About These Photos

ABOUT THE PHOTOS…From a Journey to Win Back Our ‘Sacred Seeds’

The man pulling his dream from the Magic box was Ramon Real, secretary for agriculture for Tecate, Mexico.

The picture of the statue is from Balboa Park and is dedicated to our youth.

The Third Photos is Chieko Shiina, a mother and organic farmer who lives within the contaminated area around Fukushima. We planted Seeds for the Well Being of Fukushima.

The Fourth photo: Kidsfrom Niños del Cuchama Centro de Permacultura Urbana A.C. in Tecate, Mexico helped “Grow a Healthier Pizza” May 2012. They ground KAMUT® Khorasan ancient wheat into kernels at the 2nd Festival of Traditional Medicine for the Americas. I returned a few weeks later and a teacher told me the grass was about eight inches tall. The project, Grow a Healthier Pizza, involves signing the ’7.5 Million + 2 Petition on Change.org to win the ‘Right to Know-Label GMOs,’ the 2012 California Ballot Initiative. “Grow a Healthier Pizza” leads to getting our beat back with nature. Gain confidence! You can grow food from heirloom organic seeds.


We need Food Reform to make sure we all have a Pure Food Law as once established through Congress by Dr. Harvey W. Wiley MD, Father of the vision of the FDA. I am asking you to Co-create now the Greatest Grass Roots Movement in California History that wins the Right to Know Label GMOs 2012 Ballot Initiative, and continue Food Reform. You, dear friend, need heirloom seeds to Plant Your Dream.

My ideal: Give each child seeds to ‘Plant Your Dream.’ Create a world of gardeners and millions more doctors of the soil who are farming. I saw the Niños del Cuchama Kids a few weeks later at the World Environment Day sponsored by the Fundacion La Puerta, Professor’s Park. A teacher from the school greeted me with love. She said the children had been calling me the “Dreammaker.” I was touched. This amazing school epitomizes good education for children. It is one of the project with kids I bless.


Dear Uncle Leslie,
I really enjoyed your presentation yesterday. It uplifted my spirits and made me feel like I had to do something to make our planet better. Personally, I don’t eat vegetables but everything you said changed my mind about it. I do need to change my eating habits and I do need to grow my own vegetables. You kept the classes’ attention. You were funny, and you kept us interested. You’ll probable be the man that’ll actually get our generation to do their part in helping rebuild our enchanted garden.”
Summer, 16 year old, Hamilton High School
October 5, 2011


A Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds is my current focus.

This involves securing projects at home with our Overgrowth Cleanup and Funding the Caravan, September 1-10, 2012 to the National Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa, California, September 11-12-13, 2012

I am working full time on helping the passage of the ‘Right to Know-Label GMO Food’ Ballot Initiative through writing on the Plant Your Dream Blog and through outreach, helping to Co-Create the Largest Grass Roots Movement in California History through my work advancing the ’7.5 Million + 2 Petition.’

$5.00 a Mile

I am asking $5.00 a mile as a sponsorship for each of the 1200 miles I will travel. The Caravan began with trips to Mexico in May where I secure support from Indigenous Traditional Medicine Healers, and the Good Will of the Children. The Caravan will continue September 1-10, to the National Heirloom Expo, September 11-12-13 where I will teach classes and help with Opening and Closing Ceremony work.


‘Beet Keepers, Return!’ is an international movement to help more and more people regain their confidence that they can grow some of their own food. In doing so, we regain our beat with nature.

The Plant Your Dream Blogs provide extensive inspiration for Teachings you will need about bringing in The Enchanted Garden, a name for this millennium that can be 1000 years of Peace.

You are welcome to witness to my personal journey of Winning Back by own Sacred Seed on the Curezone Plant Your Dream Blog that has more than 5.1 Million Page Views. The New Plant Your Dream Blog plants Seeds of Success for Super Ripe People and Their Dreams.

I carefully choose the Sponsors whose work I support and name Quintessential Solutions for the Compelling Health Issues Facing Us. Other products and Produce are featured in the Enchanted Garden Pantry and have ‘My Seal of Planetary Good Housekeeping.’


Join The Beet Keepers



The Caravan to win back our Sacred Seed is about you. a Sacred Seed. and inspiring you through actions here on the Plant Your Dream Blog to take your ‘Sacred Seed off the Shelf.’ Above your head I see a dream. Many dreams in the world right now are growing. Everything we are eating, breathing, and much of what we are seeing is a by-product of a dream that someone imagined. You, too, have dreams. I encourage you to Plant Your Dream
and offer you tools and inspirations.

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