Support for GMO Labeling Grows from Campaign to Grow A Healthier Pizza

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Support Grows for Campaign to Grow A Healthier Pizza at #expowest, The Natural Product West March 7-8-8-10, 2013

Support for the 2013 Campaign to Grow A Healthier Pizza was a most loved activity at #expowest, the 2013 Natural Product Expo West in Anaheim.

On the same day, Leslie, Your Enchanted Gardener, shared some sweet words with long time ally Walt Robb, Co-ceo for Whole Foods Market, the chain declared it was going to label all products for GMO Content.

Megan Westgate, a major support for GMO Labeling through her marvelous work with the Non GMO Project was also at the Organic Center VIP dinner. The Non GMO Project has been a favorite of WFM for many years.

Walt made ads for Yes on 37 in the final days of the Prop 37. I had planted a seed during the Prop 37 campaign that support would be forthcoming from WFM.

As early as September, while visiting the Santa Rosa WFM, I noted on the Plant Your Dream Blog, the the largest chain of organic and natural foods in the US, was prepping to have step up its support for the Yes on Prop 37 Campaign.

WFM Santa Rosa was a major support at the Natural Heirloom (Seed) Expo, where I taught September 11,12,13.

I will return again this year with your support.

Your EG

March 10, 2013
8:03 am

KAMUT® Ancient Khorasan Wheat Cracker will Grow in Anaheim Convention Center Herb Garden in support of Campaign to Grow A Healthier Pizza

In Other #expowest News, I want to announce that the Anaheim Convention Center Herb Garden has committed to Grow a Healthier Pizza Cracker made from KAMUT® Khorasan Ancient Wheat. Photos will be forthcoming. The site where KAMUT® ancient grain will grow was identified when Leslie and chief Chef Otis visited the Anaheim Convention Center Herb Garden following the Organic Farming Research Foundation Luncheon on opening day.

Unofficial Closing Ceremony Poem to be Read By Your Enchanted Gardener at the Sacred Tree on the Marriott Property one hour after show closes today</H1>

POST GMO WORLD Leslie Goldman Your EG #expowest 2013

The Sacred Tree is located along the street walkway on Convention Way within view of the White Tent. More than 5 People are expected to attend.

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