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Plant a Seed. Grow a Whole New World

Jun Hori, News Anchor/Reporter fir the Japan Broadcasting Corporation, was a ‘Sacred Seed’ that I saw at numbers of the Better World Events the week of July 2-July 7, in San Diego. She was taking footage of various events. I found one on a Japanese website. He recorded the Sacred Ritual I did with Chieko Shiina, on Tour through California now giving a message about Fukushima. Jun recorded the Sacred Moments, filled with reverence and some tears when Seeds for the Well Being of Fukushima were planted in a pot with I brought to the Peace Resource Center, 3-5 pm, Saturday July 7, when Chieko Shiina spoke.
Chieko Shiina, Plant Your Dream for the Well Being of FukuShima.


This Plant Your Dream Blog is part of a Series in Celebration of The Better World International Conference that was held in San Diego during the time of the Trans Pacific Partership Agreement Negotiations. San Diego had visitors, not only from the eleven or more countries involved in the TPPA, but from included many Stakeholders who came out to participate in educating us about how they saw the TPPA.


Please Read the Opening there of My Garden Management Journal. The Remainder of the Blog is the Same after the Opening. I am on a deadline this morning to send in a Story to the San Diego Life Connection for Publication in the August Issue. I need to do my best to get that story in in the next few hours. I will get back to this later.

I have an acupuncture appointment later in the day at 3:30 pm at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. I also see myself going back to the Hilton Bayfront Hotel, likely after the PCOM appointment. I want to visit the Fourth Floor where I was not welcome during the time the visitors, representing Corporations and Trade Partners, were there on that floor.

Today is the last day of the TPPA Negotiations. I have no idea what time they break up.
I will find out later.

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

July 10, 2012
8:55 am

I have been writing all day.
I have nothing to protest like the marchers. There are enough of us against Monsanto, or against TPP, or against something that is upsetting. I only want to say, Plant Your Dream. I will work more now, and then move on…Today is a moment in the History of Peace on Earth. I am stopping to Record it.



Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener


The Time For Food Reform is Now:
Let Us Each Fill Uncle Sam’s Shoes

“If the people exhibited the same persistence in looking after their interests that Illegitimate Business displays in looking after its interests, the things of which we complain would soon be brought to an end, and prosperity, like a tidal wave, would flood the land.”–The Rocky Mountain News, March 21, 1912. From “Crimes Against the Pure Food Law” by Dr. Harvey W. Wiley MD, published in 1929.

Once upon a time, Dr. Harvey W. Wiley MD had a vision of Pure Food for America, but Special Interests, still alive today, interfered with the Law that was the Law of the Land. We did not arrest the Special Interests, we let them grow. Dr. Wiley and his friends for Food Reform are alive today and back the 7.5 Million + 2 Petition to give people the Right to Know what is in their food. Their spirit says Label GMOs. While we are at having the Right to Know, we might as well add in, The Right to Know what the text is for the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreements. We want a say in any Trade Agreements. Fair Trade, I prefer, over Free Trade.

The call today for Food Reform in the rally cry, “Grow a Healthier Pizza!” This call continues the work of Dr. Harvey W. Wiley MD and Alfred McCann, two American Heroes who lived and breathed the best interests of our youth more than 100 years ago. Their work is rising today through the ‘7.5 Million + 2 Petition.’ You can sign now on Change.org. This Petition is growing daily and aims to inspire the Greatest Grass Roots Movement in California History. It calls for a majority of people who will vote Nov 6 in favor of The Right to Know Label GMOs 2012 California Ballot Initiative. More than just signing, we are asking you to pledge to do daily actions to create this Grass Roots Movement.

We Already Had a Pure Food Law that Passed Congress in 1906;
but Special Interests interfered

Dr. Wiley helped pass the Pure Food Law of 1906, but Special Interests, the same that interfere today, blocked the measure. One cartoonist of the day depicted sitting in a chair having difficulty filling the shoes of Dr. Wiley. Dr. Wiley, stepped down from what was to become the FDA. I can only say, there are enough of us stepping up to fill the shoes of those who have come before and called for Food Reform.

Raise your voice through creating a compelling Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Food on Facebook.

Take Action steps every day to build our Grass Roots movement.

Tend your own Garden Daily. Make sure your actions are in harmony with the beat of nature.
Learn to Adapt now to what is being asked.

Laws are being broken against the will of nature. TheSoul of every Sacred Seed in every nation is behind your good work today. Dialogue is the beginning. Let us approach what is being asked resolved that we have it in our power and grasp to achieve our purpose.

Heroic Measures Work; but they are not the Ultimate Solution

Heroic measures are those things we do to give us another day to learn from our mistakes. It is clear that Convention Medicine and the gift of Big Pharma work. It is clear that surgery can prolong life, as well as create Iatronic conditions as a result of going this path. An Iatronic condition is one that happens from the medical procedure itself. The actual solution causes a bigger problem that was unforeseen. We have not begun to master the studies that will bring us into harmony with living on earth in peace with nature and each other.

Biotech Agriculture Will not Solve the Problems Facing Us

Their are those who imagine we can solve the problems of the world through Biotech Agriculture. This is a short term measure that is still based on making war on nature. I have seen results from Biotech applied to medicine and these methods can prolong life; yet it is in the hands of Nature’s Original Technology where our future lies.

Bill Gates has an Answer to Our Problems

Bill Gates would like to throw a lot of money at solving our issues of overpopulation and feeding the hungry, but great minds who have studies the ways of nature know that our solutions lie in connecting with the beat of nature.

Biotech solutions can help in the short run, but as within medicine, they often lead to bigger problems,and I want to hear real science to support this. As yet, I have not.

This is a message I will carry to our lead scientists, who have helped commit our government and our money to the path of Biotech as they committed us to chemical solutions
that as well harm the soil and people.

Derek Casady, president of the La Jolla Democratic Club, Leslie Goldman, that’s me; and Ben Burkett, a Mississippi farmer on the same land for 60 years. Once he used chemicals to farm, now he does organic. Ken is president of the Coalition of Family Farmers. Derek and Ben both signed the ‘7.5 Million + 2 Petition to help create the largest Grass Roots Movement in California History. We were at the Hilton at the Protest that drew about 200.

Listen to a Farmer who Returned from Chemical Farming to Organic Farming

One of the signers of the ‘7.5 Million + 2 Petition’ is Ben F. Burkett.
Others such as Burt F. Burkett, president of the National Family Farm Coalition have tried chemical farming and returned to organic as a way to build the soil, the time tested method for creating the world that has worked for 8000 or more years of indigenous culture.

Mendel in the Kitchen; but Luther Burbank in the Garden

Dr.Nina Federoff, wrote an excellent book in “Mendel in the Kitchen” that excellently expresses the Biotech point of view. The literature, including “Empty Harvest by Dr. Bernard Jensen (1908-2001) and Mark P Anderson, clearly state the position of many who have aim to Keep the Dream Alive for soil resilience. Many who support Biotech Agriculture like to say that we have always been Genetically Modifying foods. This is absolutely true. The greatest among those who coaxed the best out of plants to create new varieties was Luther Burbank. Luther Burbank loved his plants and his plants loved Lurther Burbank. He did not make war on plants. He did not invade cells with his science.He welcomed plants to support the needs of humanity.

Luther Burbank’s Greenhouse Went Untouched During the Destruction of the 1906 Earthquake

In 1906, the earthquake that devastated San Francisco also laid waste to Santa Rosa, where Burbank lived. While everything around it lay shattered and broken, not a pane of glass in Burbank’s huge greenhouse was even cracked. Quietly, Burbank surmised that his communion with the forces of nature and the cosmos might well have protected his greenhouse. He believed in and accepted the miraculous in his everyday life.

Significance: Greenhouse of Luther Burbank, famed nurseryman and horticulturalist / In 1885, Luther Burbank bought a four acre plot of land on the southern edge of Santa Rosa. On this site, he worked for forty-one years as a nurseryman and horticulturalist on this site. In about 1889, he built the present greenhouse on the site directly south of the house. An itemized bill exists in Burbank’s hand with the heading “Greenhouse, Jan. 1, 1890.” Shortly after Luther Burbank’s death in 1926, Elizabeth Burbank, his wife, remodeled both the residence on this site and the surroundings including the greenhouse. The brick facade at the east end of the structure was built at the same time as part of the remodeling. In 1977, with the death of Elizabeth Burbank, ownership in the property was passed on to the city of Santa Rosa.


Burbank’s Was Close to Nature; During the Earthquake that Devastated San Francisco, his Greenhouse was Untouched.

There was a story about Burbank and the Greenhouse that touched me It was by Cheryl Canfield, CCHT

The author writes:

To a crowd gathered expecting to hear him give explicit details on how he produced all of his horticultural wonders he said, “Preconceived notions, dogmas and all personal prejudice and bias must be laid aside. Listen patiently, quietly and reverently to the lessons, one by one, which Mother Nature has to teach, shedding light on that which was before a mystery, so that all who will, may see and know. She conveys her truths only to those who are passive and receptive. Accepting these truths as suggested, wherever they may lead, then we have the whole universe in harmony with us.”

“Listen patiently,
quietly and reverently to the lessons,
one by one, which Mother Nature has to teach,
shedding light on that which was before a mystery,
so that all who will, may see and know. ”
–Luther Burbank


Leave it to Your Enchanted Gardener to Say What Really Caused The July 4th Big Bust Firework Display

The story about Luther Burbank and how relationship with Nature intervenes in the no damage being done to his greenhouse in spite of an devastating earthquake around him in1906 bring to mind for me another unusual experience surrounding events that occurred in San Diego During the secret negotiations about the Trans Pacific Partership Agreements that were happening in San Diego July 2-July 10, at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel next to the Convention Center. I see things from a different perspective than most people. My interpretation of the Computer Glitch that made national News, and that occurred within walking distance of the Hilton on July 4, 2012, to my poetic imagination was influenced by the energy of his secret meeting.

The intent of the meeting was to conduct secret negotiations between these individuals representing corporations from more than 11 nations of the Pacific Rim.

I participated during the week in a number of Better World Conferences at the Peace Resource Center, the World Beat Center, and the Cultura De La Raza. I was profoundly moved by a number of the speakers.

I was informed intelligently about the TPP. I also met what I call a number of very special people because the TPP came to Town.

Among them were two women from Texas. They had been dismissed by Levi Strauss when the company was outsourcing. This, apparently is typical of the frame of mind, surrounding NAFTA, another Trade agreement, and the kind of Future imagined I imagine by the individuals staying at the Bayfront Hilton July 2-10, 2012 for the TPPA meetings.

My intention during the week was to tell people about the ‘7.5 + 2 Petition on Change.org. There were numbers of national and international leaders who came to San Diego for the Better World Conference. There were numbers of meetings during the week.

I want to reflect on a few of these people that included connection with Ben F. Burkett, the President of the Family Farm Coality; Chieko Shiina, a mother and farmer from Fukushima; and some very important local leaders.

All Eyes ON San Diego July 4

How amazing that in the midst of this secret meeting, a meeting that wanted no attention but merely no extra exposure, the entire eyes of the nation were turned to the July 4 event that took place within earshot of those staying at the Hilton. It would be enough to cause hitters. On top of this, on Saturday, July 7, there were 200 Protestors outside and other demonstrations during the week.

I stayed around the Hilton for a number of hours after the protest. I wanted to find out more about the TPP. I have a history with the Hilton and many great experiences.

I discovered there was a place called Sweet Things right next to the Starbuck. While I was in there, there of the TPP attendees came in for Yogurt. I approached them with a few friendly chit chat about how the Negotiations were going. THe three were from the US Trade Department. They seemed on guard.

The Meaning of July 4 to Many Americans

Then, I heard about the incident that happened July 4

July 4 represents freedom, democracy, and winning out over amazing odds. July 4 is a holiday that is deep within the Soul of America, and those who yearn for America the Beautiful to return. The intent of the TPP, as far as numbers of senators are saying in Washington D.C., and many who attended the Better World Events, was quite the opposite of these American Values, that include Speaking Up when that is necessary.

The Threads of Justice–Two Women, once competitors who both worked for Levi Strauss, had their factories jobs outsourced. Thousands of employees were laid off overnight without any advance warning. The money owned them was not honestly paid out. They did not complain. They got over the shock. They started their own company called Fuerza Unida. Their first Fashion show is September 29 and they will be selling their own jeans that are Fair Trade. They are about weaving communities together.

July 4, There was an Amazing Bust and Boom within Earshot of the TPP Negotiations

If Frances Scott Key, creator of the Star Spankled Banner was alive today, and he were aware of events taking place behind closed doors–doors even secret to the protests of most of Congress–he would have written a different Song, a song similar to what happened the night of July 4 near the Hilton Bayfront.
Can you imagine being a US Trade Rep going out to enjoy the fireworks that night?

I heard this story about the July 4th Boom of Fireworks on site, Saturday July 7 while I was standing at the Concierge Desk inside the Hilton Bayfront Hotel in San Diego, the site an hour or two after more than 200 Protesters gathered in front of the Bayfront.

One guest was still talking about what happened days before on July 4!
She was on her way to the Fireworks. She left the Hilton Bayfront. There was a massive explosion that some thought might have been caused by a terrorist attack. Little did they know, that in all likelihood, from the mind of Nature, a Terrorist attack on American Freedom may very well have taking place within the hotel!

The Secret Meeting was on the Fourth Floor

On that day, four days after the Bust, on the Fourth Floor of the Hotel, between July 2- 10, 2012 individuals acting in the name of Corporations were hammering out the Trans Pacific Partnership agreements (TPPA). The actions that I imagine they were taking had little to do with the best interests of nature, or most people, inspire of what the official government site may say.

There is an energy in nature and in the soul of humanity that knows, and ensures the safety of our species. This energy is bigger than any idea a scientist disconnected with the beat of nature can cook up.

This is my Advice for the TPP Reps from someone who Plants Dreams and listens to the Beat of the Earth

This is no time to be inventing a new direction for evolution, be in through an unwillingness to give people the Right to Know the ingredients in their food, or making agreements between individuals representing corporations that are out of sync with the best interests of the greater whole.

I turn to the Voice of Edmond Bordeaux when he said:

Quote from Edmond Bordeaux Szekely
Adapt or Non-exist, says Edmond Bordeaux Szekely


“Our adaptation to the natural forces
is a question of existence or non-existence.
We cannot transform the universe or nature so that they
adapt themselves to us; on the contrary, we must adapt ourselves
to nature and her laws.”

-Edmond Bordeaux Szekely.

“Nuestra adaptación a las fuerzas de la naturaleza
Es una cuestión de existencia o no existencia.
No podemos transformar el universo o la naturaleza a fin de que
se adaptan a nosotros, por el contrario, tenemos que adaptarnos
a la naturaleza y sus leyes. ”
-Edmond Bordeaux Szekely.

Another Voice from the Past creates Fireworks in my head. It is the voice of G.T. Wrench MD

G.T. Wrench M.D, The Wheel of Health

I Want to Leave this Message both to the Negotiators and to those who attended the Better World Conference held in Response to the TPP Meetings<

Now is the time for The Wheel of Health to Return. Now is the time for the those who have been Keeping The Dream Alive to have their day. This is from one of Dr. Bernard Jensen’s favorite books written by G.T. Wrench, M.D. in 1938. This is one of my favorite quotes of many from the book. The book has an edition that is available from Art Jensen at Bernard Jensen International.

Read more here about Dr. Bernard Jensen
and Keeping The Dream Alive!


The Better World Conference Saturday Pots and Pans Protest

The TPP Agreements called out more than 200 citizens of San Diego who came to the Hilton to beat on pots and pans, that perhaps those behind tight security might get wind that any agreements that concern our liberty and freedom in America– in this nation– need to go through Congress, and Our Congress needs to be in touch with the Beat of Nature and the Soul of Humanity.

U-T San Diego Headlines Read Glitch Caused Fireworks Bust

The Sunday U-T Paper Read:

Big Bay Boom show

• A computer software error apparently caused all 7,000 fireworks for the July Fourth event to go off at once.

• All of the show’s locations — four in San Diego Bay and one on the Imperial Beach Pier — were affected.

• No injuries were reported.

• Sponsors of the $400,000 show haven’t decided what recourse to take. Garden State Fireworks has promised to do “whatever we need to do.”


Another Story on the BIG BOOM FROM NEW YORK

< /BR>
photo Credit: via Youtube go to:




Obama TPP Trade Deal Secrecy Insulting, According To Senator Ron Wyden
Zach Carter | June 7, 2012 | OpEdNews.com

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has loosened some of its most stringent secrecy policies surrounding a controversial set of free trade negotiations, but the Democratic chair of a Senate subcommittee on international trade is demanding far greater transparency provisions — and garnering Republican support for his effort.
In late May, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), chair of the Senate Finance Subcommittee on International Trade, introduced new legislation that would require the White House to share trade documents with all members of Congress and their qualified staff. The move was largely a symbolic act of protest against the secrecy the White House has imposed on a new trade deal, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership.


Public Citizen Reports:

The TPPA Conference was top secret with what they spoke about under wraps, even to members of the US Congress, even though our US Trade Reps were there. Our Better World Conference was wide open to all.

TPP: Corporate Power Tool of the 1%

Have you heard? The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “free trade” agreement is a stealthy policy being pressed by corporate America, a dream of the 1 percent, that in one blow could:
offshore millions of American jobs,
free the banksters from oversight,
ban Buy America policies needed to create green jobs and rebuild our economy,
decrease access to medicine,
flood the U.S. with unsafe food and products,
and empower corporations to attack our environmental and health safeguards.







2012 is a Magical Year: It’s Time for Our Grass Roots to Grow!

Sign the 7.5 Million + 2 Petition

2012 is a magical year. I see us creating the Greatest Grass Roots Movement in California History that will ultimately gather a majority of voters on the ‘7.5 Million + 2 Petition that will win the Right to Know Label GMO. There are many, from all points of view, who favor Labeling GMOs. This is the Beginning. It will open up the Dialogue that needs to happen.

Monsanto Will Spend Millions Providing Reasons Why People Do Not Need GMOs Labeled

<strong> There is a part of me that know that those negotiating for TPP are basically good people. I have met folks from Monsanto, and appreciate they I have established some communication.

The conditions the need to change are so huge. I do not feel personally that scaring one another, or yelling, or expressing our anger, or breaking laws of any kind will help. The TPP negotiators are already breaking enough laws, as I see it. The Bust of Fireworks July 4 was in a subtle way, a testament to that.

It is Dialogue that is needed.

Monsanto Corporation will spend millions upon millions to convince the voters that there is no point knowing the ingredients in our foods. Monsanto is to be congratulated for having some of the best marketing strategies in the world of advertising, however, from my point of view, it is time for the People of the world, to get on with the task at hand, learning to adapt to live on Earth in harmony with Nature’s Original Technology.

The pain that has been caused already to the indigenous people of the world is tremendous. I saw some of it during the week…Chieko Shiina from Fukashimi, the two women who suffered from the effects of NAFTA, but they were standing strong in their dance of life.

The bottom-line for me is that we begin to regain confidence that we can grow our own food. Through the ‘7.5 Million +2 Petition’ we can create a Grass Roots Movement that is stronger than anything we imagine. It is this coming together, that will shift reality.

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

The Right to Know,
To Label GMOs November 6 in California,
The Right to Know about TPP,
The Right to Know what is really Happening in Fukushima,
The Courage to stand up and do the Right thing– as the two women from Texas opening their own jean factory
The courage of the Protesters to speak out,
the Wisdom to Know Up from Down–

My experience with the Police was good

I found the Police in front of the Hilton and at the gathering site, open and wanting to assist. I reached out to them. I was sorry that the Occupy people had previous negative experiences. One day, in my world, we will call out the National Guard to help us farm and get over our Food Emergency.

I saw a Youtube on the TPP Events site that showed a group being detailed as they walked back to the gathering site. This made me sad. The police said that vandalism had occurred on the march. I was sorry that vandalism happened, and that any of the marchers were later arrested, or that some were asked to show their I.D.s. I am not sure who the vandals were, or if perhaps they were hired to commit those actions by those who would prefer to give the Occupiers a bad name.

It is the job of the Police to protect the Law and Order. I sense that bigger crimes against humanity were being considered, but I am not sure that those negotiating ever knewthat what they were doing was a crime. Most of us are just people, and if we can take the time to get to know one another, we will discover common ground.

My personal sense is that what the TPP Negotiators are imagining to do things that in my book are crimes.

I heard it said that they are setting up ways to enforce agreements that disregard the will and needs of indigenous people.

During the week, one person at the Better World Conference spoke about a condition in Peru. She said that Peru was being sued for interfering with the corporation that was causing toxic wastes. Peru either paid them off, or allowed the polluters to continue harming the earth.

I would like someone to go after the real criminals if that is what is happening, but Special Interests have been having their way with Congress and Pure Food for more than 106t years.

One day, Police to go after the Real Criminals–
and Courts, rather than upholding Crimes against Pure Food Laws,
will discern what is legal and what is illegal.

My sense is that Laws of Nature were being broken inside the Hilton–
–all these are questions for Each of us to Ask Now.
–Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener
July 10, 2012
7:30 pm-12:51 am

Who Opposes Transparency in Food Labeling?


Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

Sign the 7.5 Million + 2 Petition now.


We Can Grow the Strongest Grass Roots Movement in California History

Sign the ‘7.5 Million + 2 Petition today.

“If you watch the growth of this seed…
you will find that there is an indestructible
and mysterious power in it–the power of life.
If you watch long enough,
you will see that the grain disappears
and is replaced by a plant
which will triumph over
all obstacles and opposition–
which will grow higher and higher
and higher because it has life within it.”

from “The Book of Asha,”
by Edmond S. Bordeaux
(Edmond B. Szekely)

“You,too, must one day cease to be your present self,
so that you may become a richer personality,
in pursuance of the law that life always creates more life,
truth more abundant truth, the seed more abundant seeds.
This is one answer to your problems given by the grain of
wheat–Professor Edmond. B. Szekely,
“The Essene Book of Asha.”



Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener, is the #1 Blogger on Curezone.Com. Educating More than Medicating is the Curezone theme. Leslie as of June 26 had





Thank you,


This dedication Is adapted from “The Training of the Human Plant,” (1907) by Luther Burbank.
“Dedicated to One Million New Public School Children who will gain confidence that they can grow some of their own food, and to the Untold Millions Under Other Skies

Plant a Seed. Grow a Whole New World

–Your Enchanted Gardener

24 x 36  $250.00 SUNFLOWER IMAGE

Prints are sold unframed.
Your frameable art item says,
"Plant a Seed.  Grow a Whole New World!"

Sales support The Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds and the Caravan, September 1-10, 2012, to the National Heirloom Expo, September 11-12-13, 2012.
5 x 7 inch copies for $15.00 including shipping are also available.

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Events are listed on the Caravan Calendar

This is Tuesday, June 26, 2012 Nov 6, 2012 is 122 Days Away, about 4 months. The National Heirloom Expo is September 11, 12, 13 2012; That is 66 days away, about two months.
The Election, November 6, 2012, is 56 Days after the National Heirloom Expo.

What is a Seed Worth?

This Seed Dream Prayer has been used over many years in the Plant Your Dream work. Sometimes I ask a person to put the seed they are about to plant in their mouth and think of their intention. The Seed has extreme intelligence. It will calibrate the DNA and grow according to the elements that a person needs to fulfill their ground their vision. This is a reason I do not like Genetically Engineered Seeds that have been manipulated with GMOs–Genetically Modified Organisms. The scientists doing this marvelous work in the lab have no idea of the inherent intelligence in a Sacred Seed. Luther Burbank, a great horticulturist who wrote “The Training of the Human Plant ” (1907) used classical plant breeding to bring the best out seeds. He connected with the intelligence of the gene in a plant before he asked it to mold to his ideas that came from communiion with nature in the first place!

Once, during a severe earthquake in the region of Santa Rosa, California, it was reported that the buildings surrounding his land had severe damage. Not one pane of glass broke in his greenhouse. Today, we are attempting to beat the system with Big Ag applied to Biotech approaches. This is impossible. There are already superbugs and super weeds slapping back the small ideas of our scientists. Douse the super weeds with Round Up ready technology? You merely kill your own prosperity and harm people. This approach can only prove profitable in the short run. It is bankrupted our nation and economy. I, and the spirit of Luther Burbank, guarantee you this. I will be more than happy to speak to our nation’s leading scientists at the AAAS to explain why “Uncle Sam Marries “Anti-GMO” is inevitable, if we want to Survive This Day, and Thrive.–Your Enchanted Gardener

[This paragraph is dedicated to Theodora Filis, who is writing a book on GMO Education.}


I am looking to you,
not to Syalvard, to protect Our Sacred Seeds.
I am asking you to support the Petaluma Seed Bank.
I am asking you to become a Beet Keeper.
I am asking you to grow out the seeds and bring them to seed.
Do you understand?–Leslie and Keep The Beet
June 27, 2012

A Scene in Jeremy Siefert’s New Film Brought Me to a State of
Hallowed Feeling and Great Emotion: It is the Scene at The Svalvard Global Seed Vault in Norway.

There is a new Video in making my Jeremy Siefert, whose previous film, “Dive” caught the interest of many people. Jeremy’s new film, as he explains was inspired by a short newspaper article in the New York Times in 2011. The article talked about a gift of potentially millions of pounds of seeds–Genetically Engineered seeds that would have been planted in Haiti right after the devastating earthquake. The people there, who have not lost their beat with nature, saw that they seeds were as destructive to their own Food Sovereignty as the earthquake itself. They burned the seeds.

There is a scene in the forthcoming Video recorded at Svaldard Global Seed Vault, a depository for a growing number of the diversity of heirloom organic seeds that have seeded the cultural integrity of history. Curious to some, the Vault is of very Special Interest to to Bill and Melenda Gates Foundation as well as those in the Monsanto point of view about seeds. They are investing Millions in Syalvard. The Vault has been called the Doomsday Vault. It is a just in case back up in case GMO Ag Technology perhaps fails, or some other disaster strikes our seed supplies.

I, Jeremy, and the creators of the National Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa, CA September 11, 12 and 13 have a different “Thrival” Plan. The National Heirloom Expo is sponsored by Baker Creek Rare Seed Company, who also runs the Petaluma Seed Bank in Petaluma.








“To attack science, the calm, the immutable, the exact, is one thing — the work of a fanatic or an irrational being. To attack an abuse of men claiming to represent science is not only a privilege but a duty, and he who shirks it through fear of criticism or through dread of precipitating a controversy in which he himself may lose prestige is no lover of truth. Rather does he love comfort more.”

-Alfred Watterson McCann, The Author of “Starving America” (1916)
“The Science of Eating’ (1918, 1919)

A “Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Food on Facebook,’ is a place where “GMO Lovers and Organic Lovers Talk” Our Dialogue also in Summer 2012 welcomes discussion of the Trans Pacific Partership Agreements (TPPA). The TPPA Free Trade agreements between individuals favor a world where globalization, rather than local growing of food would prevail. Investors–Corporations acting as Individuals–under the proposed TPPA–would have the right to sue nations when their rules would be broken. Information about the TPP Agreement have been leaked. TPP has an official US Government website. A number of members of Congress have raised issue about members of Congress being left out, Senator Wyden among them.

Dialogue needs to happen now.



It’s Time for GMO and Organic Lovers to Talk

Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener, is the #1 Blogger on Curezone.Com. Educating More than Medicating is the Curezone theme. Leslie as of June 26 had





Lay Down Our Crutches

Use the Power we have when we come together, aligned with the Beat of Nature, to intend the Results we want. We can prevail. We will prevail.

Dr. Harvey W. Wiley MD has been called The Father of what would become the FDA. He had a vision for a Pure Food Law 1906 for America. It got the law passes, but Special Interests, alive in 1912, and more powerful today than ever, caused his to step down from his government position and take up work that led working for Good Housekeeping Magazine and the creation of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. What we are doing now in California is create another tiny Seal, an alliance with our a Pure Food Future that begins with insisting that we have a Right to Know what is in our foods. That we will prevail in California–Label GMOs.

Among the hundreds of editorial comments that followed the stepping down of Dr. Harvey W. Wiley MD for his post as head of the Bureau of Chemistry, that became the FDA, perhaps the most interesting are those made also by the Rocky Mountain News, Under the caption “The Borgias of Business.”

“If the people exhibited the same persistence in looking after their interests that Illegitimate Business displays in looking after its interests, the things of which we complain would soon be brought to an end, and prosperity, like a tidal wave, would flood the land.”–The Rocky Mountain News, March 21, 1912

“For 20 years, at least, the food poisoners of the country have waged war fare on Dr. Harvey W. Wiley and since the passage of the Pure Food Act in 1906 they have trebled efforts to have him discharged. These Borgias of business have won, for the circumstances attended Dr Wiley’s recent resignation make it, in practical effect, a dismissal.

“Dr Wiley resigned because the fundamental principles of the Pure Food Law have been strangled; because he has been powerful to punish the manufacturers of misbranded and adulterated drugs and foods; and because the powers of his position had been nullified by executive orders…”

The Rocky Mountain News, March 21, 1912

“The Crimes Against The Pure Food Law,” was written by Dr. Wiley 20 years later. In subsequent years, the book was “disappeared” from Libraries everywhere and “Lost” for decades. In 1955, Royal Lee Republished the book, and the majority of its pages are online now on the Selene River Press.

In a Screenplay Treatment by a farm girl home schooled by her parents, called “The Crusading Chemist,” Amanda Read ends her script with Dr. Wiley giving a talk.

“He bears his frustration with the understanding and warning that neither industry nor government nor science can save a nation. It is the family that must preserve health, strength and values for the future generations.

“Foreseeing the demise of the nation’s health, he continues to write voraciously. Among his many writings is his story of the Pure Food Law… Harvey Wiley closes his book with the compassionate hope that one day its audience will remember its responsibility and be moved to action.”

Now is the time. This is the Day to take action. The beginning is the forming of the New Ground, The Creation of the Strongest Grass Roots Movement in California History.

–Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

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