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“This Earth is Ours” by Gurdeep Stephens of the @Naturepath family


“This Earth is Ours by Gurdeep Stephens

Book Review by Leslie Goldman #PlantYourDreamBlog @YourEG


Leslie Goldman YourEG Book Reviews




Gurdeep Stephens, author of “The Earth is Ours,” and her dad, Arran Stephen,  founder of Nature’s Path.  This is a remarkable story told in text, images, and spirit.  This photo was taken at the Nature’s Path Booksigning March 7, 2015 at The Natural Product Expo West  Gurdeep was looking at a pot of Seed Dreams planted with ancient Kamut® Khorasan wheat.  We all planted dreams together.

I am sitting in the University Heights Library giving my first perusal of “The Earth is Ours”  a very special gift to those who attended #Expowest, The Natural Product Expo at the session, The Next Generation of Organics that was hosted by the Stephens @NaturePath Family.

Later, my Press Crew of Dolores Gonzales, Lauren Negrete, and Nadine, of Nadine’s Favorite Ingredients ,went to the @NaturesPath Booth for a book signing, and to plant some dreams for the success of the family.

This is my first opportunity to reflect, sitting here March 12 in the University Heights Library, a few days later:

I am tempted to leave a copy of “This Earth is Ours,” in the local library in the hopes that more people would see it, but it will remain as a treasured collector addition to our library at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community.


“This Earth is Ours” by Gurdeep Stephens is a book to inspire all who dream of 1000 years of peace, and the awareness that it is through the heart felt and dedicated business actions of a relatively small group of inspired Souls that we are uplifting and turning the tide toward what is good in the world.


Gurdeep has told a remarkable story of 30 years of inspired living of her family. To peruse this book is in itself to receive a blessing from the earth.  This book uplifts.   It is a glorious presentation of text and images that belongs as a “coffee” table keeper wherever non gmo and organic and beyond standards of integrity are celebrated.

One of the first images of Arran and Ratana Stephens is followed by this quote.  “Let the beauty we love be what we do; There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground–Rumi  Arran Stephens, as Rumi, is a remarkable soul, whose work, and the work of his family will touch the ages.  This book tells the story. –Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener @YourEG #PlantYourDreamBlog.


The Earth is Ours Gurdeep Stephens veggies

“The Earth is Ours” Cover at Hillcrest Farmers’ Market.  I was empowering this book that tells an important story of 30 years following Nature’s Path, a history of a company doing good in the world.


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