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Food as Medicine: #expowest Gifts from Uncle Leslie for Hami High Students

Food as Medicine: #expowest Gifts from Uncle Leslie for Hami High School Students

I am thinking right now of a quote from D.. H. Lawrence I want to find about America and how it leaves its dying skin, and how our youth are our hope.

That is the true myth of America.
She starts old, old, wrinkled and writing in an old skin.
And there is a gradual sloughing off of the old skin, towards a new youth.
It is the myth of America. D.H.Lawrence, Studies in Classical American Literature.

For Our Youth

This is my favorite quote from Lurther Burbank, in the ‘Training of the Human Plant”


I am thinking of what my Niece Eva Becker, a great Science teacher at Hamilton High School told me yesterday. Today the Students are being tested for their exit exams. i want to give them a commencement talk today when we get together at Hami High School. I want to speak to them about Food as Medicine, and use some of the food gifts from #expowest to express some of the themes I want to teach.

Evolutionary History of the Human Race

Caution: A different direction has been taken and we need to get back to our beat with nature

My Commencement Message March 14, 2012


Anthony Zolezzi,


Food as Medicine: \#expowest GIfts from Uncle Leslie for Hami High Graduates

Planting Dreams @ Organic Day #Downtown Disney + #expowest


Natural Product Expo West 2012 Seed Dreams


This is the Kind of Children’s Education Luther Burbank Felt Kid’s Needed

This is a Start! Project Taste Organic!

Medical Fair

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