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Props to AminoActiv, my natural anti-inflammatory & Intro to Feminine Products


My report on AminoActiv, my primary Anti-Inflammatory that is a substitute for Ibuprofen, a drug that some report can harm the liver.   Introducing The New Vireo System Products for Women, AminoActiv Menstrual Pain Relief Formula & PH-D, a natural, homeopathic treatment for unbalanced vaginal pH.


The severity of my need for an anti-inflammatory increased during my 2016 trip to the National Heirloom #heirloomexpo, The National Heirloom Expo in San Rosa, CA.

I feel down about three weeks before I left on the trip and hurt my left knee.  My range of motion was extremely restricted due to the inflammatory response.  I could hardly bend my knee.

I increased my dosage of AminoActiv and began taking, three capsules at a time throughout the day. The pain decreased.  I was able to drive the long distance.

On my trip, while at the North American Permaculture    #brcc #napc North American Permaculture Convergence–I again fell.  This time I hurt my right knee.  I could not drive.  I  began to up my dosage of AminoActiv. Within three days, taking AminoActiv every couple hours,  sometimes as many as three pills at a time, I was able to drive.

I have never experienced a side effect from taking AminoActiv in more than eight years of usage.

I call AminoActiv, my Cinderella Pill.  It has allowed me to set out to accomplish dreams that would have otherwise been impossible.

Over the years,  I have gotten out of some intense emergency situations.  I once pulled a groin music on a retreat that was extremely painful.  I recovered in about 24 hours using AminoActiv.

Another time,  I had a kidney procedure.  I was about to by-pass taking narcotics during the recovery period at home.  I was able to control the pain with AminoActiv.

I have experienced strong side effects from taking antibiotics and avoid them whenever possible.  AminoActiv has allowed me to do this.

I have given a more detailed description on this #PlantYourDreamBlog in the information below.

I also have to say,  something in this AminoActiv formula suits my specific needs for Amino Acids.Rather than stimulant energy, as in coffee, AminoActiv releases functional energy. This product release energy for me.  The difference is night and day between feeling dragged out and depleted, and have energy that I need.  Of course, there are times when we simply need to rest.  I have learned that I cannot simply depend on AminoActiv to keep me going constantly.  I am at an age where my ability to fuel my cells needs to be supplemented.  I am most grateful for the discover of this product that has truly been a game changer for me.

There are times when I simply need to stay up or get going.  I turn this AminoActiv. There are times when I see others feeling depleted.  I do not believe this product works the same on everyone; it works for me.

I have taken at times, when I had to, three pills at a time, 8 times a day.  I am currently having unremitting knee pain and some hip pain.  In Western Medicine, my condition is called Anglyosin Spondylitis.  A related condition that goes with along with this form of arthritis is IBS, or inflammatory Bowel Disease, as it is called.  This is basically an inflammatory condition.

I want to say, there have been times in my life when I have had inflammatory bowel and diarrhea for more than five years at a time.

Thanks to AminoActiv, and a number of other remedies that I use,  I am excited to report,  that I overcame the diarrhea. My bowel health is highly improved.  It’s exciting to know that this has been possible.

Leslie Goldman  #PlantYourDreamBlog*

*please see this #PlantYourDreamBlog for other remedies that have been instrumental in my improvement without the need for Western Medicine Drugs.  http://plantyourdream.net/?p=21609


You can buy AminoActiv Here:

Hot Link:


New Products from Vireo Systems, the Makers of Amino Activ

Vireo Systems, the makers of AminoActiv,  is expanding its lineup of products.  They are moving into women’s products.  Their is now an AminoActiv formula for Holistic Menstrual Pain Relief.

Hot Link:

AminoActiv Menstrual Pain Relief

Vireo System reports that this is a safe, non toxic relief formula that can help with cramps, backache, bloating, irritability, headache, and swelling.


PH-D is a Natural, Homeopathic Treatment for Unbalanced Vaginal PH

The reviews are outstanding on Amazon. Vireo Systems is also producing a product called pH-D.  The reviews are outstanding on Amazon!

More than 1000 reviews have been recording, some describing this Boric Acid based product as Life Changing.

Customer Review
5.0 out of 5 stars Miracle worker!!
ByAmazon Customeron April 25, 2017
Size: 24 suppositories|Verified Purchase
I just want to take a moment to say i’ve had problems for years with chronic yeast infections and nothing i mean nothing would work. I’ve tried diets and everything but have never had results like these. I’ve been using these for a few days and i swear I’ve never felt better. I feel so confident. I have no abnormal discharge, no odor. Its been so long since I’ve felt like this i keep running to the bathroom to make sure nothing has changed. Its crazy. I’ve literally never reviewed anything but these have changed my life. I kid you not. I dont even know what to do with myself. I even skipped a day to test it and literally nothing changed so im going to maybe do once a week from now on and then maybe once every other week and then once a month. Please never take these off the market. Literally saved me!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that this is for good

Please purchase them and let me know how they are working.

Hot Link:



My plan is now to introduce some of my women friends to this product, with the thought that through their joining the affiliate program that Vireo System now offers, they can help their woman friends as well as have a source of income.

Please sign up for the Affiliate Program here:









AminoActiv bottle EG Mobile

AminoActiv saved the day.  The Natural Anti-Inflammatory has made it possible for me to drive my 68 VW Van and quell shooting pains that made me question if I could take this trip. Inside view of the Enchanted Garden Mobile, my 68 VW Van.







EG Mobile's Journey Life Connection s 8-15

The Life Connection Magazine-August 2015 had this article about the Enchanted Garden Mobile’s Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds.

Trip to the National Heirloom 2015

I had quite a journey the summer of 2015 being on the road for six weeks driving more than 1700 miles round-trip on a Campaign to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds.

I drove all the way from San Diego to Santa Rosa California to teach at the National Heirloom Expo organized by Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company. There Whole Seed Catalogue features more than 1800 Rare Seeds from around the world.   These are Seeds that represent Indigenous Cultures waiting on the sidelines ready to help a humanity on the brink of loosing its bio-diversity.  I  went beyond this distance, stopping at various Whole Food Markets and places of interest along the way, and went as far as the Frey Organic Winery in Redwood Valley, the home of one of my sponsors.  The Frey land is the place where I annually retreat; and key leaders in the family are proponents of BioDynamic  Agriculture. Their Blog is here.

My vehicle is a 68 VW van that I call the Enchanted Garden mobile,  I will tell that story on this Facebook page called The Enchanted Garden Mobile’s Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds more fully.   I will repeat this Campaign Theme in 2016.   This mission is my passion; I see the United States becoming a nation of gardeners and farmers out of the necessity to reconnect with our roots in soil.  I believe that the Heirloom, original seeds of the world, are calling out to us to plant them.  I work with number of sponsors who believe in my work.  You will find a link to  AminoActiv on my WordPress Plant Your Dream Blog because this is one of the key remedies I have used for more than six years that helps me fulfill my mission.

The national Heirloom Expo was very successful. I did the opening and closing ceremony and I touched a lot of lives planting dreams along the way in a pot of soil.  On the final day of the The National Heirloom Expo,  I reached out and planted dreams with children.


Kids Plant Your Dream Burbank Farm

Kids Planting Dreams in Sebastopol, Northern California at the Luther Burbank Farm, hundred of miles from home on my Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds.


Could I make the Drive to the National Heirloom Expo, to Help Win Back Our Sacred Seeds?

For many months of 2015, I wasn’t sure I could do the drive. I had been having pains shooting down my lower lambs for more than 17 weeks before the journey.  Even at the time, when I was writing a major article,  called Tips to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds for The Life Connection Magazine, I wasn’t sure I was physically capable of driving the EG Mobile that distance.


My Anti-Inflammatory of Choice is called AminoActiv

 I first discovered this natural medicine in a pill about ten  years ago at the Natural Product Expo West, a large gathering  =of the natural and organic food industry where multi-millions trade hands.

Over the years, AminoActiv has been a life shifter for me, pulling me through some extreme muscle pulls that would have lasted much longer; and headaches.

My condition in Western medicine is called Anglyosin spondylitis, a form of arthritis that I’ve had since my teenage years. I just had my 68th birthday November 19.  Aside from regular treatments of acupuncture, and a few other supplements that work for me, I shy away from most conventional medicines. I have had bad experiences with Ibuprofen, that once left my bowel debilitated for more than a year.  My first experiences with taking arthritis drugs as a teen we’re devastating to my digestive track as well.

I believe that AminoActiv belongs in the hands of Integrative Medicine practitioners.  I believe it is a important alternative to the pharmaceutical drug called Ibuprofen and the over the counter drug called Advil.  Both these pharmaceutical drugs have significant side effects.


I substituted AminoActiv for a perscribed narcotic and did well

In recent years I’ve recovered from a kidney procedure called Lithotripsy that generally involves drugs for post procedure pain relief.  I was able to use AminoActiv rather than  the prescribed Narcotic drug Hydrococodone. 



Amino Activ Shifts my energy levels

Aside from the Anti-Inflammatory results I get from AminoActiv,  this remedy appears to have a remarkable relationship to shifting my energy. When I take it the difference in my energy levels are Night and Day.  Some days,  I am shocked with how tired I am.  When I take AminoActiv I have sustained energy, quite different from the commonly sold over the counter products that are the rage now on college campuses and in many places and give five hour or more bursts of energy.

AminoActiv seems to release natural energy inside of me providing some kind of Amino Acids and homeopathy I imagine that I need.  

It concerns me at times that I feel  dependent on this pill from a bottle, and yet I’m grateful that I’ve found a supplement that releases energy and acts as an anti-inflammatory.  I know that the pill does not replace self care.  There are times I use AminoActiv when I simply need a boost, yet I do my best to recognize that there are days I simply have to rest more.

On the week prior to my six week trip  in August and September, I  found the combination of AminoActiv dosage that allowed me to make the drive that otherwise would have been impossible.  The shooting pains were extensive, and no other remedy seemed to help as much.  During that time, I was doing Tai Chi classes twice or more a week.  I combined taking it with doing stretching exercises that were part of my regimen, and I have enough energy to build up my strength.


AminoActiv Appears to help me sit at the computer 

I am a person that likes to sit at the computer for many hours working.  I have learned that I had to adjust because sitting would bring on the shooting pains.  I backed off for numbers of months, and started writing from my Iphone more.  Lately,  I have been able to sit more, but clearly sitting stimulates the shooting pains.   AminoActiv is playing a role in my ability to continue to sit, and quells my lower back stiffness.


My Dosage

During intense groin pulls, I have used AmioActiv around the clock, every number of hours.  On my six week journey,  I took two pills every three hours to quell the shooting pains down my calfs.  My normal dosage is about one pill in the morning, and another as needed.  I generally do not need to take more than three to five pills a day  Of course,  That is my experience.  I would recommend that you introduce this natural Anti-inflammatory to your doctor, and use it with care.  During my Kidney procedure recovery, I was also use it around the clock every few hours.

I don’t know if AminoActiv will work the same for everyone. Something in this remarkable formula works for me.  I am most grateful to the staff and inventors from Vireo Systems for this outstanding contribution to my life.

Leslie Goldman
Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener @YourEG #PlantYourDreamBlog




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Amino Active clipping Dec 2

Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener Facebook



Got Pain? Plant Your Dream Blog on AminoActiv



Advil Substitute (5044 Page Views)
I was in the hospital for an outpatient Kidney stone Procedure last Wednesday, June 25.

Yesterday the stent was removed, Monday, June 30, 2014.

I am happy to report that I was able to avoid using the prescribed Narcotic drug Hydrococodone. I used AminoActiv instead. There was some pain from the stent inside me, but I did not want the toxic side effects of the narcotic.
12:13 pm
July 1, 2014



AminoActiv Website









AminoActiv Menstrual Pain Relief





Over the years, I have build up personal relationships with the makers of the products I use and the foods I eat.  You will find links to the products I recommend in the ads on this #PlantYourDreamBlog.  90% of the products I use are made by companies I admire.

I also have regular massage and acupuncture on a near weekly basis at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego.

The key to health, for the most part, is walking and living in the direction of your dreams.

Leslie Goldman  #Your Enchanted Gardener  #PlantYourDreamBlog.

April 28, 2017

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