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How Fast Can A Dream Grow? As Fast as a Blade of Grass! 2012 Campaign

How Fast Can a Dream Grow?
As Fast as a Blade of Grass!

When I Touch Grass, I touch Infinity…”
–George Washington Carver

This is a Favorite Quote for the 2012 Season from George Washington Carver. I found this quote in the books of Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, who I see an the foremost Essene Renaissance Prophet of the 20th Century. “Essene” means many things, including, Expectant of the return to wholeness. It means, holding to the Essential. It means each of us being an Organic Uprising, Standing Up for Nature’s Original Technology.

Big Seed Dreams for 2012!!!


Uncle Sam Marries “Anti” GMO

I See and Seed a Great Coming Together of Natural Healing Arts Elders Honoring Each Other Outspokenly.

Photos of Patricia Bragg, taken March 10, 2012 at Natural Product Expo at Bragg 100th Anniversary. Dr. Bernard Jensen, and Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. photos. These esteemed elders, including Charlotte Gerson, all came from the So Cal area. Each has been instrumental as way showers toward planting 1000 years of peace through natural healing.

I See and Seed a Coming Together from Grass Roots to Organic Leaders, from Lettuce to Beet Tops, from Governing to Governed, All on the Same Team.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich with Bob Quinn. Photo from the Natural Product Expo West, March 10, 2012.

I See and Seed Us An Organic Uprising, a Regaining of Our Seeds and This Knowledge:
The Purpose of Food is to Plant Your Dream!

I See and Seed Less Hurt, as we Accept Our Unique Individualities and the Roles we each play
in the great Rock Your Soul Opera That is Life Itself.

I See and Seed an Awakening of the Moral ABC’s, and a Knowing of the Law, Love Your Enemy!

Dr. Emanuel Bronner’s legacy…is told on the Mr. Bronner Magic soap labels and in a booklet. Love your Enemy is one of the teachers.

I See and Seed Marriage: Uncle Sam Shall Marry “Anti” GMO.
All People– Shall Have a Right to Know What They are Eating.


I See and Seed One Million Youth Leading the Way as they Regain Confidence that they Each Can Grow Their own Food.

–One Million more People’s Organic Gardens–
One Million more Farmers of a new generation–
millions of Urban Agriculturists, Organic or Better
–Schools with Gardens–
Community Gardens in Every Neighborhood–

Women Volunteering singing goofy songs on Saturdays, their hands in the soil. Streets aligned with growing foods–

I Hear and See Music.

Francesca Dego Violin and Piano Music CD [CDFRAN] – $17.95 : Gerson Institute!, The Art of Healing

Harmony reigns upon the Land
and laughter.

All This I see and Seed.

How Fast Can A Dream Grow?
As Fast as A Blade of Grass!

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

Writing From The Enchanted Garden Intentional Community Growing Grounds
between Dr. Bernard Jensen’s (March 25, 1908-2001) and Charlotte Gerson’s Birthdays 2012.(March 27, 1922)

Photos from The Natural Product Expo West, March 7-11, 2012 and at Wild Willow Farm, March 24, 2012.

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