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Planting Charlotte Gerson’s Legacy at Wild Willow Farm

Honoring Charlotte Gerson and the Fruits of Her Labor

Watering Charlotte Gerson’s Orchard Legacy at Wild Willow Farm

Day of the planting, March 24, 2012.

Watering Charlotte Gerson’s Orchard Legacy at Wild Willow Farm March 24, 2012

Press Release from the Gerson Institute

To Gerson persons, Charlotte’s 90th birthday represents more than just Charlotte’s date of birth. It’s a time for us to reflect on her legacy and life’s work. She has had such an immense impact on so many people’s lives, and through her work with the Gerson Institute she has been able to share the Gerson Therapy with people across the world and touch the lives of thousands in need.
But what could you possibly get for the woman to whom we owe so much? Charlotte wants no trinkets or gag gifts, and–as I’m sure you know–cakes and sweets aren’t quite her cup of (chamomile) tea! Many of us were at a loss for ideas, but Anita Wilson, our endlessly imaginative Executive Director, came up with the perfect gift for Charlotte’s birthday: The Charlotte Gerson Legacy Orchard.
The Gerson Institute is planting an organic orchard in Charlotte’s honor, at Wild Willow Farm in San Diego, in partnership with San Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project. San Diego Roots is a local non-profit organization that promotes sustainable, affordable organic agriculture in San Diego County – a mission that aligns quite nicely with our own.
Access to organically grown fruits and vegetables is an absolute necessity for people on the Gerson Therapy. In planting the Charlotte Gerson Legacy Garden, we are doing our part to make organic produce accessible and affordable to our local San Diego community. And, of course, Charlotte will be able to go to the orchard and enjoy as much of the fruits of her labor as she wishes!
We’re so excited to make this orchard a reality. Stay tuned for more details to come next week…

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Charlotte Gerson’s 90th Birthday Card Video
from Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener Features Orchard Planting

Misha Cohen shares thoughts about the meaning of the Charlotte Gerson Orchard Planting at Wild Willow Farm, March 24, 2012. More than twenty volunteers were on site planting. Members of the Gerson Family visited, as well as Gerson Staff.

The Beautiful Truth

Remarkable Film Online That Describes the Gerson Therapy

Hungry for Change, is another incredible video now out. Find how more on the Gerson Site about this remarkable film that can be viewed online until March 31, 2012.


Charlotte Gerson Interviewed Here by Jay Kordish

In this thought provoking interview Charlotte Gerson expresses many important ideas.

My Garden Management Journal

Visions March 26, 2012, Plant Your Dream Blog…

It is 5:29 am., Monday, March 26, 2012. I have been writing and creating all night, working through energies inspired by events of the last weeks. Yesterday, March 25, 2012 was Dr. Bernard Jensen’s (1908-2001 Birthday. He is my spiritual father. I wrote numbers of his books, and I am moved now to be Keeping his Dream Alive. Tomorrow, March 27, 2012, is Charlotte Gerson’s 90th Birthday. The following is an expression of ideas and inspirations I want to set in motion this year. Many Blessings on Charlotte Gerson and experiences at Wild Willow Farm March 24, 2012 for helping drawn these out now.

This section will be further developed with more links

How Fast Can a Dream Grow? As Fast as a Blade of Grass!

I See and Seed a Great Coming Together of Natural Healing Arts Elders Honoring Each Other Outspokenly.

Photos of Patricia Bragg, taken March 10, 2012 at Natural Product Expo at Bragg 100th Anniversary. Dr. Bernard Jensen, and Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. photos. These esteemed elders, including Charlotte Gerson, all came from the So Cal area. Each has been instrumental as way showers toward planting 1000 years of peace through natural healing.

I See and Seed a Coming Together from Grass Roots to Organic Leaders, from Lettuce to Beet Tops, from Governing to Governed, All on the Same Team.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich with Bob Quinn. Photo from the Natural Product Expo West, March 10, 2012.

I See and Seed Us An Organic Uprising, a Regaining of Our Seeds and This Knowledge:
The Purpose of Food is to Plant Your Dream!

I See and Seed Less Hurt, as we Accept Our Unique Individualities and the Roles we each play
in the great Rock Your Soul Opera That is Life Itself.

I See and Seed an Awakening of the Moral ABC’s, and a Knowing of the Law, Love Your Enemy!

Dr. Emanuel Bronner’s legacy…is told on the Mr. Bronner Magic soap labels and in a booklet. Love your Enemy is one of the teachers.

I See and Seed Marriage: Uncle Sam Shall Marry “Anti” GMO.
All People– Shall Have a Right to Know What They are Eating.


I See and Seed One Million Youth Leading the Way as they Regain Confidence that they Each Can Grow Their own Food.

–One Million more People’s Organic Gardens–
One Million more Farmers of a new generation–
millions of Urban Agriculturists, Organic or Better
–Schools with Gardens–
Community Gardens in Every Neighborhood–

Women Volunteering singing goofy songs on Saturdays, their hands in the soil. Streets aligned with growing foods–

I Hear and See Music.

Francesca Dego Violin and Piano Music CD [CDFRAN] – $17.95 : Gerson Institute!, The Art of Healing

Harmony reigns upon the Land
and laughter.

All This I see and Seed.

How Fast Can A Dream Grow?
As Fast as A Blade of Grass!

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

Writing From The Enchanted Garden Intentional Community Growing Grounds
between Dr. Bernard Jensen’s (March 25, 1908-2001) and Charlotte Gerson’s Birthdays 2012.(March 27, 1922)

Photos from The Natural Product Expo West, March 7-11, 2012 and at Wild Willow Farm, March 24, 2012.

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