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Overcoming Cancer & Paralysis: Dr. Bernard Jensen Did It

It is 11:19 pm, March 25, 2012. This would be Dr. Bernard Jensen’s 104th Birthday. His dates were March 25, 1908-February 22, 2012. He made the most of his time. He was born on purpose, as most of us. What was remarkable was that he lived his purpose fully, as best he knew.

His life was filled with amazing accomplishments and acknowledgements, and yet one of the deepest of all his accomplishments was overcoming what was called terminal cancer and devastating paralysis from the waste down. It is for this reason, among others, that I am taking time to reflect on his amazing life journey. It is for this reason, that as his spiritual offspring, I am up now at 11:22 pm recording the events of this remarkable day, that would be his 104th Birthday Celebration.

Overcoming Cancer: Dr. Bernard Jensen’s Story

I want to begin this Plant Your Dream Blog by saying: If you live long enough, it is because you have looked Death in the face numbers of times, and you, through natural healing, and the power of intention and life purpose, have sent death away.

Dr. Bernard Jensen did this.

There was a time when he had severe lung congestion to the point of pneumonia. Others have died with such conditions, but he did not die.

There was a time when he has cancer. He was around 87 at the time. He went to a conventional M.D. The M.D. “told” him that he needed Chemotherapy but.he was too told for that. He was ‘Told” he had six months to live. Dr. Bernard Jensen was hard of hearing. He never heard what the M.D. had to say. He went home and took his own medicine. He used every available tool he knew from Nature’s healing Cabinet. He overcome his terminal Cancer.

Paralysis from the Waist Down

Soon after, beating Cancer, Dr. Bernard Jensen was out celebrating his recovery with his friend Gavin McCloud of the series “The Love Boat.” The vehicle they were in was rear ended by a truck. Dr. Bernard Jensen was paralysis from the waist down. The M.D. he went to said, You will be a “lucky boy! if you ever walk again. Dr. Bernard Jensen put a sign over his bed. It said, “I am a lucky boy.” I have a picture of him waving to me from the top of a hill at his HIdden Valley Health Ranch home. He did walk again.

It is now 11:48 pm
March 25, 2012

We are not here to continue to do Possible Things.
We are here to do Impossible things.

–Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

I broke a bone in my knee a few days before going to Kirpala Institute in Connecticut to speak at the Ecology/Feng Shui Conference in 1998 or so. Lurrae and I visited William Spear in his office. It was a great overcoming from me. So what is possible next between us?,” I asked William. He said, “I am not interested in what is possible. I am interested in what is impossible.”

“Lift others up one step above where they are.”
–Dr. Bernard Jensen

March 25, 2012
11:53 pm

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