sam does not realize yet that these are the causes of our downfall. A massive education movement has begin. The Fields are now ripe…and I see this movement coming out of cities such as San Diego who are Forging A Sustainable Future.

Join The Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Food on Facebook

What did Alfred McCann Say about the Children?

From the Preface to “The Science of Eating” by Alfred McCann (1918)

in Mr. McCann’s opinion, it will be a long time before Congress will successfully grapple with the facts which he now outlines in detail. It is his belief that the work must be done in the schools, that our American children must be taught the meaning of depraved foods, that they must learn how foods are processed, bleached, colored, sifted, bolted, denatured, degerminated, demineralized, chemically treated and refined; that they must be taught the relationship of foodless food to sickness and death; that they must be taught the relationship of natural food to health and life.

Who was Alfred McCann?

He has been used as a witness by the U.S. Department of Justice in interstate conspiracy prosecution; by the Attorney General of New York State;by the District Attorney of New York County….He has been arrested on charges of criminal assault and upon trail in a hostile court has been acquitted. He has initiated two hundred and six sucessful prosecution of food adulterators and has never lost a case.

How Fast Can a Dream Grow?
As Fast as a Blade of Grass!

When I Touch Grass, I touch Infinity…”
–George Washington Carver

This is a Favorite Quote for the 2012 Season from George Washington Carver. I found this quote in the books of Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, who I see an the foremost Essene Renaissance Prophet of the 20th Century. “Essene” means many things, including, Expectant of the return to wholeness. It means, holding to the Essential. It means each of us being an Organic Uprising, Standing Up for Nature’s Original Technology.

More dreams will be told in other upcoming Plant Your Dream Blogs!

The American Press has let down our democracy. Robert Kennedy Jr. said.
The Bloggers of the World are giving us our democracy back.–Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener

March 21, 2012
Spring Equinox

Youth Debates: It’s Time That GMO Lovers and Organic Lovers Talk

GMO Lovers and Organic Lovers will sponsor youth to become educated and debate both sides of the question: Label GMOs, Why or Why Not?
What is a GMO? Are They Dangerous? Are They Safe? What is the FDA position on GMOs? What is the History of the FDA? How Did it begin? Is the FDA Protecting us as it should? What was the FDA position of Harvey Nelson on Disease and the relationship of disease to food? More to come things to study? Will the Real Food Safety Champions stand up?

The following Plant Your Dream Blog expresses my core strategies for welcoming in the Post GMOs Era.

Dave Murphy, Food Democracy Now (L), Arran Stephen’s, inspiration behind Nature’s Path, strong GMO Label supporter; and Jeffrey Smith, of the Institute of Responsible Technology, take a moment to enjoy each other’s company at #expowest, the Natural Product Expos West, March 8-11, 2012. The three were key players who paved the way for the Post GMO era. In the pot in this historic photo, Organic Alfalfa is growing.

Introduction: Winning the California Ballot Measure to Label Genetically Engineered Foods

Today is the First Day of Spring 2012. Many threads are coming together, all signaling how we will not only get the CA Right to Know measure on the Ballot, but win this Ballot Measure. Winning this, will involve a massive education campaign. We have all the pieces to do this. There are some of the Ingredients in the mix that I want to send you way this powerful morning.

Honor Our Elders

Patricia Bragg shared the 100th Anniversary of her family’s Health Crusade with us March 10, 2012 at the Natural Product Expo West. The forces are now aligning to regain our Seeds, and the field of play is now Labeling GMOs. California is one of the battleground states where the victory will be won, if we all pull together now.

Patricia Bragg with Ardina Pierre of Nature’s Own Herb Shop, Atlanta, Georgia. Ardina was one of many who came out to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Bragg Live Foods March 10, 2012 at the Natural Product Expo West #Expowest.

Accept Each Other Where we Are and All Work Together

Reach people one step above where they are. Look for the good in each other. Find the good in each other. Create one powerful movement, accepting all the strands who want the same thing.

Understanding the Autism Link


Robert Kennedy Jr. On Vaccine Part i

March 20, 2012
11:14 am

The Inspiration of Katrina Frey.

How Mendocino County Got a GMO Ban


Invite an Honest Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Food

This means no spitting or cussing, whenever possible!

The path to this projected end result will not come through name-calling. It will come through adapting some of the Moral ABC principals of another hero of mine–Emanuel Bronner, whose story is told in “Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soapbox.” “Love Thy Enemy” was one of his Essene principles.

The AAAS Venue

Taking on Science

Genetic Engineering via Biotechnology vs. Genetic Modification via Classical Plant Breeding


Commentary from Luther Burbank




For the Scariest Video about the Potential Dangers of GMO Foods, Watch the Jeffrey Smith Double Dipping Video Here


Everyone needs to Hear this interview between Jeffrey Smith and Alex Jack




The Bronner Family has contributed $1 Million to help put the CA Label GMOs Petition on the Ballot. Monsanto Corp plans to spend millions to defeat the measure as the Multi-National Corp faces off with Californian’s insist they have a Right to Know if their foods are Genetically Engineered. Dr. Mercola, who gave $500,000 to help the campaign was slammed by a Sacramento Bee Reporter. Hundreds made comments.


With A Few Weeks Remaining in a Fantastic Ten Week Campaign, Pamm Larry is Calling for Many More Volunteers to Push Us Over the Top. April 22 is the Last Day to Qualify Our Ballot Initiative.





This was a ten week campaign to get on the California Ballot with an initiative. Pamm Larry told me we had 500,000 signatures as of March 27, 2012. We needed 850,00-800,000 Signatures that passed inspection and were approved. On May 2, we turned more than 900,000 signatures. The campaign began February 15 once the Attorney General approved the wording that went on the ballot and ran through April 22, a day that celebrates Earth Day in many cities.


Uncle Sam Marries “Anti” GMO

This is where we are headed, as I see it.








FREE Baker Creek Non GMO Tomato Seeds!


How Mendocino County Got a GMO Ban




Label GMOs On Facebook



California Right to Know Coalition


California Right to Know Coalition on Facebook


Sheri Fogerty on Facebook


As of March 27, 2012, 1,000,000 voices told the FDA to Label It! The drive concinues to get signatures. Let’s get 2 million now!!!!


Here is a story about one of those voices I admire, Gary Hirshberg!



The Future of Food is at Stake. Watch the Trailer from “The Future of Food.”

The Entire “The Future of Food Video” is now online:

The Entire Video “The Future of Food” is Now Online

The Future of Food Website




Rady Ananda Checks in: Frito Lay Being Sued for Mislabeling its GMO Chips


Leslie, go to the Plant Your Dream Blog CA wins to update before copying signature into other blogs…
Keep the Beet says….

April 24, 2012

What is Food Sovereignty?
Raj Patel weighs in.



The question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be… The nation and the world are in dire need of creative extremists. -Martin Luther King, Jr

The law will never make a man free; it is men who have got to make the law free. -Henry David Thoreau


Chávez-got support from Jewish People who supported Justice for Farm Workers

There are some parts of this story that brought tears to my eyes.

Chávez concluded the speech with a quote from the Book of Micah, from the Old Testament.

“Our cause goes on in hundreds of distant places.

“It multiplies among thousands and then millions of caring people who heed through a multitude of simple deeds the commandment set out in the book of the Prophet Micah, in the Old Testament: ‘What does the Lord require of you, but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.'”


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