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Plant Your Dream @ #expowest

Christine Bushway, Organic Trade Association (OTA) President; Jana, her daughter; and Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener at the OTA Gala In Baltimore September 21, 2011. I look forward to returning to the Natural Product Expo East in 2012. I have more work to do at the USDA People’s “Organic” Garden in Washington D.C.


Love and Blessings on Beet Keeper Sponsors and Enchanted Garden Club Members

I am in Day one of #expowest. I like to stay within reach of the screams where those who enjoy Mickey Mouse are reminded that there are places on earth that can be the Happiest Kingdom. This, my friend, This Happiest Kingdom is the Enchanted Garden, a name for our renewed earth that grows one Dream at a time.

The courage to live our dreams is the ultimate test in a moment in the History of Peace on Earth when most people have hidden from them the true purpose of food. The purpose of food is to help you Plant Your Dream.

What is the Plant Your Dream Blog About?

The Plant Your Dream Blog is a Record of Beet Keepers, Return! A Beet Keeper is someone aspiring to turn the beat around with nature through taking their dreams out of box and learning from nature, through the very act of gardening and farming the laws of nature.

The Laws of nature today are Upside Down

There is no way that hitting each other upside the head is going to help. What we need is endless compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and others as we come out of ignorance. I say “ingorance” with no judgement intended. We simply, as JFK said, are in serious need of education.

I am in gratitude, as someone who has been crippled in relationship to the 20th Century to be walking today. I am in gratitude to the heroic measures of conventional medicine that could cut into me when i knew no better, and give me the drugs I needed when I knew no better; yet natural healing–healing by nature’s laws–in the ultimate system, and those entrepreneurs who are testing their dreams in the waters of the Natural Product Expo are to be congratulated.

Here to Build Bridges

The Plant Your Dream Blog is Here to Build Bridges

I am here to grow grasses of the field. I am here to honor the grassroots. I am here to find Organic Heroes and name them. I am here to say the truth as I see it, looking into the eyes of the future where I see it. I am here to honor those who have paid their dues.

Let Us Together Remember 8000 Years of Nature Wisdom and add to it Through Grounding Our Dreams in Fertile Soil

8000 years of nature wisdom is now hanging on by a thread. Through Grace, some of the men and women who have understood the rope have cast me a line, and run the race, not as a a human racing, but as human beings aspiring to hear the beat and grow the beet.

I Welcome You to the Natural Product Expo West 2012. journey with me here during my next five days in Anaheim, as we bear witness to the Future–1000 years of peace–unfolding in the present.

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Garden

writing from the Super8 Motel
March 8, 2012

8:03 am




Bob Quinn, Kamut International and Leslie. Khorasan Wheat, an ancient grain for modern living, is a seed we will be introducing in 2012 through our theme, “How Fast Can a Dream Grow

Getting to Know Kamut



Kelly Shea White Wave and Horizon Organics


Thank you Kelly for making my East Coast Tour possible. Together, 1,000,000 more youth will be inspired to regain confidence that they can grow food. We are each an Organic Uprising, each asked to be Standing Up for Nature’s Original Technology.

Stonyfield Farm gives 10% of their Good to Help the Planet’s Helpers


This Stonyfield Reusable bag is filled with locally grown organic produce from the Hillcrest Farmers” Market


A Legend Told About a Grain of Wheat


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